Yoni Eggs: Fad Or Ancient Vaginal Strengthening Technique?

Fad, risk, or the real deal to get a strong vag? Find out now!

By Diana Nadim
Yoni Eggs: Fad Or Ancient Vaginal Strengthening Technique?

What Are Yoni Eggs

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Women go to greater lengths to reconnect to their feminine energy.  Anything that gives them control, focus and confidence over their body is a welcome deal. Since time immemorial, femininity has been associated with powerful energy.

Giving birth and aging are among the reasons why women lose their sensuality. Losing such a husky feeling means, you feel no more sexual eroticism and develop outrageous complications such as poor bladder command. To reclaim it, women today are resorting to lifting weights with their vaginas using egg-shaped gemstones called Yoni eggs.

They date back 5000 years ago in the Eastern world.  Advocates claim that concubines and empresses in Chinese palaces used the stones to boost sexual sensitivity. Researchers refute the claim since they didn’t find any documentation on the vaginal use of the eggs in ancient recordings. Some advocates were fined from dishonestly feeding the public with unsubstantiated benefits.

You are supposed to insert the egg-shaped gemstone into your snatch like a tampon and use your pelvic muscles to hold it in as you go about your day. The jade, as they say, gives strength and might to the coochie. Whether you carry out kegel workouts, yoga, or do nothing, the stone works its magic regardless.

The Good

Women today have put their faith into the tiny egg-like gemstone. Your busy schedule in your daily life can make you disconnect with your sexual life. As a result, genitals weaken and may become numb.

The Yoni stone engages the dormant muscles around your pelvic region. It gives them new sensations and awareness, as well as snuff up the vagina.

1. Stronger Orgasms

Every sexually active woman dreads the day they no longer feel the heat during intimacy. Instead of sex being magical and rosy, it feels so blunt. Yoni experts suggest that you don’t have to give upon your erotic life. Bring it back to life with the stones and see yourself partake in mind-blowing sex like the bedroom pro you once was.

2. Bladder Control

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Users claim that if you pee every time you sneeze or laugh, then the stone will work magic on you. The capability of your coochie muscles to hold in the object can also work in the event of urination. Urine can stay much longer in the bladder until you find it favorable to pee.

3. Reduces Period Cramps

The continuous series of contracting your snatch to keep the stone in the coochie poses as a workout routine to the area around the birth canal. Since exercises are recommended to reduce period pains, women who use the balls stand a better chance of painless periods.

4. Strengthens The Pelvic Floor

Source: Urology Care Foundation

Muscles around the pelvis weaken, especially after childbirth. The yoni ball exercises the snatch fibers and gives them a grip. Mothers get a chance to feel vaginal grip one more.

The Bad

Scientists refute the claims of the magical energy in the eggs. They suggest that the benefits hailed by the eggs are pure illusions from women who reclaim their power from within and not from some egg. The eggs are not the safest objects out there, and scientists do not recommend them.

1. Bacteria Harboring

They are made of porous materials that don’t do justice to your cleaning prowess. Your best efforts to keep them clean in-between use are useless, since their material harbor spores which are bacteria’s playing ground.

Nasty bacteria can get lodged into the spores and reintroduced into the vagina every time you use it. You can get an infection even if you are careful.

2. Dishonest Dealers

Many practitioners who avail yoni eggs starve their users with information regarding them. Regrettably, if you lack sufficient information on the eggs, you end up buying harmful eggs made from toxic substances.

The fake items in the market made from unknown ingredients can cause severe diseases to users. Be wary of the intentions of your seller.

3. Interference With Natural Body Functions

The insertion interferes with the draining of vagina secretions, which naturally clean the vagina, causing the accumulation of bacteria. They are made of a semi-porous material which forms a bacteria’s breeding field no matter how clean you keep them.

4. Embarrassing Pop-Outs

Jade eggs can pop out at the slightest provocation. Activities that involve the belly muscles, such as sneezing, laughing, or coughing, can bring the jade out if your pelvic fibers are not strong enough to hold it.

5. Pelvic Floor Tension

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Think of bodybuilders continuously engaging their muscles without rest. They would tense up and cause rapture to essential blood vessels, also known as Toxic Shock Syndrome. The same applies to the continuous strain of the coochie fibers. Too much tension cause painful intercourse and chronic pain.

Safety Tips

Although health experts campaign against the use of eggs, women still use them. Whether you use them out of ignorance or because you have tried all the other better options unsuccessfully, there are suggestions on how to minimize their risks.

1. Start Small

Walking around with a jade stone inside you is a lot more complicated than you think, especially when you have the wrong size.

First of all, the stone should be completely smooth when you buy it. To avoid pain and discomfort, do not initially start with the largest size just because you want instant results. Kick off with the smallest size, which fits and moves up one size at a time.

2. Sterilize

For women, the birth canal is a delicate pathway that requires much care when they introduce foreign objects to these parts. There are two means to sterilize the ball.

First, you can wipe the egg using cotton gauze dipped in vodka or hard alcohol then wash in running water. Ensure the hole is clean as well.

It is equally healthy to boil it for 30 minutes in clean water. However, boiling the stone can result in rapture and cause it to crack. It is wise to inspect the egg after boiling for any rapture to avoid catastrophes.

3. Use An Egg With A Drilled Hole Attached To A String

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Users can feel worried that their eggs will be difficult to remove.  Just like a tampon, the stone should be easy to remove. The hole aids in reducing pressure, which can cause a suction effect in the snatch during removal. The string helps to ease pulling.

4. Lubricate During Removal And Insertion

To avoid friction, which increases the risk of tearing and irritation, use water and oil-based lube whenever you remove or insert the egg. The stones are compatible with the lubricants that help them move along.

5. Don’t Go To Bed With It

Specialists advise against using it for more than 20 minutes. Sleeping with it means that the egg will stay for more than six hours in your coochie. It is not only unhygienic but also overworks the muscles if kept in for long and cause TSS.

6. Never Use It During Sex

Although you may want to enhance the erotic bond with your partner, lovemaking with stones inside the snatch isn’t advisable for the sake of your partner. He may rub too intensely against the stone and scrape their penis.

You also don’t want to make the session embarrassing and awkward because of the pain you may experience with it in you.

7. Don’t Use During Menstruation

During your menses, a release happens. Your body clears off the layers of old blood that built-up since the last period in a downward motion. Allow this process to happen. Do not block off the passage with the stone or tense up your muscles. Allow your body to relax and rest during this moment.

8. Avoid Using Them When Pregnant

It is best not to introduce a foreign practice during pregnancy.  Health caregivers advise against any form of intense during pregnancy, especially of the reproductive system. Since the vagina incorporates the reproductive system, only use the workout after delivery.

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Not everyone turns to yoni eggs for better sex life. Some women are using them to enhance their general vitality, love for life, and build a better bond with their bodies. Body confidence is a woman’s secret weapon.

Despite the magical energy they possess, health specialists are adamant that consulting them before you begin such practice is vital. Always be aware of what enters your body. Do not commit to a blind decision.