When Is It The Right Time To Wear Brown Mascara

Learn the best time to wear brown mascara instead of other colors

By Caren M
When Is It The Right Time To Wear Brown Mascara

Brown Mascara Vs Black Mascara Looks

Mascara is one of the most important makeup items that you’ll find in a lady’s purse. Right next to a tube of lipstick and some pressed powder. Most people like to take their mascara intense black and heavy, thank you very much but there are also other shades of mascara like purple, clear, blue and brown, for those of us that like things a little different.

Brown mascara is almost as popular as black mascara and with the rising trends in fashion lately, a lot of women have found themselves asking the million-dollar question; which color is better; Brown or Black mascara.

We don’t claim to have all the answers but we have done enough research on the matter to help you decide what color you should wear, when, and, does it make a difference?

Black mascara

Black mascara is wild and dramatic and does a world of good in getting your lashes the attention you want and that’s why most peeps out there cannot live without a tube of this makeup magic. It adds volume, length, and drama to your lashes accentuating your eyes even further.

Black mascara would be perfect for an evening/night look because of its dramatic flair or if you like to always cause a stir with your makeup. It also works for people with darker coloring because it really adds the intensity of the eyes, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Brown mascara looks

Brown mascara is the more toned-down version of its sister black mascara, in that it is less dramatic and works to enhance your lash’s beauty on a more subtle level. A lot of women actually use brown mascara as everyday wear for this reason.

The toned-down quality of brown mascara should not fool you though as you will be getting the same kind of volume and length that black mascaras promise but more natural-looking.

When Is It Right To Wear Brown Instead Of Black Mascara?

If you are starting to buy into the simplicity world of brown mascara but still have doubts on where you’d actually wear it at, we have a list of occasions under which wearing brown mascara would work out better for you.

1. If you have lighter skin or hair

Brown mascara will work better for you if you rock the golden rocks or generally have lighter skin. The muted effect if brown mascara will soften up your face more and it will be a nice compliment to your fairer bearing. Don’t get me wrong, you can still rock black mascara like the diva you are but it will appear harsher.

2. If you are a fan of the no-makeup makeup look

If you like getting out of the house looking as perfect as you can be using your makeup but not wanting it to draw too much attention, then you want to add brown mascara to your arsenal of items in your makeup kit. Brown mascara is minimalist in terms of drawing too much attention and will give you the naturally beautiful lashes look you want for an everyday look and you can save the back for special occasions.

3. When you’re running errands

If you’re going grocery shopping or want to take your kids to the park, or anything else that will make you look a little out of place if you put on black mascara, then brown is the way to go. Brown mascara will give you a dialed down look while still making your lashes look amazing so you don’t have to worry about appearing a bit too made up for simple things and you don’t have to leave the house feeling like a mole that just crawled out of its hole either. Everybody wins

4. To coat your bottom lashes

Applying a dash of mascara on your bottom lashes gives you a more complete makeup look and helps define the shape of your eyes even better.

Coating your bottom lashes with brown instead of black mascara emphasizes your lashes without overpowering the rest of your face giving them a bolder, blended look.

5. To emphasize your eye color

This is a point of contention for different people but brown mascara has been seen to emphasize certain eye colors like brown by bringing out the soft brown flecks in your eyes. And also for both blue and green eyes by bringing out individual flecks more than a black mascara would.

An added advantage is that brown mascara softens the entire look because while black mascara may give you the drama you seek, it may make your whole look a little darker than you want and end up taking away from the beauty that is your eyes.

5 Best Waterproof Drugstore Brown Mascara

Brown mascara comes in all shapes and sizes made by cosmetic companies worldwide. Some of us can afford the higher end brown mascaras that promise quality simply because of their higher-than-normal market prices. Going for cheap doesn’t always necessarily mean compromising on quality and we’ve made a list of the best 5 drugstore brown mascaras that will not disappoint you.

1. Jane Iredale Purelash Mascara

Jane Iredale PureLash Mascara

This Purelash brown mascara is sensitivity tested so even people that can't normally wear mascara now can. Made from mostly seaweed extracts, it not only colors and thickens lashes, but also conditions and protects the lashes from splitting. It doesn't smear, flake or smudge and is water-resistant. To cap it all off, the applicator is made of the highest quality brush for even application and separation of lashes.

2. YSL Volume Effect Faux cils luxurious Brown mascara

YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara for Women-Brown

This mascara is worth the hype because of its many qualities. It has a buildable formula so you can alternate between a simple no-makeup look and a more voluminous look. It is waterproof, smudge-free isn't flaky and lengthens lashes. What more could you ask for? 

3. Eye of Horus Brown mascara

Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara

This product has so many positive reviews that we couldn't leave it out. So many women and gents recommend the brown mascara if you want voluminous lengthy and curled lashes that look like something of a red carpet. It is made of a Clump-proof and smudge-proof formula that has an hourglass brush of flexible silicone curls and lengthens with ease, strengthens and conditions your lashes and the best part, it is great for sensitive eyes and isn't tested on animals for vegans out there.

4. L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara

L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise

This product is considered the knock-off drugstore copier of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara but don't let that fool you. Take your lashes to paradise with voluptuous volume & intense length. Soft wavy bristle brush holds the maximum amount of formula. Its bristles catch every lash for a dramatic volumizing effect and the silky smooth formula glides on evenly and easily. This volumizing and lengthening mascara delivers a full lash fringe that’s feathery soft without flaking or smudging.

5. Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics roller lash

The unique curved brush makes it easy to apply on both the top and bottom lashes - it really grabs and lifts the lashes up. The formula helps hold this lift and curl all day. It doesn't flake or smudge and keeps your lashes feeling soft and is easy to remove with a makeup remover. It applies beautifully without clumps and separates, lifts, and fans lash out nicely.

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Working around mascara makeup for a workday and party nights


Brown mascara is definitely no match or the classic black mascara in terms of intensity and drama but you shouldn’t pass it over either. Brown works where black doesn’t and does a really good job too. You don’t have to be a fan or a believer, all we ask is that you give it a chance and see the wondrous changes it makes in your routine.

In the meantime, finding makeup products that work for you is all about being open to experimenting and finding the perfect fits for you and we really hope that you find a brown that changes your whole world. Enjoy!