8 Awesome Tips In Making The Most Out Of Single Life

Enjoy singlehood to its fullest without pressure to find love

By Kimmy
8 Awesome Tips In Making The Most Out Of Single Life

Why Single Life is the Best

Growing up in this century, we're brainwashed by all the fanciful, slapstick, fairy-tale rom coms into believing that falling in love is the ultimate end goal, that we're completed by our other half. Whether you are single or not, let me tell you, that is not true. You complete yourself.

When you're a kid, you listen to your parents and follow their guides. When you're older, you fall in love and make compromises for your partner to keep the relationship going. When you have kids, you make all the compromises for them.

Being single is the only period in your life where you make no compromises for no one. You live life as you wish. This is also the time of your life where you can explore the most about the world and yourself, finding what your passion is and how you envision your life to be.

No compromise for anyone. You will see life is a lot better when you're single. You don't have to think about whether this compromise is worth it or not. You learn things about yourself and eventually when, or if, you do fall in love, you already know what is a compromise you can't make and what is something you will never give up.

The learning process is groundbreaking when you're single. Follow these tips to live the most of your single life and discover sides of yourself that you didn't even know existed.

How to enjoy Single Life to its Fullest

1. Book a solo trip somewhere

Stepping out of the comfort zone is the key to acknowledge self-worth and self-ability. You answer to no one. Grab your already-packed suitcase and take the first flight out of. Getting out of the US to fully immerse yourself in other cultures is always recommended if you don't have strong anxiety about leaving.

Meet the most random people in life, go on a crazy ride, join a volunteering program to relocate rescued elephants. In the end, you will be grateful that you didn't take anyone else on this trip. The people you meet along the way are now family to you.

2. Take an exam

Register for a class and learn a new skill. Be bold, get a pilot permit. Fly high in the sky. Anything is possible is you're willing to do it. Sign up for an aviation class in the countryside and start flying your own jet. Knowledge will always be the one thing that no one can take away from you. One day in 10 years, you will look back be glad that you once took this exam, to prove that you can do it. Besides, it's a super cool thing to brag about. Having a pilot permit or a driving license etc.

3. Write a book

Not all of us are J.K. Rowling, and we don't have to be. Writing isn't a competition. It's a way to express ourselves, our feelings and thoughts. Grab a pen and write down your view on this world from time to time. Having things written reflects upon the true nature of ourselves, our values and how we comprehend the world. You can learn a lot about yourself via writing.

4. Join a social event and meet some total strangers

Attend a barbecue event for the neighborhood, join a pub crawl in town. Being single never means you're truly single or alone. On the contrary, it's time for you to meet as many people as possible. Most people met their life-long best friends when they're single, as they have more time to appreciate friendships instead of clinging to their partner most of the time. Chances are you will find someone amazing as a friend during these meetings.

5. Unleash your inner demon

Not in a Satanic or biblical way. Do all the things you wouldn't dare to do when you're in a relationship. Kiss a random stranger next to you on the train. Get wasted and rally up at 3am. Party like there's no tomorrow. Get banned in a casino.

All these silly memories are something you won't regret. One day, you will need to head home straight after work because there's someone waiting for you. Enjoy the freedom and go crazy. Do what you wouldn't dare do if you weren't single.

6. Build up good relationships

We have lots of relationships in life, with friends, family, coworkers, etc. Single life offers you free time to bond with these people. Drive up to your parent's home for the weekend, picnic with your girls at a national park. Build up your relationships with other people and expand your circle. Call up the auntie you haven't seen in a year to catch up. You will appreciate the moments spent together.

7. Make a one-year plan and stick to it

A beautiful thing about being single is that you can plan your life the way you want it. No compromise for a boyfriend. Make a one-year plan and put it up to your wall. Look at it every time before bed and remind yourself that you have to be a better person every day. Realize your plan, don't let it sink with time.

8. Devote yourself into something you love

Whether it's your career or your hobby, try devoting yourself fully to something, be committed. Strive for excellence at work, or aim high with your hobby, enrolling yourself in competitions. Sounds like a cliche to only enjoy the process and not the result, but in the end, you will see that you often reap satisfying results if you do give your best.

Happy Movies that Shouts Out on Single Life

1. Eat Pray Love

Source: Netflix

A film adapted from Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir of the same name. The movie depicts a newly divorced woman Liz, lost at the crossroad in life, not knowing what to you. She seemed to have everything before the divorce, a successful career, a husband and a happy life, yet she wasn't truly happy. In order to cope with this new chapter of her life. She takes on a solo journey to rediscover herself and the world.

This movie reflects the life of many. You think you want a husband because that's what society has taught you. But the truth is, you just want to be yourself. A husband doesn't complete your life. If you feel the same way, it's time to set time and ask yourself if the life you're having is something you truly want, or it's what the society wants for you.

2. How to Be Single

Source: Netflix

Interlinked by a lot of different people's love stories and lives, this movie depicts the life and struggle of the common. Some think they'd be married by 30, some think they would never settle down until they've missed the right one. Life doesn't always go the way as planned. What you need to take from the lesson is that life goes on no matter what. If you're in a happy relationship, good for you. If not, there's still nothing stopping from shining as bright as those that are.

3. Isn't It Romantic?

Source: Netflix

Hollywood feeds us with dreams, in many cases, unrealistic dreams. 95% of what you see in rom coms will never happen in real life. So why look for things that will never happen? Believing a good romance is all you need will take you deep into the rabbit hole and you will likely end up settling for less.

A good movie doesn't need a strong prince to save the princess, a good movie tells you that the princes can save herself from any situations, because we want to be strong, and not be the one sitting around waiting to be saved.

Quotes On Happy Single Life


I thought I was missing out by not having someone by my side. I didn't know I was already missing out when I thought I needed someone by my side.

Blindly pursuing a vague idea of love is what shuts the door to endless possibilities in your face, and you closed that door yourself. Life should be full of wonders. You don't set out to meet someone you would call best friend 10 years from now just like you shouldn't set out to hunt for a boyfriend. Life will take its own course.


I am single but I am never truly single, not even for a day.

No one is truly single. You live and learn. You're surrounded by friends and family. There will always be new friends around the corner. You are not single, never.


Being single isn't a curse of loneliness, it's a blessing of love

Learn to love yourself before you can project the love onto others. You can't ask someone to love you if you don't love yourself. And that's why everyone needs the time to be single until they know how to love themselves, then the right one will come along, effortlessly.

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Being single isn't as horrifying as the world tells you. It empowers you, shows you your true strength and ability. You're better than you think you are. Single life isn't a cage that traps your movement. It's the universe that sends you off to explore all you want. Rock that single life and don't ever settle for you.