Millennials Swear By These 10 Best Makeup Lines

The best makeup lines that all millennials must have in their bag

By Diana Nadim
Millennials Swear By These 10 Best Makeup Lines

Best Makeup Lines

Makeup plays a major role in our lives and according to many people, makeup is not just any other product as it is a part of them. This is why you should take your time when choosing the best makeup for you to use as your choice will tell people who you are. There are several factors that people usually consider when buying makeup and one of the most common ones is the brand. Brands make it easier for consumers like you to make their decisions as they usually have a reputation which after looking at you will already know what to expect. The beauty industry is huge and this has attracted a lot of brands looking to get a share of the market. The following are some of the best makeup lines in the market today:

Celebrity Makeup Lines

Celebrities are some of the most successful cosmetic investors as they take advantage of their huge fan base. The following are some of the best makeup lines by celebrities that you can use:

1. Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore is an amazing actress, producer, & director and so is her makeup line by the name of Flower Beauty. One of the greatest things about Flower Beauty is that it is a high-quality makeup line that it is meant for the mass market. Most makeup lines by celebrities are expensive as they target high-end customers but this great line is not like that. Some of the cosmetic products under this line include FLOWER Powder Up Loose Powder which goes for about $8 – 9, Light Illusion Foundation which goes for $14, Shimmer & Shade Eyeshadow Palette which goes for $16, and Petal Pout Lip Color which goes for $7, among many others.

You can get Flower Beauty Products here.

2. Iman Cosmetics by Iman

Source: IMAN Cosmetics UK

Iman Cosmetics is another great example of an elegant makeup line by a celebrity. The line was started in 1994 by actress, entrepreneur, and fashion model Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid popularly known as Iman. Iman Cosmetics stands out from the crowd as it usually offers women shades that are hard to find. Some of the products available in this line include IMAN Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick which comes with over 20 shades and goes for about $7, IMAN Second To None Cream To Powder Foundation which goes for about $16, Iman Cosmetics Perfect Eyebrow Pencil which goes for about $9, and Iman BB Crème Earth which goes for $16, among many other high-quality products.

Find Iman Cosmetics products here.

3. Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner

Source: Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is a company that has an impressive line of high-quality products that include highlighters, eyeliners, lipsticks, and eyeshadows. Kylie Cosmetics was started by Kylie Jenner, a young actress, American TV personality, and entrepreneur in 2015. Before you decide to go for Kylie Cosmetics products you should know that they are usually expensive as they target the high-end market; this is not a bad thing as their quality is exquisite. Products you can buy under this line include Kylie Lip Liner which goes for $12, Kylie Lip Kit which goes for $29, The Burgundy Palette Kyshadow which goes for $42, and Cheers Darling Kylighter which goes for $20, among many others.

Here is where you can find Kylie Cosmetic products.

4. Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr

Source: Kora Organics

Kora Organics is a skincare product company started in 2009 by Miranda Kerr who is an Australian model. This great makeup line produces high-quality and a hundred percent Australian-made skincare products. The products made are all natural and organic as the name of the company suggests. One thing you should know is that Kora Organic products are expensive as they are luxury products. Examples of elegant products by Kora Organics which you can use include Gentle Cleanser which goes for about $28, Soothing Moisturizer which goes for about $42, Rose Quartz heart facial Sculptor which goes for about $73, and NONI Radiant Eye Oil which goes for about $50.

Here is where you can get Kora Organics amazing products.

Vegan And Natural Makeup Lines

5. Inika


Inika is an Australian company and one of the best vegan makeup lines in the world today. This great makeup line was started in 2006 with the purpose of producing pure and organic products to help people get rid of harmful chemicals from their bodies. All products used by Inika are derived from minerals or botanicals, natural, and ethically sourced making this one of the safest makeup lines in the world. Some of the best selling products by Inika include Long Lash Vegan Mascara which goes for A$45, Baked mineral Illuminator which goes for A$65, and Certified Organic BB cream which goes for A$59, among many other products.

You can find Inika beauty products here.  

6. 100% Pure

Source: 100% Pure

100% Pure is an organic makeup company that was founded in Napa, California by Rick Kostick, James Wang, and Susie Wang in 2005. This great organic company was created with the aim of producing high-quality all-natural products and it has managed to live up to its dream as it has a wide range of natural products ranging from makeup, skincare, body, and hair products. Examples of products under this line include Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening mascara which goes for $26, Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Potent PM Serum which goes for $60, and BB Cream which goes for $42.

Here is where you can get 100% Pure products.

7. Cover FX

Source: Cover FX

Cover FX is a Canadian cruelty-free and vegan brand which is one of the most sort-after lines in 2019! Apart from the fact that Cover FX products are all vegan and cruelty-free, consumers love this brand because the products are also diverse meaning that you are guaranteed to find something that you like. Their foundation, for examples, comes in forty shades and three undertones. Examples of products under this brand include Power Play Foundation which comes in 40 shades and goes for $44, Gripping Primer $38, and Custom Enhancer Drops which exist in seven shades and goes for $42.

You can purchase Cover FX organic products here.

8. Juice Beauty

Source: Juice Beauty

This exquisite makeup brand was started by Karen Behnke in 2005 in California, United States. All Juice Beauty products are made with organic ingredients and have no animal byproducts making the products also vegan. Juice Beauty is not only keen on making high-quality, safe, and healthy makeup products but it also ensures that its production process is environmentally friendly. Examples of products you can use include Signal Peptides Firming Eye balm which goes for $80, PREBIOTIC™ Hydrating Gel Moisturizer which goes for $52, and PREBIOTIC™ Antioxidant Beauty Boost which goes for $35.

Here is where you can find Juice Beauty products.

New And Upcoming Makeup Lines

9. Flesh Beauty

Source: Flesh Beauty

Flesh Beauty is one of the most promising upcoming makeup brands in the market today. It was started in 2018 by Linda Wells, the former Allure founding editor. This makeup line has a wide variety of high-quality products ranging from lipsticks, foundation, and eyeshadow among many others. Some of the products available under this line include Hide the Evidence Double Concealer that goes for $28, Firm Fresh Skin Foundation that goes for $18, and Flipbook Makeup Sheets that costs $22.

Here is where you can find Flesh Beauty products.

10. Fenty Beauty

Source: Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is a makeup brand founded in 2017 by one of the biggest names in the music industry today - Rihanna. Fenty Beauty has a wide range of high-end products that include lipsticks, eye shadows, and foundations, among others. Some of the top products you can get from this upcoming and exquisite makeup line include PRO FILT”R Instant Retouch Primer which goes for $32, PRO FILT”R Soft matte Longwear Foundation which goes for $34, and KILAWATT Freestyle Highlighter which goes for $34.

You can find Fenty Beauty products here.

YouTubers With Makeup Lines

Source: Fleur De Force Youtube

YouTube is the one place that everybody goes when you want to learn about the latest trends and YouTubers are not being left behind as they are now joining the lucrative cosmetic industry with their own lines. Examples of Youtubers with makeup lines include Fleur Bell who founded Fleur De Force makeup line, Kathleen Lights who partnered with Ofra Cosmetics to create Miami Fever, and Tati Westbrook who partnered with Birchbox to create LOC.

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We usually wear makeup to enhance our look and to make us feel good about ourselves. Makeup is part of who we are which is why the makeup line also matters as we want to wear products that are made by a company that shares our values and is not just about making money. You should consider the brands discussed in this post as they are the best in their respective fields.