Elsie Hewitt: More About the Ex Girlfriend of Ryan Philippe

Elsie Hewitt and how she started and ended with Ryan Philippe

By Michele
Elsie Hewitt: More About the Ex Girlfriend of Ryan Philippe

To be frank, it takes little or equal to nothing, to be always in the limelight if you are a celebrity. Even a meager act becomes the breaking news and you see it spread all over the social media apps and even press. But things can go wrong too when you are there for all the wrong reasons.

Here, we are going to discuss Elsie Hewitt, in detail, who was the ex-girlfriend of Ryan Philippe. Previously a couple, they have been all over the news due to the accusations put forward by Elsie Hewitt. She had accused him of domestic violence and excessive drug abuse.

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It certainly isn’t pleasing for the fans, when they come across such derogatory developments, as they love their celebrities from the heart. So let’s take it forward ladies and gentlemen, Elsie Hewitt: More about the Ex-Girlfriend of Ryan Philippe – all that you need to know.

Who is Elsie Hewitt?


Her full name is Elsie Rose Hewitt and she was born on the 5th of March, 1996 in London. She was raised in London before the family decided to shift to Los Angles. It can be said that Elise has kept her family life quite private, as little is known about her parents and siblings.

Coming back to her, she was nearly 10 years old when she moved to LA with her parents. Elise was of independent nature right from the beginning. And she started working and earning at a young age – it is reported that she was first employed when she was 15 years old.

She started her career through modeling and later, Elise became the face of several prominent fashion brands like ‘Guess’. She has also remained associated with Playboy – a leading American entertainment and lifestyle magazine. Wilhelmina, which is a famed talent and modeling management agency, helped her secure several remarkable modeling contracts.

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Apart from modeling, she has also shown her talent in the field of acting. Her work can be seen in productions like Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoul friend and Underwater.

During 2018, Elsie became a part of the American net TV series, Turn – through which she garnered much fame and success. She became a part of Turn, due to her impressive height, charming looks, and a nicely maintained figure.

How Her Relationship With Ryan Philippe started

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Elsie’s private life is of much fascination for her followers. According to different publications, it has been revealed that she started her relationship with Ryan Philippe in April 2017. They both were spotted in the month of April while hanging out at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Later, they were again spotted by paparazzi while having lunch in Beverly Hills.

Elsie and Ryan started dating after a few months of Ryan’s breakup with his fiancée Paulina Slater. The couple remained on good terms for a short period and soon started having issues.

Ryan Philippe is a well-known Hollywood actor and has appeared as a lead cast member of the TV series – The Shooter.

How Her Relationship With Ryan Philippe Ended


Elsie’s troubled relationship with Ryan was brought into the spotlight when she reported to the police about his physical assault on her. Not only had this happened, but she also filed a lawsuit worth $ 1 million in lieu of all the damage done.

According to Elsie, she went to Ryan’s place to fetch her belongings and that was the time when he physically assaulted her. Ryan at that time categorically denied all the allegations put forward by her and termed it a part of Elsie’s plot to extract money from him. 

It seemed that the breakup really left Elsie devastated, as she posted a black and white sulfide of her on Instagram on 19th of September, 2017 with the following caption:


“We spend a lot of time here showing our happiest moments and it's easy to assume someone's life is perfect. Everyone’s fighting their own battles that they understandably choose not to share. sometimes it's crazy to me that people show interest in me/my life when I've shared so much more of what I'm doing and how I look as opposed to who I really am. I'm a very private person but there are some tribulations I've been facing recently so I wanted to say thank u guys for your love, thank you to those who have been there for me, and thank you for those in my life who haven't, for teaching me a good lesson. I think it's important to feel all your feelings, both happy and sad in order to overcome and to grow stronger. Everyone is on their own path and has their own pain. always get back up, keep trying and stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

I’ll keep working hard and working on lifting my spirits and if anything, just take this as a positive reminder to be the best and kindest you can be in a struggling world full of enough suffering and hatred. I love u”

5 interesting facts about Elsie Hewitt

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Let’s take you forward on the journey of Elsie Hewitt: More about the Ex-Girlfriend of Ryan Philippe. The private life of several celebs is complicated and attention-grabbing too. Here is more that you will find interesting about Elsie Hewitt.

1. She is fast becoming an insta favorite babe

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It has been observed that Elsie takes her Instagram account seriously. If you visit her official account, you will see hundreds of hot pictures of her. Elsie knows how to keep her fans engaged and provide them something interesting to feast their eyes on. Being a dedicated model, Wilhelmina chose her as their official representative over different modeling platforms. Elsie was Playboy magazine’s Miss June in 2017. She has made 1000+ posts over her instagram account and has more than 800k followers. 

2. She is extremely sensitive


Elsie has made a statement that “I’m very sensitive, even though many people just see me as another sexy girl on Instagram”. This shows that Elsie has a soft side to her personality and wants to be seen from a different perspective. It is not something that Ryan Philippe would admit, as he had planned to file a counter suit against Elsie for possible chances of defamation. It is also interesting to note here that no sort of criminal charges were filed by her against Ryan and furthermore, LA City Attorney also refused to prosecute him. Investigators have labeled Elsie’s allegations as ‘weak and inadequate’.

3. She is not that sophisticated

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It is quite easy to apprehend that being a model, Elsie can be extremely sophisticated or high maintenance. But she has completely denied these assumptions. In fact, Elsie stated that she doesn’t even bother about her looks or behavior being perfect and hence, there is no reason left to call her a sophisticated model. According to an interview, which she gave to Playboy magazine, she said that “I don’t wear makeup. I just got my first haircut in six years. My hair was down to my butt. I chopped off 12, 13 inches, and it’s still long.”

4. She isn’t choosy about her diet


When we have a look at Elsie’s, Twitter and Instagram account, we can conclude that she is a foodie. And amazingly she loves eating food that is unhealthy and certainly fattening. Over her accounts, you will see tempting pictures of ice creams, cheeseburgers, pizzas and much more. In one of her interviews with the Playboy magazine, she stated that it’s her hobby to try food from different restaurants. Elsie prefers Italian food, pasta especially, over any other type of food and also loves steaks and desserts. She has a huge sweet tooth too. 

5. She likes acting – apart from modeling

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Though she hasn’t acted in a good number of videos, Elise has appeared in one movie and a music video. The only video that she has done was titled ‘Underwater’ that was directed by Garret Lodge. Elsie has also appeared in Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend, like Cammy’s friend.

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In the end, I can clearly state that Elsie has learned a lot from her not-so-happy relationship with Ryan. It has been found that she is currently single and is living her life to the fullest. She has also no plans to get in a relationship AS for now.

Apart from her relationship status, we can see that Elise loves modeling over anything. Her social media posts are all about the perfect model look that any girl would like to adopt. The best thing is that she manages her persona in a flawless manner while being totally confident about it. There are no high glam pictures of her, as most of them are more of a casual nature. That also tells that Elise appears to be a relaxed and laid back person.