Foot Fetish: 7 Reasons Why Many Find It Such A Turn On

Find out why some enjoy the feet so much and top FAQs to answer

By Michele
Foot Fetish: 7 Reasons Why Many Find It Such A Turn On

It is perhaps one of the most remarkable and also exasperating wonder of nature that each human has been created diversely. If we talk about twins, even they have different habits that set them apart from each other despite their identical appearance. And perhaps that is the reason when it comes to getting turned on or turning someone on, the methods of sexual arousal are also quite different. So we can say that there is no one-way method, which is going to work in the same way for everyone. 

Each person has his/her fetishes, and trust me they are important for having a fulfilling, indulgent and healthy sex life. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sexual fantasies. Here, I will discuss Foot Fetish: 7 Reasons Why Many Find It Such A Turn On.

What Is Exactly Foot Fetish And Why It Isn’t Bad?

Foot fetish is probably one of the most talked-about, yet unrecognized sexual fetishes. How many people have you seen compliment a big toe or a shiny ankle? Even if you are going to mention these parts to someone, who doesn't have a grab of this fetish, it will give you a strange glance. Trust me it is not that awkward or abnormal.

We can also say that there is no sin in being attracted to someone’s feet. There is a good bunch of men who find feet, sexually attractive just like other men adores a good pair of breasts, thick thighs or lush long hairs. The more you are going to learn about this foot fetish the more you will be intimated.

Sadly, poorly created pornos and certain comedies suggest that the practice of foot worship is associated with only the freaks. It is not the case. This fetish is simple and common. Sex experts describe it as podophilia; which arises due to specific and sheer sexual interest caused due to certain footwear and feet. But it needs to be learned that foot fetish is more common in men than women.

It can also be labeled as one of the safest and simplest sexual fetishes, as it doesn’t involve any foreign object and hence the participants are in no sort of serious health danger.

7 Reasons Why Many Find It Such A Turn On

Now, we will go through 7 reasons that will tell us that; why foot fetish is a turn on for several men. I hope that you will have a better understanding of this fetish and don’t consider it as a taboo anymore. 

1. Footwear Appeals Men

It is fascinating to discuss here that men find women's footwear sexually attractive. High heels and bright colors turn them on. They certainly start imagining at once how they can untie or remove those shoes and worship those sexy feet. Are you getting me here? It is like a proper story for them, which they want to unfold themselves and then reach climax. 

2. Foot Shape Is Also Of Particular Interest

Now let's see what's under those shoes. For many people, arched feet, long nails and a prominent foot ankle are of particular sexual interest. They at once get aroused when they see feet that are nicely shaped. It is nearly impossible for them to resist. And for many people, clean feet with long nails are sexually charming.

3. Foot Odor Is Also Attractive

Now do not take me wrong here. I am not about stinky feet at all. I am actually about the natural smell of feet, which is quite subtle and just like the natural odor of any other part of our body. For several people, due to this natural smell, it is quite tempting to smell feet and then lick them and suck the foot fingers. It is a whole scenario that helps subjects of foot fetish to achieve sexual pleasure.

4. Men Like Being Dominated

Foot fetish directly indicates submission. Okay, I will explain how. It is more of a psychological aspect of sexual pleasure. Several men like to play passive in front of their female partners. It is a submission and domination sort of sex play. And the feet are an integral part of it. Men having foot fetish want to be treated like a typical footrest. It gives them the utmost satisfaction to be dominated so that they can easily worship feet. Meanwhile, a person who fancies foot fetish would not mind if the partner rubs feet all over his body during submission. 

5. Men Also Like Socks And Foot Ornaments

Foot fetish is also linked with socks and another sort of foot ornaments. It is possible that men who have foot fetish also show interest in jewelry and socks. While many prefer bare feet but a good percentage of men want to kiss lick and suck all the possible things that are linked with feet. After removing the socks or jewelry they get extremely excited by the unobstructed view of the feet. Apart from socks certain stockings and hosiery also appeal to men who have a foot fetish.

6. Because It Is Arousing

Foot fetish has become quite common and the main reason is that several couples have recently discovered how foot worship helps them achieve a better sexual climax. And the reason is that; our feet have several thousand nerve endings at their base, known as the sole. So it explains that how playing with feet can help a person get sexually excited. The nerves trigger different body parts and that results in extreme sexual desire.

7. It Helps In Appreciating The Partner

In one manner, foot fetish is all about admiring the sexuality, comfort, and beauty of the feet. It means that a person is praising the sexuality of the shoe wearer.  It is a complex link that develops with time and that is why many people have their focus on shoes while meeting someone for the first time.

How to Make Foot Fetish a Better Experience?

Vanilla sex is quite boring for many couples especially those, who have the habit of experimenting with new fetishes and practices. It is important to add some spice to your sex life so that you can enjoy something novel from the normal. Foot fetish is one of the ultimate sexual experiences, which can be further enhanced by getting a pedicure regularly. 

A nice pedicure will leave your feet pristine. Imagine your man going all crazy over your beautifully groomed feet. Licking them sucking them and smelling them. To excite your man you can take a sexy foot selfie. An enticing photo will certainly play the game. You can even wear a nice pair of socks or shoes for a selfie. Isn’t it fun exploring different types of sensuality?

Is There Any Health Risk Associated With Foot Fetish?

To be honest it has a few risks associated with it. Youwon’t get pregnant but certain STIs and infections can be transmitted.

Talking about the STIs:

Human papillomavirus and oral and genital herpes can easily spread through skin contact. If there are any sort of open sores the chances of sharing syphilis are also high.

Talking about skin infections:

Athlete’s foot, impetigo and molluscum contagiosum can also be shared through infected shoes or skin surfaces. 

That is why it is recommended, for keen foot fetish lovers, to keep their and their partner's feet extremely clean. And yes make sure that your nails are cut and foiled properly so that the delicate skin around mouth, penis, anus or the vagina doesn’t get hurt while you are in the action. 

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Foot fetish if experienced with proper hygiene can certainly improve overall sexual experience. Apart from oral pleasure, general massage to the feet can also help a partner relax and feel better. Next time just don’t dive in straight away. Do experience foot fetish and see how you feel about it.

Do not worry if you do not like it at once. It takes time to get used to certain fetishes and there is nothing wrong with experimenting with new things with your partner. Why resort to boring coitus, when you can always try something electrifying?

For help, you can even watch some classy porn videos that are all about foot fetish. You will know how far this has gone and how much the actors enjoy while doing it. Some online apps and groups help you practice your sexual fantasies or curiosities. Learn and have fun. Go ahead and add some kink in your life!