8 Grand Tips on How to Become an Attractive Man

Get the woman's POV on becoming an attractive man!

By Evelyn
8 Grand Tips on How to Become an Attractive Man

What Makes a Man Attractive to a Woman

We bet you have asked this question more than once, right? You have asked your friends, your family, the mirror? Did any of them give you an accurate answer? No? Well, we're here to help you get things a little bit clearer so you can understand better what makes you more attractive to women. Women are sometimes hard to read, you're not sure what we're thinking and that can be frustrating. There's a reason for that... we're selective. 

You may excel in the looks department but that's not all it takes to win us over, we need to observe your actions and how you express yourself, what you say... we want the whole package. So don't assume that because you're good looking we're going to fall at your feet, we want something more. If you're interested in getting that special girl, you'll have to work for it because she's worth it,

Attraction encompasses more than your extremely good look, there are qualities that we appreciate and we're observing them while we're checking you out. Besides liking what we see on the outside, we need to asses if there's more beneath the surface. That's hard to do at first glance, so if you've caught the eye of a woman and want to explore the possibility, here are some tips that can help you be more attractive and win her over.

1. Avoid braggy behavior

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We can assume you're not looking for a gold digger right? Then please don't flaunt how well-off you are, it's a total turn off. Braggy behavior is not going to make you more attractive, just the opposite you're going to come as a huge douchebag. On the other hand, modesty will make you attractive. We want to know and will appreciate your achievements but not if you flaunt them.

2. Be authentic

Don't try too hard, really, just be yourself. Women want to know the real you, not the phony guy you think it's going to impress. That gets boring really fast and will not make you more attractive. If you already caught the eye of a woman, and there's some kind of attraction, don't ruin it by showing her someone you're not, she'll notice and you'll have lost your chance.

3. Be Confident

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There's nothing sexier than a confident man. A confident man knows what he wants and knows how to get it. He's comfortable showing all his sides, the tough part but also the more vulnerable one. He shows confidence in all that he does, starting with the way he looks at a woman, the way he approaches her, the way he carries a conversation, the way he gives her his undivided attention, the way he talks about himself but also in the way he pays attention when she's talking.

Beware that confidence is not the same as cockiness. Women are repelled by guys that confused the terms.

4. Showing your intelligence

Women love beautiful minds, so don't be afraid to show your mind. Intelligence is such an attractive trait. It shows women that you're more than just a pretty face and it makes them want to know you better. You can show them your intelligence by being witty and funny too. Those two characteristics can help you keep the conversation flowing because you'll make it interesting and that a major turn on.

How to be More Physically Attractive

A lot of research has been done on what characteristics or traits a man should aim to achieve to be more attractive to women and we're sure all are helpful and have given you some insight into what women are looking for. Now, as we talked before, looks are also important, you looking your best to give a very good first impression. Being physically attractive definitely has its advantages and benefits too. Realistically, we can't all be perfect, there are features of our appearance that we can't control, like height, or our facial shape or our age but there are some tips that you can follow to be the best physical version of yourself.

The next tips are based on what scientists have concluded women look for (in the physical department). Take a look and maybe follow some of them.

5. Get yourself toned not beefy

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Having a defined bod is sexy guys, sorry but that's a fact. So if you're set on becoming more attractive to women you need to hit the gym. Maybe you've been going to the gym but just to do some cardio, amp it up and start lifting weights because women are attracted to men with some muscles in them. According to research done at UCLA, women find built men sexier than skinny and non-muscle. Just don't overdo it, beefy bods are not as attractive, aim for toned.

6. Take care of your teeth

Having a nice set of teeth is crucial if you're set on becoming more attractive. Women are turned off by men who don't take care of their teeth, you know talking to a guy that when he opens his mouth it looks like he has scurvy? Not attractive at all. "The human teeth are the equivalent to a peacock's tail", that's what a study at the University of Leeds and the University of Lancaster found out when researching the topic. They concluded that having a good and well-cared set of teeth is very important when it comes to mate selection.

A slow sexy smile can be devastating if it is framed by a good set of teeth, so brush them, floss them and visit the dentist regularly. You'll dazzle the ladies and your attractiveness will go higher.

7. Groom your hair to achieve symmetry

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There are various things you can do with your hair to become more attractive. One of them is your facial hair, research suggests that you should grow a beard, women are attracted to men with trim facial hair. Heavy stubble is sexy but the most attractive men, according to the study, were the ones wearing light and a trim beard. 

Next will be the hair on your head (or lack of it), the right haircut can do wonders to your appearance and can definitely make you look more attractive. If you don't have any idea what it'll work for you, then ask for help from a professional. If you're going bald then maybe go all the way and shave it all off (Vin Diesel style). 

Research supports that women find symmetry in a man's face attractive. You can achieve this by playing a little bit with the hair on your face, like wearing a beard or a mustache style to create a balance between the two halves of your face.

8. Smell good, wear cologne

When you wear a cologne, you not only smell yummy, you feel confident and sexier and the best part... the ladies take notice. This is what a study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science found out. When judging the attractiveness of someone we use all the of our 5 senses, the smell is very dominant here. Smelling good can determine whether a woman finds you attractive or not because if she detects a bad smell coming from you, you can kiss your chances goodbye. So besides taking a shower and using deodorant, well cologne of perfume. 

Top 3 Attractive Man Cologne

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According to some research, women have a greater sense of smell than men, and as we establish before wearing cologne will make you attractive to them. You'll want to smell great and wear a cologne not just because you like how it smells and how it makes you feel, you'll want to wear a cologne that'll drive women crazy. Something citrusy maybe?

What cologne should you choose to wear to make you more memorable and attractive to women? Here are 3 choices you should consider.

1. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit L'homme

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit L'homme

According to some polls among women, this cologne has been deemed the sexiest smelling cologne. People love it because it has a soft and sweet scent, it's not overwhelmingly powerful but it has a far reach. And of course, women find the smell intoxicating. You can wear this cologne whenever and wherever because it works year-round.

2. Savage by Dior Eau de Parfum

Savage by Dior Eau de Parfum

This cologne was voted the most sensual one. Men receive a lot of compliments while wearing it. The scent is light, fresh and clean and it lasts for a very long time. It'll give you an aura of mystery and suave. It's best if you wear it in the evening because it was inspired by nighttime coolness. 

3. 1 Million Lucky by Paco Rabanne Eau de Toilette

1 Million Lucky by Paco Rabanne Eau de Toilette

If you want to get her attention, then you should wear this cologne. People love it because it's fresh and sensual, it has a woody scent with a touch of sweet and the smell lasts for a very long time. You'll feel bold and ready for anything. Wear it for any occasion, especially when going clubbing, you'll not regret it.

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Now you know what you have to do to become more attractive to women. Work with what you have and follow the tips we gave you, don't forget to wear a stunning smile and a scent that'll drive them crazy. Good luck!