7 Signs that a Throuple Relationship May Be Better For You

More and more people don't want to stick to being a couple

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7 Signs that a Throuple Relationship May Be Better For You

What is a Polyamory, Throuple actually mean?

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Our society has taught us that the only way to true love is the one. Only one person can bring us true love and joy for the rest of our lives. Polyamory and throuple are what defy the social norms. People find themselves to be attracted to more than one person at a time. Yet, it's more than about sexual attraction. It's also about love and respect and care.

Throuple refers to a three-person relationship where everyone acts like a traditional two-person couple, while a polyamory refers to a relationship with multiple people. Not necessarily everyone in the relationship will engage in sexual acts, but they are all faithful towards each other.

How About a Unicorn?

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A unicorn refers to the latecomer to join into an existing relationship. A couple that is already dating and then a new person decides to join in, and accepted by the couple, then he/she is a unicorn. Being a unicorn is not easy. You didn't all join in the relationship at the same time. The existing couple already have an understanding towards each other. They have their routines. A unicorn has to adjust to it while not disturbing the natural habitat.

Being a latecomer doesn't mean you receive less love. The most essential part of any polyamorous relationship, you love all your partners equally. You may never intend to engage in one, but when you do, make sure everyone is treated equally with the same amount of love and respect.

7 Signs that a Throuple Relationship May Be Better For You

1. You feel attracted to other people

You feel attracted to other people as much as you are attracted to your partner. You want to keep your partner but at the same time you want one more person by your side. Different than wanting a new partner, being in a throuple relationship means you want both equally and you love both equally. It may be a hard concept to grasp at first and you find yourself stuck between thinking if you just want someone new or if you want a throuple relationship. Time will tell. If the same feeling happens with every partner you have, you are more likely to be better off in a throuple relationship.

2. You don't get jealous thinking about your partner bringing in a third person

All about honesty and communication. You fancy a third person in your relationship to spice things up and care for. Thinking about your partner giving the same love and care to the third person doesn't make you jealous at all. You're happy you're able to share such love with two people you love. Jealousy will kill any relationships. A throuple is about giving and receiving. You will receive double the love from two people but at the same time, they will give each other love too. Not being jealous of such giving and sharing makes a throuple relationship perfect for you! More love to receive and share!

3. You're very open about breaking social norms

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Why let social norms define us when we are individuals? Society can put an immense amount of pressure on us to act a certain way. It took us centuries to finally make the world understand love comes in many different forms, although we are no way as close to full acceptance. The world is constantly evolving and us humans strive for the best. Many countries have started to recognise gay marriage rights, but unfortunately, a throuple relationship is no way near being accepted in the society. Marriages are still only for two in most countries. Being in a throuple relationship means you have to suffer through a lot of judgement, criticism and potentially being disowned.

These are very real and sad concerns. A relationship should only be about those involved in it, yet we live in a world of herds. We are group animals that don't accept "abnormal behavior". If you can bravely say you live your life for just you and don't care about what others think, congratulations, you are the one to follow your heart and love all those you love. Escaping judgement is hard, and you are a rare breed. Follow your hearts and don't let the society to limit the number of people you can love!

4. You're always looking for more excitment

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Longing for excitment is human nature. Sooner or later your only partner will bore you. Something just feels amiss. Leaving your partner isn't an option because you are in love. A throuple relationship brings the excitment that you seek without losing your current partner. You want to feel loved and sometimes be surprised by the little plans your partners make. Everyone is different in their own way. One partner may give you the excitment element you seek while the other provides you with comfort and stability.

People in a throuple relationship do feel more complete as the flaws of one person are covered by the merits of the other. They no longer feel the need to push their one partner to have every quality they want.

5. You've always wanted to share your love with more

Sharing your love with one person is great, sharing with two is even better. If that's you, a throuple relationship is for you, no doubt. You are awlays ready to give and care for others. Quite a few people in a throuple relationship have mentioned they felt really not valued as their exes often referred to their love as "choking". You get to divide up your energy and love between your lovers, you give the same amount of love, yet your lovers won't feel drowning with love. It's the perfect dose of affection that everyone needs. 

6. You are very independent at times

Unlike the previous one, some entre a throuple relationship not because they have too much love to give, but because sometimes they can't be bothered to give. Not putting in effort can really jeapardise a relationship. Enjoying a throuple relationship means sometimes you can take a step back and let your other partners try. When you're taking a break, you know both your partners are still being cared for and loved. This allows the relationship to blossom where everyone is happy with their choices.

7. A life with three partners is just a lot easier

You may find yourself struggling to live with one person. Those little quirks you can't stand. The annoying habits you want to kill. Living with a third lover creates a buffer zone, you can all be each other's mediator in a fight, to calm each other down, something that's usually missing in a two-person relationship.

You can divide up hosehold chores, taking care of kids, vacation shedules etc. Spreading out the duties and everyone gets a role in the household. Things are a lot easier. One of the best perks of being in a throuple relationship is that you rarely find yourself fighting with both partners. One will always jump out as the mediator and the relationship goes a lot smoother.

Should You Enter Into a Throuple Relationship?

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The heart wants what it wants. If your heart says go for it, you will go for it. A throuple relationship isn't for everyone, but for those destined for it, it's the perfect life. Always remember that you have as much as in a throuple relationship as your partner. If your partner isn't comfortable with the person you are bringing in, respect it. Don't think of it as a way for you to get what you want, if you can bring in a third person, so can your partner. Everything has to be mutual and respectful. Only bring in a third person because you both feel this way and all of you agree on what you are getting into.

Being in a throuple relationship is just as exclusive. Cheating outside of your partners is still a terrible act. You stay faithful and you love all your partners equally. At this point you probably have decided whether or not you want to be in a throuple relationship. Ask your partners to see what they think about it. Come up with a certain ground rules so nobody's feelings get hurt.

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Starting to think a throuple life is meant for you? Wonderful, everyone should live their life the way they want it to. A throuple relationship comes with hardship just like any relationships, and more because of the judgement and pressure faced. If you're a dreamer and won't stop fighting for what you want, you will find a way to live your best life no matter what.

If you don't think a throuple relationship is for you, that's fine too. But always remember to be understanding and accepting, because, to be honest, at the end of the day, it is not your relationship and it is none of your business how others want their relationship to go when they are giving out nothing but love. Other people's relationship isn't your afternoon snacks to share. It's their own private business. Spreading this respect across the world to let all those love birds know that love comes in all kinds of form and shouldn't be judged.