12 Sexy Poses That Will Make Him Salivate Like A Wolf

Know these poses like the back of your hand for selfies and for the camera

By Diana Nadim
12 Sexy Poses That Will Make Him Salivate Like A Wolf

All Poses, Including Sexy Poses Need Practice

For many people, sexy posing usually seems like a challenging task that requires a lot of effort and time. This can be changed for anyone with the help of a little guidance, practice, and the use of the right props. You can begin by channeling your inner sexy and making love to the camera. Here are some tips for you:

1. Get in the mood

Think about what makes you feel sexy. Is it some red lipstick, your favorite bikini, or even a specific type of music? Ensure that you are fond of what makes you feel sexy and set up your surroundings for the character.

2. The angles

We all have favorite parts of our bodies, and it is easier to channel the sexy in us through those parts. When posing sexy, you should work with those parts and use the appropriate angles for the sensual appeal. If you are taking a selfie, shoot from above. This will make your face look slimmer and capture the entire body from a bird's view. If someone else is taking your photo, pose in such a way that you exaggerate your most sensual spots for more visibility and for them to be the center of attraction.

3. Flow with your poses

When you are taking these sexy shots, don’t just be stiff. Let loose and have fun as you flow with the mood. In doing so, you will capture the natural flow of your body.

4. Use a mirror

If you are taking sexy selfies, you can take the mirror image. The mirror is also your best friend as you can use it to practice and you can know in what angles you look best, therefore, saving you time when taking the pictures.

5. Avoid the nudes

While it can be very sexy to take nude pictures, let the private parts of your body remain private. This is because you can’t control who gets a hold of your photographs.

6. Good background

Even though the background is nothing more than just a prop, ensure that it is neat and tidy and sets the right mood. A chaotic environment will take attention away from the main attraction – you.

Super Sexy Model and Celebrities To Learn From

Celebrities and models always make it seem like posing is such an easy job to do, whereas a matter of fact, it can be frustratingly difficult. They seem to know how to evenly distribute their body weights and look skinny for the red carpet photos.

1. Taylor Swift

Source: Pinterest

The sideway one hand on hip is her always go-to pose when she is posing on the red carpet as it makes her look slimmer and sexier when she is showing off her curves.

2. Jennifer Lopez

The one leg out is her signature pose. It is calm, fresh, and relaxed, yet it also has some sense of elegance. When she has a side slit, the leg that out makes it even sexier.

3. Lady Gaga

The elbow is out. This is a go-to style for many people since it is simple, and nothing much goes on in this one. All you need to do is place your hands on your waist, and there you have it. It is a favorite pose as it helps to accentuate your curves and portrays an hourglass figure.

4. Nicki Minaj

As you well know, she is a style and fashion icon, and she grazes the red carpet with some of the most amazing dresses. One of her signature poses is crossing her legs making her curves pop out, this is a natural go-to posing style.

5. Lindsay Lohan

Blowing a kiss. This is a cute and lovely pose for your sexy photos.

6. Jessica Biel

Source: E!News

Sticking out her rear. This is an excellent pose as it shows confidence and it is fun to play with as you can spice it up by lifting one leg.

7. Katy Perry

Her usual go-to red carpet pose is the one leg up and either a hand or both hands on the waist. It is a very sexy pose when done correctly.

12 Sexy (Not Nude) Poses That Will Make You So Hot

For The Camera

1. The supermodel pose

This pose is a pretty easy one. All you have to do is place your hands on your waist, elongate your neck, contract your core ad slightly arch your back. This is a traditional supermodel pose, but it never loses its sexiness when done right.

2. The booty pose

In this pose, it is like you are enticing someone to get your booty. Instead of showing your whole booty from behind, sit down and slightly pop your hip out.

3. Did someone say water?

Comb your wet hair with your fingers as you come out of the water and open your mouth partly.

4. The headache pose

This is one of the most natural yet sexy poses you can use. Put your hand up to your head and create a seductive pose with the rest of your body.

5. Look over the shoulder

Pretend that you are a native Lolita and look back to see who is behind you. Relax your lips and focus on your gaze. The camera loves this.

6. The Madonna

This involves fixing your stare at a distance and accentuating all the curves that you have.

For Selfie

7. The bedroom pose

This is done by making your hair a little messy, tilt your head a little to the side and slightly part your mouth.

8. The orgasm pose

It is an easy one, as all you need to do is to relax your face and with your eyes closed, slightly touch your mouth as it is partly open as if you are having a mind-blowing orgasm.

9. The iconic pose

This is one of the poses that models and celebrities like using for the cover page. Face the camera straight up and relax the jaws and separate your lips a little.

10. Butt over the back pose

This will make men droll. It is one of the most popular selfie poses. It shows off the curves without being too obvious, and it has that tone of playfulness and wanting to get attention.

11. Mirror selfies

Make good use of the mirror and get your favorite angles. Using a mirror can show off different parts and aspects of your body and therefore help you find the ones that flatter your natural curve.

12. The just woke up pose

These are the kind of selfies you always find trending. It is where you wake up and snap a photo without really any makeup. This does not have to be strictly that way as some girls cheat and freshen up their faces and put on some gloss then they go back to bed and say they woke up like that.

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If you are intimidated by taking selfies and sexy pictures of yourself, the information above will help you calm your nerves. At least now you have an idea of how to pose, and the angles that suit you best. Remember everything takes practice. For you to get that perfect flawless shot, don't mind the number of shots you will have taken before that one, the goal is to get a shot that makes you look good despite how your life is.

When you are taking sexy poses, feel free to drag out your inner Madonna, and with that level of confidence, you can rest assured to get some of the most beautiful and sexy pictures. Also, look into the camera, this draws attention to you and your beauties, the only exception for not looking right into the lens of the camera is if you are doing it intentionally for a particular design of the picture.