A-Z Dating Slang Explained For Modern Day Romance

If this is a test, your parents will fail this very badly!

By Kimmy
A-Z Dating Slang Explained For Modern Day Romance

Slangs for the Hot, Hot, Bad Romance

The fast-changing landscape of the slangs for romance correlates with the modern belief of love. Almost each decade has their own slangs for romance. In recent years, a lot of dating terms seem so out of place on first glimpse. You may be surprised by how a comlex idea can be explained by just one word. Not understanding the slang can be embarrasing. You don't want to be texting your friends asking for an explanation. You'd seem very old and geeky.

Ever confused with all the slangs you hear? Here, we have collected the full version of the A-Z dating slangs so you are in the loop next time you are texting your new BFF!

The A-Z Dating Slang Book!

1. AF

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Short for "as f**k", AF is often used to express how stunned you are by something or the magnitude of an issue, such as, "he is hot AF". AF steps up the level of excitment you express and just how hot you are for the attractive boy.

2. Birdboxing

Familiar with the Sandra Bullock film "Birdbox"? This slang came from the movie and is used to describe someone deliberately choose to turn a blind eye of how shit the person they are dating is. They choose to not see the truth and the bullshit they are getting.

3. Cohabitation

Most couples want to move in together to enjoy the company of each other, but what if it's a financial decision rather than a love decision? Cohabitation is the most popular among university couples that don't have enough financial resources. They're looking for a roommate anyways, why not their partner? Cohabitating refers to those that choose to live with their partner due to financial reasons. You get to know each other more through cohabiting, and see if you still want to date.

4. Deepliking

Awkward...deepliking refers to you stalking someone on their social media so deep that you accidentally liked a picture from 5 years ago. The person you stalk is going to know you were stalking them on social media, no one likes a picture from 5 years ago. Deepliking can be a sign of a deep crush. You are very interested in the other person and would like to get to know them better.

5. E-fit

Someone that fits the perfect profile online is e-fit. A guy with a cute smile, on the sports team, a soon-to-be doctor is e-fit for Tinder, just too good to be true. E-fit is a term for police on drug dealers to scan their profile online to see if it's a match. Now it's used for people to scan online profiles to see if they are too good to be true.

6. FBO

Stands for "Facebook Official". Things are serious if you make it Facebook official, the world is going to know. No escape from now on.

7. Ghosting

Being ghosted sucks. Literally the term came from the idea of talking to a ghost, never getting a respond from it. Stop trying if you are getting ghosted because the signs are pretty clear.

8. Haunting

Someone that has been ghosting you comes back from the other side and starts liking all your posts on social media and checking out all your stories, but still refuses to text back. A typical "haunting" situation.

9. Instagrandstanders

Do you have a specific person in mind when you post on social media? That caption you wrote or that photo you post are all for that one particular person to see. Everyone else is just a bystander on your Instagram. You just want the person (usually an ex) to know you are living your best life without him.

10. Jelly

Slang for jealous, jealousy. Many believe the slang "jelly" started taking off in Australia before becoming a thing in the US. Jelly is a cute way of telling you are jealous. Who doesn't want to remain cute even if they are jealous?

11. Kittenfishing

A little better than catfishing, but not so much. Kittenfishing refers to someone that pumps up their profile to an unrealistic point only to attract people. They would glorify their acts, stating they're a pilot that have flown half the world when they are a plane maintenance guy. Kittenfishing is especially common in the modern age of online dating, after all, your profile has to stand out for someone to give you a like.

12. Layby

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Not the most glorious act, layby refers to flirting with alternative options while dating someone. Basically you want to have a backup option to fall back on while venturing out for a better choice.

13. Monkeying

Jumping from relationship to relationship with no gap in between, that's monkeying, like how monkeys sway from one branch to another without touching the ground. You can call it a rebound, but monkeying gets the message across even more effectively.

14. Non-first date

Modern people go on lots of dates. Some don't like to be labelled as the one who often goes on dates. That's when this term comes in handy. A non-first date refers to a casual meetup for a glass of wine or coffee where both of you get to know each other to see if you want to carry it forward to a date. If not, you don't waste each other's time and you don't end up being the one who constantly dates different guys.

15. On a thing

"James and I are on a thing!"

Forget about the old-school we-are-dating announcement. We are cool kids now and and we say "we are on a thing".

16. Peacocking

Like a peacock desperate for attention, to seek a mate. Peacocking is when someone glams up for the "Gram", obviously has an agenda to get someone's attention.

17. Queer Eye

Is he judging your wardrobe? Teaching you how to live a healthy, enriching life? Then you are being queer eyed. It doesn't have to be a bad thing, just that your partner is trying to change you according to his perfect standard. If you find the criticism to be good, wonderful, if not, hm...

18. R-bombed

Your crush leaving you on read means you have been r-bombed. Think he is just busy? Think again, most likely he just isn't interested.

19. Slow-fading

A humane version of ghosting. Cutting you out suddenly is rude. So instead, the person slowly cuts you out of his life by replying with just a few words, to just a few emojis and then only reply every once in a while. That way you get that he is not interested but you don't get your self-esteem crushed with a sudden ghosting.

20. Thank u, next

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Fast-food romance has become the core of the society in modern days. "Thank u, next" referrs to an ex substandard that you don't even want to talk about or just someone that you aren't interested in giving a chance to.

21. Uninterested

Using the term uninterested means not only is the person not interested in you, he is not interested in dating at all. Not everyone is out there looking for love or a hookup, some just can't be bothered. They just want to live their cool music life and write songs.

22. V card

A virgin is someone that still holds the V-card. A subtle way of saying someone that still hasn't lost their virginity. There's nothing wrong with holding the V-card, although in reality most of your peers will make you feel bad for it.

23. Werk

You have to werk it when you have to put it so much effort to get that one date with your dream girl/boy. It's harder than any exams or work ever. Some just aren't easy to get.

24. X factor

There's the x factor about the guy in front of you that just attracts you so much. It's a feeling you can't explain. You don't know why he is so attractive. The x factor is the mystery about opposite attraction that we might never solve.

25. You do you

Don't change for nobody. Stay exactly who you are and show the world if they want to change you, they will never date you. A tough girl attitude shows how empowered you are.

26. Zombieing

A zombie is when a ghoster suddenly returns from the grave and beyond. They start haunting you as if they never left. By this time you already moved on so a little peace would be appreciated.


Stunned by all the modern day romance terms? You probably have never even heard of half of these yet people all over the US have been staying on the trend! Start catching up on the terms so you don't seem clueless next time your friends talk about a zombie in her life!