What Are The Top 8 Sensitive Parts Of A Woman Body

Find out the most sensitive parts of a woman's body for pleasure.

By Sophia R
What Are The Top 8 Sensitive Parts Of A Woman Body

The female body contains many mysteries, and one of them refers to the most sensitive areas it has. It is quite amazing how stimulation in different female body parts can make them feel different amounts of pleasure and satisfaction, isn't it? Well, we will dedicate this post entirely to the points that are extremely sensitive for women. 

Why are there zones where women feel more? Well, because these areas have many nerve endings, so their manipulation usually generates much more sexual desire, leading to full enjoyment.

Do you wish to make your girl go crazy while giving attention to these parts of her body we will mention? Keep reading and find out what we are talking about! After all, we should take advantage of every sign her body gives to lead them into full pleasure. 

Most sensitive parts of a woman's body to touch

When it comes to a relationship and its everyday flow, touching is a very common thing to happen. It is so common that it can get monotonous and boring for her. Let me tell you, it is very likely that you are not getting the best out of touch for her.

If you wish to change things up a bit with touch, you got to learn where it feels best for her. If you start paying more attention to these body parts, you will see how her reactions to your touch are way better. You will surely thank us later. Now, no more talking, here are the most sensitive parts of the woman's body to touch: 

1. Hair

A good scalp massage can produce a very pleasant relaxation and feel for her. Whether it is a gentle tracing of the fingers down her locks, twirling, twisting, gently pulling, or a full-on hair massage, it will make them feel amazing.

It is usually recommended at the beginning and end of the sexual act, as it will turn her on and off in the perfect way, but I am sure women always enjoy this. Come on, which girl doesn't like their hair to be touched? They all fall for it in a heartbeat. Prove it yourself!

2. Lips

This one here is a sensitive area for pretty much everyone. There is no better feeling than having other lips pressed to yours or some fingers sexily tracing them.

Of course, women love when you pay attention to their lips during any kind of activity between you two. Actually, it can be one of the best ways to get your girl going and satisfied. After all, kissing is known to be the best way of foreplay and teasing out there. Make out, gently kiss and bite, or just touch her lips, any way of stimulation for the lips is a big yes for her. We all know you love it, too!

3. Ears

To the naked eye, you can think ears are a bit weird, but let me tell you something, my friend, you are absolutely wrong! Women's ears are extremely sensitive to touch, and they all love when you stimulate them. Also, it is incredibly intimate and sexy to stimulate her ears, and it can make her reach a level of pleasure she has never reached before.

Soft kisses, licks, gentle massages are some of the ways in which you could stimulate this area and make her go crazy. Be more focused on the earlobe and back part of the ear, as they are the most sensitive zones here. You will be very happy you learned this once you see their reaction to your touching here. 

4. Breast and nipples

As one of the most known parts of the female body to take action during sexual activities, the breast and the nipples are one of the most sensitive parts to touch in women. After all, that is why they are so related to sex.  There are a lot of nerve endings in this zone, the reason why it will feel absolutely amazing when you touch your girl there. 

There are so many ways to do this, so be creative; grab them, gently squeeze them, pinch them, kiss or lick them, The possibilities are endless! But, always remember to be careful and gentle, this area can hurt easily, too. 

What are considered women's hot spots

When it comes to hot spots, everyone just thinks that the main sexual parts like the vagina, clit, and breast are involved. That is absolutely wrong, as there are so many other body parts that can absolutely ignite the flame for women that you have probably never thought about stimulating.

If you are afraid this is your case, and you wish to change things up and make her feel even better than you already do, no worries, my friend, we have got you.  Next, we will show you which are these parts we are talking about and how to get the best out of them. Let me tell you something, they are the best parts to touch if you wish to make a girl go crazy and feel amazing at the same time. It is almost magic. Stay tuned for the best women's hot spots: 

5. Neck

The neck isn't only a visually appealing woman's body part. It actually has another function other than making them look absolutely elegant and sexy. What would it be? Well, it is incredibly sensitive to stimulation when it comes to feel pleasure, and it is considered a hot spot, too. Kisses, gently grazing with the fingers, or some licks and sucks in the neck can make a woman feel amazing and full of pleasure. Pay more attention to the back and the nape of her neck, as they are way more sensitive than any other part. Try it out yourself!

6. Inner thighs

Inner thighs are also considered a hot spot for women as the area is packed with a lot of nerve endings which will make any stimulation there way more pleasing. Any nib, stroke, graze, kiss or bite will feel like a flow of electricity for her, in a good way, of course! Pay more attention to this zone before heading straight to other main ones and see how she will enjoy the whole thing 10 times more. It is quite fulfilling. 

7. Stomach

Do you know that area between your belly button and your pelvis? Right there in the lower stomach? Well, that body part is extremely sensitive for any woman during any sexual act or stimulation. Why is this? Actually, as it is so close to the vagina and clitoris, it is the best way to tease and make her go crazy whilst also promoting blood flow down there. Fun fact: you can even stimulate the G-spot from outside with the right amount of pressure and touch in this part of the stomach. 

8. Pubic mound

You probably don't know what the pubic mound is, am I right? Well, my friend, it's the area above the pubic bone. What you probably also don't know about it is that it is absolutely sensitive in women, the reason why it's one of their hot spots. 

It is connected to the genitals and it produces a sexual response to touch and stimulation as its nerve endings, which are a lot, release pheromones. What the hell are pheromones? They are the chemicals that trigger sexual responses in sexual acts. 

What is the best way to stimulate this female body part? Well, you should massage the area lightly, and then proceed to gently suck and kiss the skin here. Goosebumps are an understatement here. 

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There is no way your girl will resist any of the touching you do on any on the parts we have mentioned to you.  Seriously, the female body becomes putty against stimulation in any of these areas. It is actually quite incredible that these body parts are so sensitive and can make women feel so much pleasure. 

Now, there is no way you shouldn't try to check what we said out for yourself. Your girl will thank you infinitely, and you will thank us too. If you are a girl, ask your partner to check this out, and see your sex life become better right in front of your eyes. Bring the sexy back!