Sploshing: Introduction To A Wet And Messy Sex Fetish

Know as WAM, you will never look at food in the same way anymore

By Fred S.
Sploshing: Introduction To A Wet And Messy Sex Fetish

What is Sploshing or WAM?

  • Have you ever thought of licking chocolate syrup or whipped cream off of somebody’s skin, or lips?  

  • Have you ever thought of playing around with ice cubes during foreplay? This is a common one, you might have even experienced it.  

  • Do you get aroused by thinking of the oily sensation when someone gives you a massage?  

  • Ever drunk a shot off of someone’s body without using your hands?  

  • Do you love the concept of mud wrestling?  

Well if that’s the case, you’ve got a bit of WAM in you, believe it or not. All of the above examples can actually be classified as pretty strong members of the huge group of sploshing activities. This is because each one of them includes getting ‘wet and messy’ with some non-bodily fluid substances. After all, that’s what sploshing is all about.  

To describe it simply, it’s the fetish of getting super messy with you or your partner’s body. It involves getting aroused from getting covered in or covering their partner in several types of substances. These substances could be anything that makes you or your partner super messy; including covering bodies with mud, slime, shaving cream, grease or oil, and in some cases, even food items! Hopefully, you’d now understand why it’s termed as a ‘wet and messy’ fetish (WAM).  

Short History of Sploshing

WAM was arguably born in the comedy entertainment pieces of the early 1900s. It all started with ‘pieing’, which as the name suggests, is the activity of pushing a piece of pie into another’s face. This activity first made its appearance as a comedic scene in the 1909 movie called ‘Mr. Flip’. Pieing began to gain traction in the next few years when the comedy legends like ‘Laurel and Hardy’ and Charlie Chaplin displayed pie fights in their blockbuster movies,  

People seemed to enjoy seeing characters getting covered in mess. Little did anyone know; this would become a pretty popular global sexual fetish soon!  

However, it wasn’t just a few pieing scenes that started such a huge chain of events. It goes further back in history. In Europe during the medieval era, criminals or wrongdoers used to get penalized by getting placed in pillory or stocks, which were wooden contraptions with holes that restrained the hands, head, or ankles of the person in place. As a punishment, people would then toss rotten vegetables and fruit at them, thus humiliating them in society. This end-goal of causing humiliation is still found in some of the polluted interpretations of the WAM fetish.  

Similar devices to the wooden contraptions discussed above exist in our world today. These can be easily found within the bondage side of sexual fetishes, but it’s not uncommon to find people indulging in a mixture of bondage and sploshing. Keeping this in mind, the idea that sploshing may have found its early origins from these practices doesn’t seem to be a far-fetched idea.  

How To Start As A Newbie

If you’re looking to get into this, but a bit nervous to start it off, don’t worry. There are a number of small steps you can begin with.  Starting with non-gross things is usually the way to go to start sploshing off. This means options like mud or dirt are out of the picture. You could consider substances that are made to be applied on the skin; such as shaving cream, oil, or even body paint. If you wanna get a bit crazier, try slime! 

Next, you could dry drizzling some chocolate syrup over their lips or skin and then licking it off of your partner. This, as you can imagine, could be hot as hell during foreplay. Speaking of food items, licking honey off of your partner’s body could also be super sexy, just saying!  

Dangers and Points to Bear in Mind

While it’s definitely not as dangerous as ‘bondage’ or some other sexual activities involving blood play or ropes; there still are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are some of those threats along with brief descriptions.  

1. Irritation and/or Allergies

Applying all sorts of messy substances could obviously have consequences. You would mostly be fine with oils, shaving cream, and other creams that are meant to be applied to our bodies. But food is supposed to be eaten, not slathered on skin.  While fetishes know no bounds or limitations, dermatologists suggest being super careful about sensitivities and allergic reactions. This is especially true with the items containing capsaicin; it’s what makes things like chilies hot.  

2. The Eyes

You’ve always got to be extra careful with your eyes. There are always people who naturally wipe their faces with fingers that still have harmful substances on them, or forget to close their eyes when they’re getting pied or slathered in shaving cream. It could lead to some dangerous situations, so be careful!  

3. Yeast Infections

A yeast infection occurs as a result of an imbalance between candida fungus and good bacteria. It’s usually found in women, so they’re the ones who need to keep this in mind especially. Now, candida fungus feeds off of sugar, which means this is also a problem that comes with using food items. Pouring any sort of food item, especially sugary syrups or substances, is not recommended for obvious reasons. It may trigger a painful, itchy, and quite smelly yeast infection which isn’t going to help your sex life. 

4. Avoid Things with Harsh Textures

While any substance that has an abrasive texture isn’t recommended, this problem usually arises due to using food items. For example, fruits with small seeds such as strawberries and cake sprinkles that could be included in a pie can easily scratch the skin. If it’s a highly sensitive area such as a private part, the threat of bleeding isn’t far-fetched. So that’s something you need to remember as well.  

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions on Sploshing

What do I use if I don’t want to waste food?

The answer to this question is pretty easy; you can use absolutely anything. Sploshing doesn’t always have to include foods, as mentioned above, it’s the name of getting “wet and messy” with anything other than bodily fluids. Some activists have protested against the spread of the idea of sploshing as it wastes food while plenty of deprived people in the world suffers from starvation. That’s totally understandable, and frankly, it’s the rightfully noble way to think. If you’re of the same perception, there’s no reason to believe that you can’t enjoy sploshing. To start, you could use copious amounts of condiments, oil, slime, lotions, creams, mud and body paint! None of these include food items, which means you’d be safe from a few of the threats mentioned above as well.    

Well, what do I do with the substances?

When you’re looking to start some activity that’s perceived to be weird generally, the sudden feeling of confusion is imminent. You might not understand what exactly you should do, with a worry of disappointing your partner or making things awkward. The answer to this question is also pretty simple; just do what you feel like doing as a couple. It could be as straightforward as gathering every safe substance that you’ve decided to use, and simply dumping it all over your partner’s body. At the end of the day, you’ve got to get wet and messy with it – that's all this fetish really is.  

What are some tips or methods I should keep in mind?

1. Keep things simple for a start.  

2. To make the process easier, mix the substances up, and aim for pouring it over their head or neck. As it flows down to the rest of the body naturally from there.  

3. Really let your partner feel your hands as you slather the substances on their body, rubbing it on their back, cheeks, neck... This could make things really hot really fast.  

4. Get messier and messier as you move further. Reach for their front, belly, lower down to their crotch, and their rear.  

5. With sploshing, it’s important to progress forwards from clean to messy to really savor every moment!   

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It seems as though with the passage of time; the human race just keeps coming up with more and more fetishes. This article is also dedicated to one of them; sploshing. It’s also classified as WAM, which is the abbreviation of “Wet and Messy” fetish. Here, we’ve told you all that you’d want to know about it. One thing worth noting is that sploshing has nothing to do with bodily fluids of any sort. Fetishes involving urine or feces fall in a whole different category, as wet and messy as they may be. Sploshing has a wide spectrum, and different people stick to different ends based on their desires, wants, needs, and morals. At the end of the day, it's just another way of building up exciting sexual chemistry with your loved one.