10 Awesome Presents For Wife Who Is Going Through Pregnancy

10 presents to keep your pregnant wife tingling with happiness

By Evelyn
10 Awesome Presents For Wife Who Is Going Through Pregnancy

6 Thoughtful Ways To Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Happy And Beautiful

Pregnant women have a lot to deal with, there's the unborn child, the crazy party that hormones are having inside her body, all the changes her body is going through, the weird cravings, the fatigue, the pressure from everybody around... need I go on? It's important that during those nine months she maintains a healthy state of mind and that she feels good about herself.

Baby's daddy, this is where you come in. Your wife needs you to create around her a happy atmosphere so that she has a smooth and happy pregnancy that can result in an easier birthing process. As you can imagine the 40 weeks are not easy on her, but since you want the best for her and your unborn baby, you'd be willing to go the extra mile to ensure that both of them are the closest they can get to a stress-free time together.

Besides making sure physically, everything is going well, it's equally (or more) important that you take special care with her emotional state, her emotions are going to be all over the place (you can thank the hormones for that), so they'll be on trial during the pregnancy, this is where you come in handy. wink There are things you can do to make your wife feel happy and beautiful while she's pregnant.

1. Be excited with her when she breaks the news!

Start with the right foot. We know you are over the moon with the news. You're going to be a daddy! Emotions are running inside of you that you may or may not show, in this case, you need to express those emotions in order to assure your wife that you're thrilled with the news. Show her that you're beyond happy about the coming baby. Make her feel secure and confident that you're in this together, that you're going to be the best dad ever.

2. Accompany her to the doctor's appointments

This is a great way to tell her you care and that you're in this together, without using words. Just by going with her to the baby doctor you'll make her and your unborn child feel valued. Plus, you'll understand better what's going on with her and your baby on each stage of the pregnancy. You'll get to hear your baby's heart and just like that you'll start to bond with him or her. Make time to attend the appointments.

3. Remind her that she is beautiful and loved dearly

There's so much going on during pregnancy, especially physically. Your wife's body is undergoing a big transformation and not all of it is beautiful. She may be getting extremely big, her skin and face may get wider and bigger too, she may lose some hair. She may be feeling ugly, so it's your job to remind her that she's beautiful, to reassure her that she's still your number one. that you love her very much. Do that every day, show her too.

4. Take the initiative to do the chores

She's going to need help, especially when the bump starts to get bigger so a great way to make her feel loved and stress-free is to offer to help around the house, Take a load off her shoulders by offering to do some chores, like laundry, or picking up after yourself or cooking (if you can't, offer to set the table or to chop something). Hearing things like "Don't worry honey I'll go to the supermarket" or "I'll fold the laundry" or "I'll wash the dishes" will make her heart flutter.

5. Take her to a "babymoon"

Before the baby arrives (and before she gets too uncomfortable to travel) you could come up with a few options where you two can take a few days and go someplace nice where you can enjoy each other company. Present her the options and ask her to choose where she wants to go. We're sure she'll love the idea, she'll feel very treasure.

6. Be reassuring and patient toward her

She needs support during pregnancy, so you'll have to exercise your patience as much as you can. Thanks to hormones your wife could be happy one minute and the next she may not want to be near you or anybody. She can be enthusiastic one minute and then out of the blue she'll start crying (you get the picture). So be patient with her mood swings, they won't last forever and remember that she's not doing it on purpose, it's those blasted hormones. smiley

Also, giving birth can be scary for her, so encourage her to talk about it, Do your research about pregnancy and childbirth, so you can reassure her that everything's going to be fine because you'll be there for her all the way.

10 Fun And Unique Presents To Make Her Happy

We´re sure your pregnant wife has a lot on her mind, she has many things to check off her to-do list before the baby arrives. You want her to be happy and to have a stress-free pregnancy right? Then think of something special you can do for her. All the gestures and things mentioned above are awesome and you'll make her very happy if you follow any of them, but now think of something special in the form of a gift.

A gift from you, her beloved husband and father of her child, would come as a breath of fresh air that's going to make her extremely happy. Here is a list of unique and fun presents you can give your pregnant wife.

1. A maternity photo shoot

You can hire a professional photographer for a maternity photo shoot, that way she will have some very cherished memories or her journey through pregnancy. Let her choose what kind of photos she'd like taken. Maybe she wants to go sexy, or maybe she wants to focus just on the bump. You can join in the fun and ask the photographer to take some romantic pics of the two of you or go for something funny. You'll both cherished those memories forever.

2. A belly cast kit

Deluxe Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit

She'll love this gift, it's very unique and fun and she can be as creative as she wants with it. It comes with enough casting material to include not just her bump, she can include arms, hands, and thighs.

3. A funny pregnancy T-shirt

Maternity Baby Peeking T-Shirt

Somedays she'll need all the fun she can get, so this funny tee could be just the thing to get a smile on her face. You can get it in different colors and are made of pre-shrunk cotton. She'll love it.

4. Relieve morning sickness

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Ginger Peach Nausea Tea

Morning sickness is no fun and hard to get through. So anything you can do to help her relieve it will be so welcome. This Morning Sickness Tea is made of organic materials, so it's totally safe for her and the baby, This drink will help hydrate her (which is very important too) and will settle her stomach.  

5. Fun and thoughtful gift box

Bump Boxes 1st Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

If you can't decide on just one gift to give your pregnant wife, you may want to try giving her a gift box. There is one box for each trimester. The one for the 1st trimester contains a reusable BPA-free water bottle and a set of fun monthly-marking belly markers perfect for her Instagram photos. It also includes bubble baths, No Mo Nausea wristbands, caffeine-free powdered dietary supplements, and organic pop drops to help with nausea.

Romantic And Luxury Presents For Her

Here are some more ideas on what to get your pregnant wife to keep a smile on her face and to make her feel luxurious and beautiful.

6. A skin care basket

Ora's Amazing Naturally Beautiful Pregnancy Box

Pregnancy is beautiful but it can also bring stretch marks on your wife's belly and it can also wreak havoc on her face and other body parts. This box is the perfect treat for her right now because it's specifically tailored for pregnant women. With this gift, she can have a luxurious spa day at home (it even comes with herbal tea and an herbal tea infuser),

7. A bouquet of gift cards

Flowers are a very romantic gesture and we're sure your wife loves them, but how about giving her a very special bouquet of your own, filled with gift cards  You know your wife right? You know what she likes and what'll make her heart sing? The possibilities for this bouquet are endless, you can include a gift card to get her hair done, or to get a massage or a pedicure. A gift card of her favorite store, or favorite restaurant (you can go and have a romantic dinner there). Get creative, she'll love it!

8. A Crossbar Birthstone Necklace

Crossbar Birthstone Necklace

This gift is so romantic and sentimental and a great way to celebrate your pregnant wife. It's hand-crafted in sterling silver and you can choose the birthstones.

9. Pregnancy lingerie

The Enclosed Pregnancy Panties

As the pregnancy progress, your wife will feel frumpy, big and ugly (crazy hormones) but you think she's sexy and beautiful right? So why not give something that will reassure her that. A pair of sexy pregnancy panties will do the job. She'll feel sexy and comfortable.

10. Cozy Slippers

UGG Ansley Slippers

Swollen feet are an issue with pregnant women. Treat your wife to a pair of suede moccasin slippers lined with plush shearling wool. Her feet will feel comfortable and luxurious.

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When it comes to showing your pregnant wife how much you love and treasure her you can't go wrong with any of the gifts and gestures of the list above. She'll be happy and she'll feel beautiful.