10 Bachelorette Games to Play during Her Big Night

Popular and Interesting Bachelorette Games to Play for 2019

By Sarah Potter
10 Bachelorette Games to Play during Her Big Night

Your best girl’s or girlfriend’s big day is coming up soon, and you have been given the job of planning the perfect bachelorette night for her. She has definitely been nervous and all giddy about her big day and a great night out with her best girls would help cool her nerves. Bachelorette nights have become quite a thing over time, because of the excitement and the fun it comes with. 

Planning a bachelorette night might be a bit tiring and stressful, but if you have the right activities, games, food and drinks, then you are sure to give your girl one of the best nights of her life. To make this night exciting, thrilling and memorable, you have to be as creative as possible and what really matters in most of these parties, is the activities you do. There are many games you could play; they could be adventurous, dirty, clean, board games and so many more. Read on as we have the perfect games ideas for you.

Introducing Bachelorette and Bachelorette Games

For you to have a Bachelorette game, there definitely has to be a bachelorette, well a bunch of them, and then there’s the bride-to-be, that’s about to get into that lifetime journey with the love of her life. Everything you have planned out for the bachelorette party, or at least most of it should be a surprise for your girl. Make sure the bride-to-be gets to meet and know everyone before the games start, also make sure the details of the party remain a surprise until the big night.

10 Fun Bachelorette Games to Play for 2019

There are so many games available for bachelorette parties and whichever you choose to do would solely depend on the theme you decide to use and also the kind of person the bride-to-be is. Most of these games are popular but are still fun, especially when the individuals involved participate actively.

1. The Blow Job Game

This game is not as naughty as the name sounds, it is as clean as you can imagine. Here you would need an inflatable beach ball or blow up dolls or simply balloons. Each of the players is given one or more, depending on what number you decide.

A set time is given, and then each person is required to blow up all her balls before the time runs out. Whoever is able to finish this task before the time runs out takes all. This game is fun, tasking and suitable for small to large groups of girls.

2. Make a lingerie

Source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com

Wondering how you can make one right? This game could involve as many people as people. The idea of this game is to use a toilet paper or more to make sexy lingerie. You would need a whole lot of toilet papers.

Get some toilet papers and give one or two to each player. Afterward, each person is required to make sexy and attractive looking lingerie. You could decide to put a set time or not, but the first person to finish hers wins

Games for Small Groups

You might be thinking about what fun activities you could arrange for a small number of girls, well we've got the best options that could blow your mind.

3. The lie detector

This is a fun and exciting indoor game and is the perfect game for a small group of girls. Here a lot of truths about each bachelorette is exposed. This game is even much better if the guests happen to be longtime friends and it can be a clean or R-rated game.

Here, questions are prepared and, the girls pair up in twos and ask themselves questions about each other or about the groom if it’s the bride-to-be.  The opponent then guesses and then the answer is confirmed. Whoever guesses wrongly has to take some alcohol or something goofy.

4. The Beer Pong


As little as 4 people can play this fun and easy game. Here, about 10 plastic cups are filled with beer and then arranged in a pyramid-like shape on the sides of a Ping-Pong table. All you girls need to do is throw the ball into the beer cup, and if the ball eventually enters the cup, then the opponent gets to drink that cup of beer.

Each team should take turns in throwing until all the cups are emptied. The team that hits more cups gets the price if there is any. Note that if at any point, the ball bounces off the table and into the cup, that cup has to be removed.

Clean Games to Play for the Innocent Bride

Who says clean cannot be fun and exciting? For brides-to-be who would instead prefer the clean, classy and traditional fun games, we have the best options for you.

5. Get Your Dancing Shoes! (Lap dance)

Source: http://inviteanddelight.blogspot.com

You probably think this isn’t a clean game because of the name, but wait until you read this. Here, tissue containers (round) are emptied and then filled up with balls that could be ping pong or any other small balls. After this is done, a string is tied over each container and then handed over to the players. Each player must then tie the rope over her waist with the container at the front and in-between or the middle of her laps.

Guess what’s next? Each player is then made to sit and dance throughout the game. While dancing, the players are to make sure that every single ball falls out of the container. Whoever is able to dance all her balls out, wins.

6. The Fling

Whoever wins this is definitely a big fan of Chinese food and a genius. To play this game, you need chopsticks and plastic beaded necklaces. Each player is handed a set of chopsticks and a whole lot of necklaces. This is a bit tasking, but that’s where the fun is.

The players are made to put the chopsticks in their mouth and pick up the necklaces and throw or rather fling them over their heads and on their necks. You could make this more thrilling and competitive by making all players, participate at once and with the same necklaces! Whoever gets more necklaces within a set time takes it all.

Dirty Games to Create a Deep Impression

Thinking of throwing a raunchy, sexy and naughty bachelorette? We have fished out the perfect games you and your girls need.

7. Pin the Jock

Source: https://www.spencersonline.com

This is instead an explicit, crazy and naughty form of the “pin the tail on the donkey” game. Here, all the rules for this game just like that of pin the tail on the donkey. The player is blindfolded and left to pin the jock on the hunk.

The hunk’s picture is printed out, and the groom-to-be picture is stuck on the face of the hunk (if you want to), and then the picture is placed on the wall. The junk pieces also get printed and cut, after which adhesives or a pin is fastened to the junk pieces. Each player is blindfolded and then spun around three times and then allowed to go pin the jock. Whoever pins the jock closest to its actual spot wins.

8. Try Never Have I Ever

This is a pretty straightforward, fun and quick drinking game you can try out. As many people as possible can play this game and it could be done at a bar, or even at home, as long as there are enough drinks to go round. Each person takes turns to complete the statement ‘never have I ever.’

Drinks are shared for everyone and then when someone completes the statement, say “never have I ever had a blowjob,” whoever has had one, has to stand on their feet to indicate they have and then take a shot or a drink.

Printable Games and Questions Found on the Internet to Use

Getting printable games and questions is one of the best ways, you can set up or plan a bachelorette party. This way, you don’t only get to have a lot of fun, but you also get to save some cost too, and these games are easily accessible from the internet.

9. The Bachelorettes Scavenger Hunt


This is one of the most popular and most exciting printable bachelorette games. To play this game, the groups of girls are divided into different groups, depending on the number of girls. Then, each of these groups is given tasks, dares or whatever you choose to dish out. This list of things are contained in the challenge list, and each group is required to perform each of those tasks or dare within a set time, after which everyone would reconvene for a drink or break or to decide the winner.

You could make this game a crazy/dirty one, clean or classic, whichever suits the group. Whichever group that is able to perform more tasks or dares takes the price. Make sure every group has a camera or at least a Smartphone that has a camera. Afterward, you all can connect whatever you used to a big screen to watch those moments again.

10. The Naughty Mind Bachelorette Word Scramble


This game would be awesome if you want a lot of fun and doesn’t require any serious preparation. Like what the name implies, this version of scramble game is a naughty one, although you could do the clean and classic ones. This one is preferable if you want a thrilling and exciting game. The game is easy, as all you need do is to unscramble words and also finish up puzzles.

For this game, you could have cards which contain naughty R-rated questions and scrambled words. The players get to reshuffle the words, and during a given time, they are allowed to write down their answers. After the set time has elapsed, the players then compare their responses with those on the card. Do it repeatedly, and then the person with the most correct answers takes it all. But extra points could be allotted to persons who are able to guess naughty words outside of the answer.

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The perfect bachelorette games for the bachelorette parties are what make it as exciting as it sounds. Make sure you make the right picks to make her big and last night as a single as memorable as possible. Also, take into note the kind of person she is before choosing the games you want to put.