Wiki On The Bio, Career And Joanna Gaines' Divorce Rumors

Who is Joanna Gaines and her facing the divorce rumors

By Patti Flinsch-Rodriguez
Wiki On The Bio, Career And Joanna Gaines' Divorce Rumors

Who is Joanna Gaines: Bio, Age, Family

Joanna Gaines, affectionately called Jo, is the co-owner of Magnolia Homes in Waco, Texas.  She is an interior designer, reality television star, entrepreneur and house flipper.  Jo currently lives in Waco, Texas with her husband, Chip Gaines.  Chip is a contractor who renovates homes in central Texas.  Jo was born April 19, 1978 in Wichita, Kansas.  She moved to Texas when she was 12, and attended Baylor University in Waco, where she earned a degree in Communications.  Chip also graduated from Baylor, but they did not know each other even though they attended the school around the same time. They met in 2001 after Chip's car needed brakes and he stumbled into Jo's father's repair shop.  They married in 2003.  

The Kids

Jo and Chip have five children together--Drake, Ella Rose, Emmie Kay, Duke and Crew.  Crew is the youngest, born when Jo was 40 which was about one year ago.  She has three boys and two girls ranging in age from infant through teenager, so she has her hands full dealing with the kids and her businesses.

About Joanna Gaines' net worth

Hearth & Home

Jo has amassed an empire with the help of her husband Chip and made a lucrative career out of her house flipping and designing.  Her net worth is estimated at $9 million dollars.  While Fixer Upper is no longer in production on HGTV, Jo has quite a few other irons in the fire to support her family.  Last year, she launched a line of household products branded Hearth & Home, available exclusively at Target stores.  The products include end tables, desks, benches, glassware, serving platters, clocks, bedding, lamps etc.

Magnolia Design and Construction

Magnolia Design and Construction has been in operation for over 14 years, and she is co-owner with Chip. Jo and her designers create the concept for the client's renovation. Once it has been approved by the homeowner, the project shifts to Chip's area of expertise.  Chip and his workers make the design a reality.  Jo and Chip work exclusively in the Waco area only because they want to be close to their home and family.

Magnolia Market

In 2003, Jo opened the first incarnation of the Magnolia Market and she called it the Little Shop on Bosque. She sold some home accessories and decorations in the shop, and honed her design and decorating chops with the way she staged the store.  After the birth of her second child, she closed the shop to focus on her family.  In 2014, she decided to re-open the shop.  There is an online component to Magnolia Market, but there is also a physical location in Waco at the Silos.  

Magnolia Market

The Magnoila Market at the Silos is really a family experience.  The grounds are picturesque, so you can take beautiful photos.  The market contains wonderful recipes from Jo's bakery, a garden, and a seed store for lawn and garden products.  The Gaines' provide lawn games so you can play in the sunshine with your family after a day of shopping.  There is football, potato sack races and cornhole games for everyone to play.  

Joe and Chip own a real estate company called Magnolia Realty. The agency serves the central Texas area and they specialize in finding fixer uppers or ready to move in houses. As you can tell from watching Fixer Upper, both Chip and Jo had a knack for finding the best properties for their clients.

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Magnolia Journal

Jo created a lifestyle magazine published quarterly chock full of ideas to freshen the look of your home.  The magazine includes a section for readers to ask questions on home design and parenting concerns.  In addition to the magazine, Jo has written a cookbook called Magnolia Table and a design book titled Home Body.  She has also co-authored several books with her husband Chip.

Her career on Fixer Upper on HGTV

Modern farmhouse

Jo and Chip became quite the power couple as they worked together buying, renovating and flipping houses in central Texas.  It's there that they caught the eye of the producers at Home and Garden TV, or HGTV.  Although she did not go to school for design, she had an innate talent for it.  Jo has a flair for designing with clean lines and her style is often compared to country chic farmhouse. 

HGTV fell in love with Jo and Chip, and so, it seems, has everyone else.  The farmhouse design style has mass appeal and is a popular look that homeowners want for their property.  Because of their success of flipping homes, they were offered the Fixer Upper series on the HGTV network.


The premise of the show is simple.  Help people to purchase a home in the central Texas area that fits their requirements in terms of space, style and location.  Jo and Chip show the couple three potential homes within the client's budget, with some leeway for renovation costs.  Once the couple selcts a home, and has purchased it, Jo gets to work.  She designs the home, and after getting buy in from the couple, Jo and Chip begin renovations.  

In most scenarios, the people who bought the home leave the work to Jo and her husband.  They only see the house once it is all done and staged. The reveal is the exciting part of the show where the couple sees their newly re-done home for the first time.

The staging an area where Jo excels.  She loads the house with furniture, rugs, and household accessories so that we can all see the potential of the home.  The homeowner does not get the house with all of the furniture and decorative pieces, but they are offered to them for an additional fee. 


Fixer Upper ran for five seaons from 2013 to 2017, but can currently be seen on HGTV in reruns.  It was enormously successful, and a big part of it's success was the relationship between Joanna and Chip.  They seem to be polar opposites.  Chip is kind of goofy and often has big ideas, and Joanna is the straight man to his clowning and she controls the details of the projects they undertake.  Over the years there have been many heartwarming scenes between the couple and their children who have been featured on various episodes over the years.

Behind The Design

The popularity of Fixer Upper spawned a spin-off called Fixer Upper: Behind the Design.  The premise of Behind the Design, is to give an in-depth look at some of the designs that Jo and Chip created over the five years on Fixer Upper.  Obviously, a lot of work goes into the design and construction of a home, but television has to get the story down to 45 minutes, so Behind the Design fills a void for Fixer Upper fans.  The new show fills in the blanks for design hounds who want to know all of the details.  Joanna reveals some of her design strategies and explains why she went with a particular color palette. Fans will revel in learning about the other rooms that were redesigned, but not shown in the final reveal segment.

Her Dating History and the Divorce Rumor

Joanna & Chip

Anyone who has been married for a long time can attest to the fact that your marriage will endure many ups and downs.  As a couple, as the two of you evolve, your relationship also and ebbs and flows.  It's normal for relationships to hit a rocky road periodically.  This is especially true if you also happen to own and operate several businesses together.  Despite the rumors, the truth is that their relationship is rock solid. Chip flat out denied that they were headed to divorce court.  The couple are still committed to each other and their family.  In fact, they just added a new member, Crew, a little over a year ago.

Chip Loves Jo


The exposure Jo and Chip have received from being on the reality show, Fixer Upper, is undeniably the impetus for their success in all of their business endeavors.  Both are talented and smart, so the work they do is unique, which is another reason their services are in such high demand. Viewers who watched the show, clamor for anything that they could buy that would give their home a look of the country chic farmhouse.  Jo and Chip have personalities that work off of each other.  They are the ultimate yin and yang.  

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