14 Things You Will Know Only After Dating One Of An Identical Twin

Things you learn when your partner has another exact looking copy

By Aey
14 Things You Will Know Only After Dating One Of An Identical Twin

If you’ve come across this article, the chances are that you’re interested in dating a twin or maybe you already are dating one, and you want to know the do’s and don’ts that it demands. Well, for starter, show basic human decency to whoever you date regardless if they’re a twin or not. Here you will discover 14 things either by reading this article, which you should know if you’re dating a twin, or learn them the hard way that is by messing up while you were dating a twin! I hope that you’re here at the right time.

Although most of us think it’s like dating a normal person with a regular sibling, that isn’t the case. You need to know that they were together even before they were born, so you’re kind of stepping into new territory here. However you don’t need to worry, I have you covered. If you want a few tips when you step into a relationship with a twin, here mentioned below are a few tips that will surely get you off to a good start.

14 Things You Will Know Only After Dating One Of An Identical Twin

1. They don’t like sharing birthday gifts

Granted that twins complete each other and are inseparable, you have to know that sharing everything with someone can get a little tiring at times. Birthdays are tricky when it comes to twins, getting only your girlfriend a gift isn’t the best thing to do, but neither is asking them to share a gift. If you know their birthday is coming up, buying two separate presents not only will get you extra points, it will surely make your relationship easier.

2. You can never be too sure

One thing that you need to make sure is that before you make a move on your partner, you need to always be sure that it’s the right twin. While surprises are a great thing, try to keep it to the minimum if you know the other twin is around. You wouldn’t want to inappropriately touch the other twin and have that weighing down on your conscience and your relationship. Granted that it may be an honest mistake, there are few things that you just come back from and this is one of them.

3. Twin powers are a thing

If you’re not a believer in superpowers, get ready for your perspective to change. If your girlfriend tells you that something is wrong with her other half in the middle of the night, you better get ready and wait for her by the car. Know that they can sense when the other is in trouble and that you’ll just have to trust their gut on this one.

4. There’s no competing with a twin

One thing that you’ll have to come to terms with is that there won’t be any competing with the twin. Your girlfriend/boyfriend will love you the way you deserve to be loved and you can’t measure it with that bond he/she shares with her twin sibling. Know that love isn’t tangible. Just because she/he has a special bond with the twin, doesn’t mean that they’ll love you any less. The sooner you acknowledge that, the sooner you’ll move on with your relationship.

5. The twin will tag along

Another thing that you’ll learn along the way is that the twin can tag along whenever they want to, granted that they won’t be a third wheel on an official date. You’ll know with time that twins tend to stay together more often as compared to other siblings. You will get used to it with time.

6. They talk about everything

Twins talk about everything, EVERYTHING. There’s nothing that one doesn’t know about the other, so it doesn’t matter if the one you’re dating isn’t at a party but if the twin sees you out of line, their sibling will find out. If you screw up, if one of them knows, the other will eventually know. Maybe it has something to do with staying in the womb together that blurs the line of privacy somehow.

7. Never take a side

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should never take a side in a twin fight. If you see them arguing, grab a beer and take a back seat. Keep yourself out of the mix until the issue is resolved and even after the fight is done, always have a moderate approach. Trust me, a twin can’t hear anything negative about the other, even if it’s true. They can hate each other all they want to but that’s a privilege you get from sharing a womb.

8. Don’t ask for a threesome

Trust me every guy before you has asked for a threesome, don’t go over that line. If you wouldn’t want to have a threesome with your brother in the mix, trust me they don’t want that either. To be honest, this is out of the question and if you develop this kind of fantasy anywhere along the line, be sure to hide it well.  

9. The other twin can be your guardian angel or your worst nightmare

If you’ve been told off by a girl’s father before, trust me, this is a whole other level. Depending on your relationship with the twin, you can either have a person on your side or a person out to get you. If a twin makes a decision not to let you into their twin’s life, you won’t be there for long. So the best thing is to make sure that you’re in both of their good books.

10. They hate being mistaken for one another

No one likes being mistaken for someone else unless that person comes on TV and lives in a mansion. While they might let it slide when they hear it from other people, mistaking the twin you claim to love with their other twin is the worst mistake you can make. While they will try to confuse you from time to time, make sure you know your twin.

11. Halloween is their jam

While you’re allowed to take her away on any other occasion, Halloween is a twin thing, and they go as a pair. Don’t be offended if they want to go together. I recommend you dress as an actual wheel and tag along to make sure everyone finds out you’re the third wheel tonight.

12. Double dates are the best

If you’re thinking of a way to blend the other twin into your lives more, a great way is to double date. Know that you don’t have to only like the other twin; you also need to be on good terms with their significant other. Double dates are a great way to start a long-lasting friendship with both of them. Who knows, you might even find a good friend to discuss all about dating a twin too.

13. You’ll always have a love-hate relationship with the other twin

Once you date a twin, there are high chances that you might have a love-hate relationship with the other. They’ll love you because you treat your partner right, but they’ll also be torn up at times as they are sharing their sibling with you. Know that it is normal and that you need to appreciate and be compassionate towards the bond that they have. You should be happy that there is someone who loves your partner as just as much as you do (most likely even more than you do).

14. Never refer to them as “the twins”

Make sure that you don’t collectively talk about them; they have their own identities, and they’re proud of that. While they love each other wholeheartedly, they do appreciate the differences that they have. Calling them “the twins” isn’t the right move.

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As long as you’re loyal and loving you won’t have to face dating problems no matter who you date. Dating a twin is like you date one and the other becomes your best friend (that is if they get a good vibe about you). It’s always going to be a package deal, and you’ll have to make space in your life and your heart for someone who loves your partner since way before you did. All we can do is wish you the very best!