Everything You Need To Know About Henna Eyebrows

Here are some things to learn about Henna Eyebrows before you try

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Everything You Need To Know About Henna Eyebrows

What are Henna Eyebrows?

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Henna is a natural dye that is extracted from a plant. A henna eyebrow is a process of coloring the eyebrows in order to tint the skin beneath the eyebrow hair. The main purpose of applying henna to the eyebrows is to create depth in the area around the eyebrows which causes the gaps to be filled in. Applying henna to the eyebrows will make your brows look denser and heavier. The results of henna usually last for around 2 to 4 weeks after which the color will start to fade. However, if you want it to stay longer, you can purchase conditioners as well as many oils which help it stay longer.

DIY: How to do Henna Eyebrows on your own at home

Simple tinting

Eyebrow tinting can be done using a number of different products such as mascara, eyebrow pencil or even coffee. For a simple tint, firstly run the mascara wand over your eyebrows to make the uneven hair even. Use the dye you want to use and apply the paste over the eyebrows and leave it for around 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, clean your brows and wait for the eyebrows to dry. Your brows will have a beautiful rich color when you’re done.

Eyebrow tinting with henna

To color your eyebrows using henna, you will need organic henna powder, cotton buds, mascara wand, and petroleum jelly. First of all, take 2 spoons of organic henna powder and add water in it and mix it well to make a paste. Run the mascara wand over the eyebrows and apply petroleum jelly around the brows to avoid any henna stains on the skin. Apply the paste to the eyebrows using a cotton bud and leave it for 3 hours at least. Leave the paste for the same amount of time on both the eyebrows. Remove it using shampoo after 3 hours and you will have the desired results.

Precautions to be followed while tinting the eyebrows yourself

  1. The most important step is to comb your eyebrows using mascara brush for a more refined look.
  2. For healthy eyebrows, apply a few drops of castor oil before going to bed every night.
  3. Never use any hair dyes to color your eyebrows as the chemicals used in hair dyes are harsh and not suitable for eyebrow hair.
  4. Retouch the roots after 2 to 4 weeks for a more lasting effect.
  5. You can try a patch test before you apply on your actual brows to see the turnout and to check for allergies.
  6. Always read the packaging for exact instructions, different brands may have similar basic steps but they could differ in length of time etc.

3 best Home kit to use

1. Godefroy Tint Kit

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Godefroy Tint Kit

This is a perfect salon level kit which lasts for at least 2 weeks. Moreover, it is extremely easy to use. The kit is available in different shades of brown as well as black, namely light brown, medium brown, dark brown, jet black, and natural black. This is a great dye for mustache, beards and side buns. The three different shades are suitable for all types of people with different complexions and skin types. The dark brown shade is recommended for medium to olive skin tones having black or dark brown hair. Whereas the light brown shade is perfect for people with blonde hair and medium brown is suitable for people with grey or red hair. The black color is suitable for people with black hair and dark skin tones. It has pre-measured colored capsules blended with henna for a perfectly creamy consistency. However, what this tint lacks is a great packaging which could be considered to be Instagram worthy. Other than that it is a perfect home kit to use. It costs $17.

2. Wunder2 wunderbrow eyebrow gel

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Wunder2 wunderbrow eyebrow gel

This is a temporary tint which will eventually fade away after only a few washes. This easy to use home kit eyebrow gel gives the eyebrows a density and more natural look that are completely waterproof as well as smudge proof. However, this look will only last for up to 3 days. It comes in 5 different colors which are: blonde, natural black, jet black, brunette, and Auburn. This is one of the few eyebrow gels which will give your eyebrows a thickening look immediately. The application is extremely easy with only 1 step. Moreover, it has infused hair-like fibers which will immediately blend and cling with your eyebrow hair filling any gaps in your brows. This wunderbrow gel will cost you $22.

3. 1000 Hour lash and Brow dye

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1000 Hour lash and Brow dye

This eyebrow dye is considered to be a top pick at Amazon and is considered to be a favorite. This hour lash eyebrow dye has 12 applications and each application will last for over 6 weeks. Furthermore, the dye comes in a number of different colors such as brown-black, blue-black, and natural black. The three different colors cover different skin tones and hair color. This is a long lasting color with almost 100% coverage. It is also both water and smudges proof and is extremely easy to use. Another quality of the 1000 hour lash and brow dye is that it is comparatively economical and a great product as a home kit for eyebrow tinting. It will cost you $13. All you have to do to apply this dye is to mix the dye and the developer together and apply it using the brush. The result would be long-lasting. Moreover, this is a safe dye to use with almost no side effects.

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Aftercare of Henna Eyebrows

1. Avoid using makeup removers and shampoos

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If you want your henna eyebrows to last longer, you will need to follow a few aftercare instructions. One main instruction you should not forget to follow is to not strong makeup removers especially near the eyebrow area, for the next 48 hours after application. Makeup removers which are oil based can cause the henna to fade faster than the normal time period. Another important instruction to follow is to avoid using eyebrow makeup such as eyebrow pencils etc. for the next 24 hours at least. Care should also be taken while shampooing as you should not allow shampoo or conditioner near the eyebrows for a day of application to say the least.  

2. Avoid using perfumed products

Another important aftercare instruction to follow is to avoid using perfumed products or facials etc. for 24 hours of application, even after 24 hours, perfumed products shall be avoided near the area as much as possible. Care should also be taken while going out in the sun as ultraviolet rays or direct exposure to the sun will eventually cause the henna to fade. You should apply sunblock while going out in the sun if you have recently tinted your eyebrows using henna. You only need the extra attention for 2 3 days after which you can continue with your regular activities. For the first few days, avoid activities like swimming and saunas too.

Professional Henna Eyebrows Specialist near me

Tinting your eyebrows using henna is not a very hard technique or method. You can easily do it yourself at home but if you are scared of doing it yourself, you can always consult a specialist. Any saloon or beauty bar near your house can do the job for you. A specialist is always recommended as they can guide you better about the color and shape of your eyebrows. Moreover, if you are allergic to dyes, then it is better you consult a specialist before getting your brows tinted.


Henna is a great natural dye with almost zero side effects. If you have thin eyebrows or gapped eyebrows, you can always create thicker and beautiful shaped eyebrows using henna. The dye will last long for over a few weeks making your eyebrows look denser and thicker than before. You can easily tint your eyebrows at home as well using various products apart from the henna as well. Moreover, there are various different dyes especially made for the eyebrows. You shouldn't use hair dyes on the brows. Some of the best and affordable eyebrow kits include Godefroy tiny kit, wunder2 wunderbrow eyebrow gel and 1000 hour lash and brow dye. Give it a try and see if you like the results.

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