Kristy Althaus: More about this pageant queen and Porn Star

The beauty queen who rather be a porn star than a beauty queen

By Anastasia K
Kristy Althaus: More about this pageant queen and Porn Star

Who is Kristy Althaus?

Born on 2 May 1994 in Aurora Colorado, Kristy Althaus was a bright and beautiful young girl studying at college.  It was while studying that she decided to take part in the Trump owned Miss Colorado USA Teen pageant in 2012 when she was just 18 years old.

Not much else is known about the beauty queen who opts to keep her personal life, including information about her family and early years, private. With her good looks and long, dark brunette hair, anyone would have said she stood a great chance at nabbing the coveted title. Winners of the pageant not only get the crown, sash and title but also get the opportunity to travel to New York and act as a representative for their state.

Her winning as a runner up in a beauty contest

Kristy performed well in the pageant and placed as the first runner up to the 2012 Miss Colorado USA Teen pageant winner, Jacqueline Zuccherino. It is the responsibility of the first runner up to take over the duties of the champion in case a situation occurred in which they were unable to fulfil them.

Kristy stated in a public interview after the competition concluded that she would be ‘ready to step up and play her part’ if the opportunity was ever presented. Pageant queens have to live their life in accordance with the moral code of the competition and not behave in a way that jeopardises their title or they risk the possibility of forfeiting it. Even though young Miss Althaus did not win the 2012 title, this is the fate that befell her.

Duties of a winning pageant queen include acting as a goodwill ambassador working with many important organizations and causes to draw attention to them and the good work they are doing. Additionally, they assist with fundraising to get help and funds to causes and charities that are mostly related to their constituency. The Miss Colorado winner, for example, will be expected to emphasise local Colorado issues and campaign for charities working in the county.

Arguably the most important role of a Pageant queen though, would be the responsibility of being a role model for other young women. With the fame and notoriety that comes with being a pageant queen, many young girls will see the winner as the epitome of what it means to be a woman.

More than a year after the competition results, an adult video of a woman suspected to be Althaus emerged online that started by showing her seated on a bed wearing black jeans, a black top and black heels. The video went viral and prompted the promoters of the pageant, Future Productions, to quickly clear all references of the young beauty queen from their website and promotional material.

Sadly, for Kristy, this also meant her runner-up title for the 2012 Miss Colorado Teen pageant was stripped. Her name was removed from the 2012 Official Results website and the competition video on YouTube that showed her being announced the runner up and taking her prize in a plunging red dress was taken down.

Shortly after the scandal leaked, Kristy Althaus deleted her Twitter account despite there being no official confirmation that the woman in the video was her. At this point, there was no turning back for Kristy, her pageant career and reputation had been ruined and although her involvement not verbally confirmed, there was no doubt in the eyes of the world that Kristy was the young woman in the controversial video.

In a similar situation a year previous, Melissa King who was crowned champion in the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant forfeited her winning title after a porn video starring the young woman surfaced. This film was produced by the company Girls Do Porn who specialize in filming amateur girls and are allegedly also the people behind the production of the video starring Kristy Althaus.

When the scandal first broke and news of the video came to light, many people were shocked and outraged and absolutely agreed with Future Productions that Kristy was morally averse and no longer deserved the pageant title. However, the only eligibility rules that are noted on the Miss Teen USA contest website at the time dictated that contestants must not have ever been married or had a child and must remain single throughout their reign.

Since the beauty queen had not committed any legal crime and had also not compromised her entry into the contest with regards to these criteria, there are strong arguments that the beauty queen did nothing wrong and there was no need to retroactively remove her participation in the competition.

Another argument has surfaced in recent years that highlights the hypocrisy of the punishment. The Miss Teen Pageant USA is co-owned by the 45th USA president Donald Trump who has been rumored to be active in paying for sex workers, however, when his contestants delve into a similar area, they are punished, shamed and abandoned by the community.

Was she a porn star before or after the contest?

During the infamous video with Kristy perched on the bed, a male voice can be heard asking the beauty queen how old she was. The young Miss Althaus looks into the camera as she informs the audience that she is 18 years of age. He then asks her if this is definitely her first adult video to which she confirms that yes, it is.

The pageant contest was held in October 2012 when Kristy would have been 18 years old which leads to the question of whether the adult video was created before or after she entered the contest. The video came out over a year after the competition ended which suggests it was created after the competition.

However, there is no confirmation or time stamp which reveals the video’s date. If the answer is before the competition, Miss Althaus would have only very recently turned 18 and there is concern over why she felt the need to turn to adult entertainment at such a young age. Of course, the video is no official document and Kristy could have been lying about her age which casts further doubt over the video and the reasons behind its production.

The pageant queen controversy was once again reignited a few months after the video scandal had died down when Kristy appeared in a second video also produced by Girls Do Porn which was being used to promote sales on a different website. In the second video she simpers ‘I just wanted to come back’ before blowing a kiss towards the camera. It seemed that from this point on, Kristy was committed to developing a career in the adult entertainment business and followed up with a couple more porn videos that proved to be very popular and gave Kristy some success in the business and a grounding in a potential porn career.

What is she doing now?

The pageant queen turns fledgling porn actress was linked to the American football player Derek Wolfe who played for the Denver Broncos. He stayed by her side and supported her when news broke of her participation in the adult movie. However, when it became apparent that Kristy planned to develop a full-time career in adult entertainment, the pair split which was followed by Derek deleting all of his social media accounts.

Kristy has now become even more popular amongst her fans in the adult entertainment business and from her pageantry career and porn movies, she is estimated to be worth roughly $500,000.  The once pageant runner up has starred in more erotic movies and as of October 2019, she has instead launched a premium Snapchat for her fans which she began to promote from her Twitter account in 2019.

As the face of social media and internet communications changes, so does the accessibility and distribution of porn. As she moves from movies to social media, it seems Kristy has the industry know how to keep her porn career ahead of the times.

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It’s clear from the image that pageant competitions purport that they don’t expect contestants to pursue careers in adult entertainment. While the competitions are vastly based on beauty, they still maintain the idea that the queens and runners-up are the type of women that young girls should aspire to be. However, as a runner-up, not many people would have remembered the name of the young beauty queen Kristy Althaus and it is unlikely she would be making much money from her pageantry. Instead, she is a successful porn actress who is hopefully living a comfortable life despite all the scandal she has been involved in.