8 Girly VSCO Things To Do This Upcoming Summer Vacation

What and where are the best set up to VSCO for your insta!

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8 Girly VSCO Things To Do This Upcoming Summer Vacation

VSCO girls are teenage girls who love using the Instagram photo editing application VSCO. They are known for having a unique sense of style which is relaxed and casual. The trend started in 2019 with the VSCO app being used by young girls who care about the environment and make wardrobe choices that are environmentally conscious. The style is inspired by 90’s fashion as well as the surfer look. The look constitutes oversized t-shirts, crocs or vans, tube tops, scrunchies, a backpack, and a hydro flask. Moreover, VSCO girls are often seen on the beach since they love having a good tan and are all about the beachy wave hairstyle. Perhaps the oddest thing that set VSCO girls apart from all is the use of phrases such as ‘and I oop’ and ‘sksksksk’ in normal conversation. While a normal person might not understand this slang a VSCO girl will acknowledge her fellow VSCO this way.

What to Prepare to be a VSCO Girl?

1. Must have a scrunchie

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Starting with the hair, a VSCO girl will always have a scrunchie on her hand to tie up her hair. Inspired by the 90’s scrunchie trend you will often see VSCO girls with more than one scrunchie around their wrists. They are fashioned as bracelets as well as a hair tie whenever the need be. Since most VSCO girls are all about beachy beautiful wavy hair, a scrunchie is a must part of their wardrobe. Colorful scrunchies with fun prints are the go-to choice for a VSCO girl as it also complements her overall look.

2. Tube tops and crop tops

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A VSCO girl is very particular about her wardrobe. Her clothes are minimalist and economically friendly and her favorite go-to look is rocking a tube top or a crop top with some denim shorts. Her focus is to look relaxed, laid back and casual and therefore she chooses this particular wardrobe over others. Her favorite brand and the only brand she always ever shops from is Brandy Melville. Since Brandy Melville is a body-positive store it is a great hit amongst the millennials. A VSCO girl may also opt for an oversized T-shirt for a casual look.  

3. Rainbow Colors

A VSCO girl will always prefer rainbow colors and pastels when it comes to accessorizing and choosing clothes. Her nails especially will always be painted in more than one color with candy colors such as lavender, mint, baby pink, a dull yellow, etc. These colors define her style and are a testament to her casual look which is warm, friendly and inviting. A VSCO girl will opt for clothes that also reflect these colors in some form or the other. While you may see a VSCO girl wearing black she will always accessorize the look with some color.

4. Puka Shell necklaces

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Accessories are everything to a VSCO girl and no outfit is complete without the right accessories. A Puka shell necklace or a bracelet is the final touch to the VSCO girl look. Since puka shells epitomize all the things that VSCO girls idealize it is, therefore, the perfect accessory. It is an ode to the beach, the sea, nature, and environment and most importantly it is an ode to the surfer look by which the VSCO girl trend is inspired. Since puka shells are all-natural it makes them even more appealing to a VSCO girl.

5. It’s all about the brands

Even though the overall VSCO girl look is laid back, according to a survey it can cost at least 300 dollars to dress like a VSCO girl. That’s because VSCO girls are brand conscious. No VSCO look is complete without a hydro flask, a Kanken bag, and branded shoes. Moreover, a VSCO girl is also beauty conscious and therefore rocks a good tan and thus must invest in Sun Bum tan sprays. For her dewy fresh skin, she must have the Mario Badescu facial spray at hand at all times.

8 Girly VSCO things to do this Summer

1. Sleepovers

Sky Lighting
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Sleepovers are the ultimate VSCO girl thing to do this summer. VSCO girls love hanging out with their pack and a well-planned, fun sleepover is definitely something that they enjoy together. You can do a sleepover in the treehouse in the backyard, put up a tent in your yard and light it up with fairy lights, set up a cozy bedspread on the roof so you can enjoy the sunrise together or if you really want to enjoy the summer breeze then crank open the pool bed and relax with your girls in the pool.

2. Bonfire

Another activity that VSCO girls love to do is to enjoy a good old fashioned bonfire. Bonfires are cool, casual and relaxed just like the persona of a VSCO girl and therefore she is always up to celebrate life and her free time with a bonfire. A VSCO bonfire typically includes a cozy colorful blanket, is usually on the beach or near a water body and has to be shared on Instagram. If you really want to be a VSCO girl be sure to capture the sunset and the sunrise at the bonfire and share it with your followers.

3. Picnic

While most teens enjoy going to cafes or ice cream parlors to beat the heat of the summer, a VSCO girl opts for something more in tune with the environment such as a picnic. If you want to picnic like a VSCO girl then you must first choose a picnic spot preferably a park or someplace where you can appreciate nature. Make sure you have healthy foods and fruits ready such as sushi and sandwiches to enjoy at your VSCO picnic. You might also want to bring your scrapbooks and diaries along to log your summer activities.

4. Road trip

Everyone loves road trips and what better way to celebrate the spirit of summer than to go on one. VSCO girls love their road trips and are sure to travel with their best friends. A VSCO girl usually drives an accessorized car with scrunchies dominating the gear and cute car decorations livening up the car. A VSCO road trip would usually be to a beach or a resort where the girls can enjoy getting a nice tan and swim or surf in the water. No VSCO road trip is complete without the right music so be sure to blast some Zara Larson and Khalid.

5. Painting

A VSCO girl always has an artistic streak and even if she doesn’t she appreciates art and likes experimenting with colors and paints. Painting is a go-to activity for most VSCO girls. A VSCO girl likes to paint more than just canvases. She also enjoys painting her clothes such as denim shorts and denim jackets which become great pieces to wear. When she really wants to have fun then she also indulges in some bodypaint and decorates her legs with floral patterns. She usually does this in case she is going to a party or a concert.

6. Penny boarding

If you do not know what penny boarding is then you are not alone. Penny boarding is a trend that started in Australia by an Australian based company that started producing smaller skateboards also known as penny boards. Since the boards are different and more feminine than the usual skateboards they have been a hit amongst the VSCO girl community who love to cruise the city on these lightweight, colorful boards. So be sure to learn how to penny board this summer or better yet join a penny boarding club if you really want to be a VSCO girl.

7. Environment Drive

A VSCO girl is environmentally conscious and makes choices that are also good for the environment. She does not like using plastic and loves drinking from her hydro flask and using metal straws because they are nature-friendly and sustainable options. Since the environment is something she cares about deeply, a VSCO girl summer is incomplete without an environment drive. Whether it is volunteering for an environmental charity, joining an environment protest or clean the ocean drive, a VSCO girl is sure to take part in one of these activities to leave a positive imprint on her surroundings.

8. Posting Fabulous Pictures

A VSCO girl is a social media-obsessed girl who loves sharing her style, her experiences and her life on social media. Her go-to social media app is, of course, Instagram and she makes sure that summer comes her gram feed is always updated with fun activities and aesthetically taken pictures of foods that she enjoys, beaches that she goes to, friendly hangouts, her new purchases, etc. Taking Polaroid’s memorable moments with her friends is also something she enjoys doing and sharing on social media. Her Instagram is always up to date as she spends ample time on planning her posts and making sure she posts the right pictures.

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VSCO has very quickly become a subculture and a fashion trend amongst young teenage girls. What started as a photo editing app soon became a trend followed by environmentally conscious teens who also fashion savvy. Today, the VSCO girl trend is spreading fast because of its casual and laid back appeal.