10 Reasons Why You Should Do A Solo Trip Once In a Lifetime

The rejuvenating solo trip that everyone raves about and why

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10 Reasons Why You Should Do A Solo Trip Once In a Lifetime

A solo trip is a trip that is taken alone by a person. It is not exactly traveling alone from one place to another because most of us travel alone on the plane or the bus to reach our destinations where usually friends or family wait for our arrival. Instead, it is traveling alone as well as being alone at the destination of your choice. For example, if I take a trip to New York and I travel alone and then when in New York I spend most of my time alone exploring the city and doing things of my choice then it is a solo trip. I might meet an old friend in New York for a day but as long as I am no spending my entire vacation with the friend I am definitely on a solo trip.

How Old Should You Be Going For Your Solo Trip

Many youngsters backpack through Europe all alone to find themselves before they settle down in life. Similarly, many old people take a break from their lives either to get a fresh start or to reboot to find balance in their lives again. In short, there is no right age for solo travel. Anyone may travel solo at any point in their lives as long as they are taking precautions and safety measures.

10 Reasons Why You Should Go For a Solo Trip

Here are some reasons why you should consider taking a solo trip at least once in your life:

1. Perfect trip

Plan the perfect trip that you always imagined going on. Pick the place you always wanted to visit, Book the hotel or resort that is your favorite and visit the places that always have intrigues you. Plan your perfect trip as it will allow you to be excited, to look forward to the adventure and you will naturally be well researched and more prepared.

2. Meet locals

When a person is traveling alone he is more eager to talk to new people, making new friends and interacting with locals. Solo travel will allow you to be more open and will force you to get out of your comfort zone and interact with the locals. You might learn more about that place, the people and their culture this way which will, in turn, make your experience unique.

3. Peace

Perhaps the biggest perk of traveling alone is that you get the peace of mind that you might have been seeking for a while. Just imagine being away from work, from friends, from family and the kids and being on your own in a beautiful place with no demands or pressures from others and all the time to think and reflect in peace.

4. Change plans

Another great thing about traveling alone is that you can change your plans on a whim. No matter how prepared you might be, once you reach your destination and after interacting with locals you might discover new places to visit which might not necessarily be planned. Solo travel allows you to change plans, experience new things and discover a place on your own.

5. Confidence

People who travel solo are more confident than those who do not. Only one solo trip can make you end up feeling like a winner. You might develop a more adventurous streak, become more open as a person and evolve and change with every solo trip you take. Your self-confidence will improve and traveling solo will also enhance your decision making and planning skills. Your communication skills will improve and unlike before you might welcome change in your life with open arms.

6. Find your own rhythm

A solo traveler is not bogged down by schedules and routines, you set your own routine for the day and make your own plans for the day. You are not responsible for anyone nor are you a burden for anyone. You may wake up when you want and may sleep whenever you want. You can find your own rhythm and routine which can be a liberating feeling.

7. No annoying habits

When you travel with family or friends you are conscious of their needs and you put up with their annoying habits. For instance, you might be a light traveler but your partner might be the opposite which can pose quite a challenge at the airport and through the whole packing, unpacking phase. Solo travel relieves you from such troubles.

8. Romance

We all have seen Julia Robert in Eat Pray Love and since then many people have taken the solo journey to an exotic place. The best part about that movie was the happy ending that it promised. You might find love, your soul mate or a deep connection with someone on your travel. Even if it is not romantic, the idea that solo travel can let you have a meaningful connection with another human being is very exciting.

9. Self-discovery

We get so busy in our lives and routines that we often forget who we are as people. And sometimes we are too young to know who we are and find ourselves by traveling solo. Either way traveling solo can be an opportunity for self-discovery and be an eye-opener for you.

10. Freedom

Perhaps the best part about solo travel is the sheer freedom of it all. Just the thought of being alone in a foreign land can be such an exciting and empowering idea that it is difficult not to indulge oneself and take the leap to travel solo.

Safety Tips for Female

Here are some safety tips for all the ladies who might be planning a solo trip:

1. Make sure you get the right time of the booking and that the booking lasts 24 hours so in case there is a delay at the airport it won’t compromise your booking and you will have a place to stay.

2. Be confident. If you seem confident and sure of yourself you will automatically appear less touristy and more like a frequent visitor.

3. Carry all your documents and always have more than one copy saved. One with you and one safely locked in your hotel locker.

4. Research the place thoroughly before you travel. Thanks to Google maps, trip advisor and may other software and services it has become easier to be well informed of the area you might be visiting. So do your research, talk to people who have already visited the place and maybe join a travel group on Facebook to get all the necessary tips.

5. Check the country’s threat level before you visit. Make sure you are visiting a place that is female-friendly. Do not visit the country’s which might not be the safest for solo women travelers.

6. Read about the cultural norms and follow those. Men have it easy because most cultures practice patriarchy. For women, it’s not always the easiest to travel solo in extremely conservative societies and hence conforming to local dressing or norms might help keep you safe.

7. Do not wear expensive accessories or carry valuable with you.

8. Make sure your transport provider is reliable and well aware of your travel plan. Make sure he knows all the routes of the places you want to visit and make sure you do too.

9. Make sure that someone back home knows your itinerary and be sure to touch base with them by the end of the day.

10. If you are an American citizen then you might want to register with the State Department’s launched Smart Traveler Enrolment Program which can ensure safety in emergency situations.

11. Lastly, use travel safety products while traveling such as the anti-theft backpack, travel money belt, safety whistle, etc.

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Traveling is a great way to relax and unwind especially if you have busy hours, a hectic work routine and an equally hectic personal life. Traveling gives you a break from your normal routine and allows you to explore a new place, meet new people and try new cuisines. While it is a treat traveling with family, there comes a time in life where one must take out time for themselves and invest in a solo trip. As long as you take precautions and travel safe, a solo trip can be life-changing and exactly what you have been looking for to escape from your busy life.