20 break up texts to end the relationship with your partner

The best, worst ever, serious or nice break up texts to write

20 break up texts to end the relationship with your partner

Breaking up with your partner is not an easy thing to do. There are numerous conversations on about whether it is better to be the dumped or the dumper, but the reality is that either of the ways is pretty hard. In case you realized that your relationship is not going forward and it is time to pull out no matter how you hate the idea. The article gives the texts messages to use in ending a relationship.

Best way to approach a break up

There is an art of breaking up with your partner, and it has to have a little bit of planning and with a lot of compassion and respectfulness. Here are the key things you have to have in mind to avoid drama in your breakup.

1. Be honest about why it is happening.

Tell your partner about what you came to realize in the relationship, tell your priorities and the good things about the relationship. It will allow both of you to know why the breakup is happening and have a conversation directly about it. Also, you do not have to list all how your partner messed with you in the relationship because this will make your partner to retaliate and be defensive which will not be necessary.

2. Do not do it in public

If you have the thought that your partner will react emotionally, it is unfair to do the break up publicly. Make adequate plans to have a conversation about the issues in a private and secret place where you will both be able to express your emotions in a free manner without fearing anything.

3. Be kind

It is a necessary rule that has to be kept in mind when breaking up in a relationship; be kind to each other even is the situation may seem difficult for both of you. Be honest about why you need the breakup and do it kindly.

4. Remember your needs

Even if the situation may be hard, remember that you need to end the relationship for your personal growth and development. Ground yourself and remember why you need it and mind yourself that it is for your good.

When to write a break up text

Most of the people do not always find it best to break up over the text messages but depending on the situation of the relationship, and what is going on in it, the option can be used in the breakup.

If the relationship is composed of violence and abuse for instance then breaking up using a text is valid for you. Also, in the co-dependent relationships that are relationships where one or both partners rely enormously on physical or emotional support, then the use of text message in breaking up is efficient since it allows less room for conversation.

The ultimate break up text will act as a statement to your partner. It is vital to tell why you have come to a conclusion and only speak for yourself in the text, acknowledge that breaking up over text is not best but make it feel like it was the only best option for the situation.

Worst ever break up texts to avoid

The following are the most upsetting text message to use when breaking up with your partner.

1. Bad joke text

Source: seventeen.com

Breaking up using text messages should not be something to joke about. It results in all kinds of confusion.

2. Metaphor break up text

Source: 9gag.com

Breaking up using metaphorical texting is the worst kind of break up to use with your partner. It never makes things better.

3. Zinger break up text

Source: seventeen.com

Rubbing of messages on the face of your partner makes you a mean individual, this kind of message is in all aspect shameful and has to be avoided by all means during break up.

4. "I dump you back to the text."

Source: seventeen.com

It is also the worst kind of break up text replying to your partner, and it creates confusion and havoc during a breakup situation.

5. Unintentional break up the text

Source: seventeen.com

It is worst when you get the notification from a text that everyone knew you and partner broke up before you got the information.

6. Emoji break up text


Sending of emoji messages to your partner than have got signs of break up is the worst kind of break up message to use during break up. Using of emojis to speak louder than words can be heartbreaking.

7. There is someone else break up text

Source: seventeen.com

The use of this breakup message is worst since one would want to have a notification that a partner is feeling in love with someone else.

Seriously bad break up texts to not use

The following are the serious breakup text to consider during a break up with your partner.

1. “I do not want to be around you anymore. I am not attracted to you anymore; being with you is the worst thing ever done in life.”

It is a heartbreaking text message to send to your partner when breaking up. It will make your partner feel rejected and shut you off completely (if this is the outcome you want).

2. "It's not me but you. You are demanding and clingy. You are exhausting."

Directly blaming your partner for all the problems leading to the occurrence of the break up is not a good way of breaking up. It creates a situation of guiltiness in them.

3. “Not every beast who gives roses to you can turn to be your prince.”

The text depicts no appreciation to your partner during the periods of the relationship journey.

4. "I love my dog more than I could ever love you."

The use of this kind of text in breakup, lowers the self-esteem of your partner and make them feel unworthy being in any other relationship in the future.

5. "I'm pleased that you have said what we have both been thinking about! Keep well. Get out of my life."

The text depicts that no one in the break up has anything to lose.

6. "I no longer love you! I hate you. You are a stupid."

It is an abusive text that can worsen the entire break up situation.

Nice break up texts to use for an amicable break up

The following are the best text messages to consider breaking a relationship with your partner in a friendly manner that no one will feel disrespected. They are simple and effective to use in any breakup.

1. "I want to say I enjoyed staying and chatting together, I would love to see you again, but for me, it would only be as friends. I am not sure if you will be keen on that?”

It is an eloquent and excellent message that you can send to your partner when in need of a break up over text. The message is the best rejection text that will not make your partner upset in any way.

2. "I feel this relationship isn't working for me and feel not compatible together. I want to end and wish you the best in the future."

The message is short and leaves no suggestions, and you are open to making it clear that these are your own choices. While one person like rejection, knowing the place you stand and what you want is the best thing. Make sure that you do the communication is a private platform and not on social media platforms.

3. “Tbh it was fun hanging up together, but I don't think we are meant to be couples.”

Today's breakup is more concerned in the emotional wellbeing and does not want to cause upset to the other partner. Is the best way of delivering the unwelcome news to your partner, it is gentler texting your partner for break up using the message.

4. "Hello, hope you are fine. It was a lovely meeting and being with you. I enjoyed getting to know you but I am not feeling a real connection between us."

Sending kind worded and clear text like this is the best way of making both of you feels better. It is better talking about yourself, in case you want to end things properly. Say "I am not feeling a connection," instead of giving blame to the other person and pointing faults in them.

5. “Hey, thanks for being together for that long. However I didn't feel a spark in our relationship, let us end it here."

The message takes full responsibility, and it is clear that you do not want to see them again. It is important not to bring out the possibility of friendship if you do not want to meet the other person anymore.

6. "Hi there, you have been good to me. I am sorry to say that being in this relationship isn't what I should be focusing on. I want to be solo."

It is the best way of breaking up with your partner where you begin by appreciating how good your partner has been to you. It will make them feel they have been important in your life.

7. “I have reasoned that the relationship is not working well. I think we have conflicting priorities and our personalities are not suited together. Think about it and you will come into agreement.”

The breakup text is respectful, and it gives room for your partner to think over the situation and also come into agreement with it.

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In conclusion, breaking over text messages is a difficult and not easy thing to do. It is essential for the partners to have informed explanations as to why the break up is important for their relationship. Always do the break up in a respectful manner or involve a counselor to sort up the issues that you both face.