5 Effective Ways To Minimize Pregnancy While On The Pill

What you can do more to reduce pregnancy while on the pill

By Diana Nadim
5 Effective Ways To Minimize Pregnancy While On The Pill

Chances Of Getting Pregnant While On The Pill

Family planning tablets are a popular choice for sexually active ladies. Although they have been proved to be  99% successful, they have failed at some point. Countless women have fallen victim despite being consistent and adhering to prescriptions. The unintended conception sends women into shock on learning of their state. Psychological and physical unpreparedness makes the situation worse.

Researchers argue that although contraceptives work right, they are not perfect. Being faithful to the tablets shouldn’t make women oblivious to the fact that the pills could 'betray’ them. The vital thing they should understand is how common it occurs and that they don’t have to feel embarrassed about themselves because of the unplanned situation.

Some triggers prompt the oral method to fail. Issues such as illnesses are unfortunate and unavoidable and can interfere with the functions of the tablets, causing failure. Other triggers, however, are totally preventable if one is cautious and adheres to prescriptions. Failure to stick to prescriptions tops the argument of why blunder rates are high. Help yourself by not leaving loopholes for screw-ups.

5 Effective Ways To Minimize Pregnancy While On The Pill

1. Avoiding Ovulation Dates By Using Period Apps

While many of these apps are ineffective, they have proved to be helpful at some point. It is vital to know that the app doesn't control you, but you control it. Update and enter correct data of your ovulation calendar that the apps require you to fill. Work together with the app to increase its efficiency. Do not fail to follow up on your data.

2. Avoiding Missing Dosses

Oral family planning is fruitful if one exercises discipline. Sticking to the doctor’s prescription, and avoiding miss-days help reduce risks of conception. Be keen when on the tab and be concerned whenever you miss it. It is crucial that you also start another dosage the day after you finish another one. Follow up with your physician for advice on what to do after that. Request him for an alternative method if you are unable to be consistent with the oral.

3. Swallow Tablets At A Specific Time Daily

Oral family planning tablets aren’t like other tablets. They are to be swallowed at the prescribed hour. If you are forgetful, set timers and reminders to remind you whenever you are required to swallow. Take the tabs with you wherever you go in case you travel.  Doing this helps it become routine, making it easy to recall swallowing the tablets.

4. Backup The Oral

Do not move on as if nothing has happened if you missed swallowing the tablets two times consecutively.  Turn to other barrier methods like condoms to for back up, just until you can consult your physician for guidance. If you made a mistake recently, it is crucial to consider using emergency methods to bar conception.

5. Don’t Mix Medications

Interactions between new drugs and family planning tablets are supposed to be brought to your physician’s attention. Consult your physician for guidance. The new drug can hinder the functionality of the tablets. A physician can recommend a possible support family planning means until you get off the drug. Some medications, like antibiotics, raise failure chances. Avoid buying off-counter medicine without a prescription from your physician to foster success rates.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy While On The Pill

They can go unnoticed, particularly when you hardly doubt your intake discipline. The initial symptoms are mostly snubbed. They share similar characteristics of undesirable outcomes of oral family planning. The symptoms include:

1. Tender Breasts

Feeling uncomfortable when something brushes with your breasts is a result of changes in hormones in your body. Your breasts may appear more significant and painful to touch. Such signs are related to the effects of the family planning tabs. Check out if there are other accompanying symptoms and see the doctor for a diagnosis.

2. Missed Periods

Although pills can cause one or two missed periods,  don’t get too comfortable if they fail to appear much often. Prolonged instances of missed periods should be a reason to see a physician. This symptom should not be overlooked simply because it happened to you at some point.  It could be a sign that you are expectant.

3. Nausea And Throwing Up

It usually occurs at dawn.  Nausea and throwing up while on oral family planning should be alarming. When particular food and smells, you were tolerant to suddenly start upsetting you, discuss with medical personnel for a diagnosis.

4. Fatigue And Headaches

Although oral means of preventing unintended conceiving causes a hormonal imbalance that, in return, cause excessive tiredness and headaches, such signs could also be because you are expectant. The symptoms should not be ignored. Consult with your physician in case they persist.

5. Spotting

Signs of blood in-between menstrual cycles could be a sign of implantation bleeding: which is a result of the embryo implanting on the walls of the womb, meaning you are expectant. Although it is quite common for ladies on family planning, the bleeding is usually light and brownish and often confused with regular menstruation.

6. Frequent Urge To Pee

The constant urge to pee is always frustrating. It is a symptom you can't fail to notice. Having an urge to pass urine on most occasions than usual can indicate expectancy. It usually starts a few weeks after you conceive or around the days you receive your menses. The growing womb exerts pressure on the bladder compressing it, making it unable to hold urine for longer. Visit your doctor to rule out any other medical condition if you experience this.

7. Mood Swings

Noticed yourself a little more irritable, depressed and teary lately? Well, your hormonal imbalance is guilty. Though contraceptive tablets could trigger similar mood swings, it could be because you conceived.  Early conception causes rapid changes in hormonal levels, which cause the emotional imbalance one feels.

8. Backache

Most women get slight backaches in their initial conception days as the uterus grows. It should be a point of concern, especially when it has never happened to you. Check out for any accompanying symptoms. It could be a sign that you have conceived.

9. Bloating

Early signs of conception include slowed down digestion. There’s increased release of hormones responsible for the conception, which in return causes the gas to build up in the stomach even with fine digestion. One feels full and round in the abdomen.

10. Cramps

Cramps are very uncomfortable, especially if the cause is unknown. It feels as if your belly is pulling. Cramps on ordinary occasions are mild or not there at all. If it happens and while on oral family planning, see your physician. Your body could be communicating something to you.

What To Do Next

You have to understand that even with the researcher’s findings,  errors happen when you least expect. If you doubt your state, conduct a pregnancy test. Analyze bathroom visits, especially in the morning.  Testing is a guaranteed way to know what is happening to your body. It influences your future decisions.

In the event of a positive result, take deep breathes that will help you recover from the state of shock and contact your physician. He is the best person to help you weigh your options and address all the concerns you raise.

You should still see the medical personnel if you test negative. Do not ignore the signs. They could be a result of an underlying medical condition.

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Oral family planning is safe and convenient when you are sexually active and don’t wish for unintended conception. The good part about them is that you could stop at any time, of course, with the advice of your physician whenever you desire to start conceiving. The oral tablets not only do bar unintended conception but are also accompanied by health advantages.

The tablets may also lighten substantial period flow and make the menstruation. The oral family planning also reduces ovarian cancer risks, menstruation pain, pimples, and prevents the occurrence of anemia. Your health checks out fine if you use this type of family planning. If you swallow the tablets correctly, girl, you never have to fidget or worry because of unprotected intercourse.

It is crucial to work closely with a physician when on the pills. It is vital to follow up on your body and identify any changes in your body all through. Hormonal changes could play tricks on you.