12 Things to Know Before Going For Thai Hookers

Read on before getting a hooker in Bangkok

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12 Things to Know Before Going For Thai Hookers

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Thailand: Prostitution is illegal but everywhere

Countries are famous for things that are illegal but rarely enforced. Weed is techinically illegal in the Netherlands too and they're proud ot be famous for it. Same situation in Thailand.

Thailand is not your average Asian country. They are probably even more open-minded than any western countries you've been. Ladyboys are accepted, prostitution is common and is not looked down upon. If you work hard for money, you shouldn't be discriminated.

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand but the chance of a police raid is silm to none. In the past 10 years, it's safe to say there are less than a dozen raids carried out by the police and rarely did anyone get arrested for it.

Why is prostitution often gets let go by the authorities? Probably due to the fact that most people believe they aren't hurting anyone and it brings them money. Thai people are very open to anything that bring them money, especially when there's mutual consent.

Where to meet Thai hookers in Bangkok

Prostitution is all over Thailand. It would be crazy to be in Thailand and now know where to look for hookers. Plenty of ways to meet hookers in Bangkok. The most common is to go to a go-go club where you have to pay a mandatory, fixed entrance fee. Street hookers are everywhere too. Most street hookers are not afiliated with any clubs or companies so the quality varies. The service they provide can be very cheap though since they're independent. Escorts are also a popular service used in Bangkok. Simply check out which girl you like and she will show up at your door for the night.

Interested to know more? Read on to know the 12 things you need to know before going for Thai hookers!

12 Things to Know Before Going for Thai Hookers

1. Go-go bars offer a safe place to get hookers

Not the cheapest place to go to, but you know you will be getting quality service. A fixed entrance fee is a must. Then you get to pick the girl available for the night and negotiate price with her. Girls are regularly tested and they have to go through training process and learn client service to maintain a good reputation for the company. If you're new to this, go-go clubs would be a good start!

2. Street freelancers might be willing to offer more variety

Independent street hookers usually are more flexible in their prices and the type of service they provide. They aren't backed by companies so they make their own rules. You will be able to get cheaper and more exotic service with them. Although most freelancers don't test themselves regularly and their safety precaution is no match compared to big companies so that's a risk you need to know beforehand.

3. Escort service gives you the best intimate and private service

As low as the risk of getting busted in Bangkok is, some people still want to play it extra safe. In that case, an escort service would fit your taste just right. Smooci is the most popular escort service sit used. There're ratings of the service girls and details about them. Pick you favourite and reserve a time. They're available anytime of the day you request and they will show up at your door ready to have fun.

Escort girls are also tested regularly and you can be sure of their service. If anything goes wrong, you can complain to the agency and get your problems sorted out in no time. Escort service is popular as people can be sure the girls are of quality and they won't cheat or steal from you.

4. Not all hookers tell you up front they are hookers

Awkward if you are expecting free sex and the girl refuses to leave in the morning and you realise it's because you haven't paid. The thing is, a lot of hookers won't tell you up front about the price or ask you to pay. It's not because they want to scam you, but because it's usually implied.

What do you expect when you pick up a girl in front of a shady alley bar? It's not going to be for free. They don't specify the price because it's so common that clients and hookers usually have an understanding of this and you pay afterwards. If you wonder why the girl isn't leaving the next morning, well it's because you haven't paid.

5. Rules about bringing hookers to hotels

You can absolutely bring the hooker back to your hotel room or Airbnb unless it's stated in the property that you aren't allowed, guest. Thailand is very chill with hookers. Hotel staff or property owners wouldn't call on you even if they know it's a hooker you are bringing in. They don't care as long as you keep the place clean and don't make a mess. 

6. There're short term and long term hookers

Short term refers to 1-2 hours for you to finish your business and long term means the hooker will stay the night with you. Prices for hookers vary greatly depending on the quality of the girl, if she's with a trusted company or a freelancer, what kind of sex you are askign for etc.

The price for short term is usually around 1,500THB while long term is likely to be around 2,500THB. Note that the price is not standardised and can vary greatly depending on the girl. Even if you pay 5 times the stated price above it's still no unheard of. Make your own decision when you go.

7. You can go for ladyboys

Go for whatever suits you. Just don't make the assumptions that all ladyboys are hookers, a common mistake made by tourists looking to have fun. It's going to be an insult if you go up and ask them for the price when they are really just waitresses. Look for those actually working in a go-go club or in the "shady" neighborhood.

8. They care about protection

Like most hookers, Thai hookers care lots about protecting themselves. Sometimes not even money can let you go in raw. Respect the rules. Ask what's the deal here. Usually girls working for an agency or a company require clients to put on a condom to protect each other. Freelancers might let you go in unprotected if you pay a higher price.

Understand that using protection is for yourself as well. So you don't catch anything. It's not a bad idea at all to be protected.

9. Massage parlours are a good place to go too

The soapy, sexy massage parlours usually come with a bar and a few girls just hanging around there looking for their next guest. You aren't pressure to pick a girl. You can enjoy the traditional masaage as you please. But if you feel like picking a girl, they have lots of options for you as well. The price is somewhat the same as in go-go bars and the service they provide is almost the same. Except you can get a dirty massage here and your girl may be better at making you horny with all the oil she rubs on you.

10. Gik

A gik in Thailand can either refer to a regular girl you have sex with or a hooker. You only pay for the latter of course. If someone is trying to ask if you want a quick, most likely they're talking about a hooker. If you're confused, I suggest you do ask before making any deals. Never a good idea to spend the night with someone thinking it's free but it turns out it's not.

11. Safety issues

Most hookers are with big companies and they are well-trained and protected. You don't have to worry too much about getting scammed or having your property stolen or even robbed. That's why if it's your first time, pay a little extra and go for big brands for your safety. They will handle any complaints you have at once.

For safety issues like worrying about contracting STDs, again, girls working for big companies are getting tested regularly like pornstars so chances of you catching anyone from them are slim. Still, always protect yourself.

12. When to pay

If you enter a club or a massage parlor offering prostitution, you always pay upfront at the desk for entrance fees. However, most don't require you to pay the hooker until you are done with your business. You can enjoy your service first then pay later. Knowing when to pay is important too so you don't make a fool of yourself

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All the rules and tips on getting a Thai hooker! Getting a hooker is your personal chocie but always make sure you're well-informed before doing so, wherever you go, for your own safety. Now you know lots about how to get a Thai hooker. Hope you are excited and ready to go!