How to Avoid Getting Pregnant Or To Get Pregnant (Sex Without Condom)

Ways to enjoy sex without a condom and avoid pregnancy or get pregnant

By Michele
How to Avoid Getting Pregnant Or To Get Pregnant (Sex Without Condom)

Not ready for a baby yet but, you enjoy getting physical with your partner quite often? Do not worry; I will explain a few proven methods that would help avoid getting pregnant. There can be several reasons for not being ready to get pregnant.

On the other hand, for those women who are ready to get pregnant will find some useful stuff in this read. There are successful methods of getting pregnant discussed below. It totally depends on you for the method that you want to choose.

After all, we have different preferences and some like it with a condom while others think of it as a mere barrier.

Before we discuss any topic let us see why condoms are used:

They Help in Lowering the Risk of Pregnancy

If used in a proper manner, condoms can help prevent pregnancy completely. Condoms are termed as the most effective anti-pregnancy method.

They Help in Lowering the Risk of Catching/Transferring STIs

Again, if the condom is used properly it can help avoid STIs like HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. A condom acts as a barrier and prevents sexual fluids from coming in contact with the body of the other person.

These are basically the two main reasons for which people use condoms and prevent pregnancy and STIs. Now let’s move on to the topic of people not enjoying sex with condoms. Why is it so?

Why Some People Enjoy Sex Without Condom?

Even partners can have different opinions. But keep in mind that your health comes before any sort of quickie. Here, I have compiled a list of different reasons that tell us why people do not enjoy sex with a condom.

Because Condoms do not Deliver the Full Experience

There are many people, who think that condoms act as an unnecessary obstruction. The reason being, the thin latex covering doesn’t allow full sexual satisfaction. Latex prevents both partners from getting the right feel. By wearing a condom, you will feel somewhat different but that that doesn’t certainly mean that you won’t enjoy sex at all. Your sensations will be different.

Because Condoms are not Sexy

Not a lot of people find condoms sexy. It sounds like a chore or some sort of deadline that you really need to meet before having sex. So it spoils the natural charm of having sex. So why wear condoms right at the instant at all?

Because You Maybe Allergic

Most of the condoms used out there are made of latex, which can be allergic to some people. Recently, non-latex condoms have been introduced, in external and internal varieties. But why does it even matter if you do not enjoy condoms during sex?

Because Condoms can be Uncomfortable

That is one of the major reasons for not using condoms. For a male partner not getting the right size condom can be really frustrating and it can easily draw pleasure out from sex. Just imagine having a condom on that is too tight or too loose? And what a hassle it would be to try condoms from different brands and then choose them for sex.

Because Condoms can Break Easily

Though they are pretty solid, there have been many incidents where a condom broke off and resulted in pregnancy. Using a condom that hasn’t been stored properly can result in such misfortunes. In the same manner, there are several companies that produce low cost and low-quality condoms.

Because Condoms Are Not Meant For The Long Term Partners

Sometimes people skip the idea of using the condom just because they know each other well. They know that they won’t transfer or catch STIs. In the same manner, they use different methods for preventing pregnancy but without a condom. It is all about enjoying sex, without having any stress related to unwanted pregnancy or health complications.

The above stated are the main reasons for not wearing condoms. They certainly bring the level of enjoyment down. So do not wear a condom at all if you aren’t willing.

10 Ways To Enjoy Sex Without Condom

There are a lot of different conversations that, you can have with your partner about enjoying sex without a condom. Before that, you can explore some effective birth control methods and get your blood tested on a regular basis.

Your ideas need to match. Compatibility helps in making things more fun. So have a solid conversation first. Now, let’s see how you can enjoy sex with your partner without a condom.

Avoid Pregnancy

1. Use a Diaphragm

A diaphragm is basically an effective form of contraception, which is placed inside the vagina to prevent sperms from reaching the target. Doctors recommend using a spermicide with a diaphragm to increase its effectiveness. Place the diaphragm a few hours before sex and let it stay there for a day at least.

2. Use a Cervical Cap

Image result for cervical cap
Source: Planned Parenthood

It is basically a soft cup made of silicone, which is inserted inside the vagina to prevent sperms from reaching the eggs. 

Between a cervical cap and diaphragms, cervical caps are smaller and you can leave in longer compared to diaphragms till up to 2 days. Typically the doctor will decide for you unless you have a specifically request.​​​​​​

3. Use a Contraceptive Patch

Patches are extremely convenient and useful.  If the patch is applied correctly on the upper arm, stomach, buttocks or the back it can deliver the desired results. Patch needs to be worn for 3 weeks at least. It is one of the most commonly used methods to avoid pregnancy and have ultimate fun during sex.

4. Get an Implant


They are becoming quite popular with couples, who do not want a baby any soon. It is basically a small rod of one to two inches in length that is placed in arm to prevent pregnancy. This rod capsule keeps on releasing progestin that eliminates the chances of reproduction. It needs to be replaced after a period of three years.

5. Pulling out at the Right Time

Also known as the withdrawal method, it prevents sperm from reaching vagina. Right before ejaculating, a man pulls out his penis from vagina. Here timing matters the most. If the male partner is not in full control then even a little bit of sperm left inside or near vagina, might lead to pregnancy. So be very careful with this technique.

6. Go with the Rhythm

For this, you will need to be extremely committed and organized. Keep a track of your ovulation and period time and avoid having sex on these days when the chances of getting pregnant are high. Also known as the fertility awareness, it involves tracking: body temperature after getting up, charting menstrual cycle and checking cervical mucus on daily basis. It is best for those women, who have a proper cycle and managing changes and patterns is not an issue at all.

7. Use Lube

Shibari Personal Lubricant

Using a lubricant can be somewhat convenient for sexual intercourse. But it has been deduced that the sperm quality and movement is affected in a negative manner by the use of any lubricant. So if you are not in a baby-making mode, just use the lube freely with the other methods to reduce the chance of pregnancy.

Ways to get Pregnant without Condom

8. Have Sex after a Break of Two or Three Days

If it is your intention to get pregnant and enjoy sex too, then it is recommended to have sex with a gap of few days and the reason is that the quality of sperm increases after a few days. So the chances of getting pregnant also become high.

9. Enjoy Sex Like Anything

While having sex keep your mind and body attached with your partner so that, you both can reach an intense orgasm. Though it is not important for women to ejaculate, proper orgasm can help sperm reach the destination easily. So get involved.

10. Try Different Sexual Positions

Though there is no research available to prove that there are a few chosen positions that help sperm in reaching the eggs easily. But there are a few positions that allow maximum or deep penetration of the penis inside a vagina. Like a man on the top, doggy-style and standing missionary. So keep trying you will get there.

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Willing or unwilling to get pregnant, sex should not sound like a task. It is basically about emotions that need to be dealt with in a natural manner. It is unnatural to use condoms. Enjoying sex with condoms is not easy. So now you know how to enjoy sex without that thin rubber between you two and how to get pregnant while having sex. All the best!