10 Makeup Tips From The Pros In Fashion Beauty Industry

You will never go wrong with these professional makeup tips

By Diana Nadim
10 Makeup Tips From The Pros In Fashion Beauty Industry

Simple Eye Makeup Tips by Professionals

Eyes are very delicate which is why it’s important for you to have the correct eye makeup tips to help you to pull it off successfully. Wearing your eye makeup incorrectly messes up your entire look as the eyes include four intrinsic types of makeup, namely; mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow, and eyeshadow.

1. Mascara tips

In order for you to get perfect lashes using mascara, always remember to apply the mascara starting from the roots of your eyelashes and carefully making your way to the tips. This ensures that you get long, thick, and healthy looking eyelashes. The level of thickness and length you are looking for is usually determined by the number of times you apply your mascara. To get longer lashes, first curl your lashes and if you are looking to wear thick eyelashes, consider applying a second coat. After applying the first coat, use a tissue to clean the wand and have at least a 10 seconds waiting period before applying the second coat.

2. Eyeliner tips

The first step when applying eyeliner is ensuring that you have thoroughly cleaned your eyelids. It’s very important for you to ensure that you are always clean before applying any type of makeup. If you want your eyeliner to stay on for long, you should start by applying a primer and this also helps to keep your eyeliner from smearing which creates an icky sight.

One of the things most people usually struggle with when applying eyeliner is precision and drastically increase your precision by keeping the tip of your liner blunt but thin. Eyeliner is very essential as you can also use it to make your lashes seem denser; you can achieve this by wearing the eyeliner close to your eyelash-line. Winged eyeliners are gorgeous and if you are among those looking to create flawless winged eyeliner, you should use a liquid liner instead of a pencil one according to makeup experts.  

3. Eyebrow tips

Not many people usually give eyebrows the attention that they deserve and you can avoid being among this group by using some of the following makeup tips from the experts. The first tip is that you should always ensure that your eyebrows look as natural as possible. One way of doing this is by making sure that the brow product you will decide to use blends seamlessly with your eyebrows. The other thing you should avoid at all cost is having eyebrows that are all over the place; one way of making your brows look dazzling is by using eyebrow gel.

4. Eyeshadow tips

Eyeshadow is an essential part when it comes to eye makeup as it adds both dimension and depth to your eyes. Some of the tips you can follow to get amazing eyeshadow makeup results includes using a primer before applying your eye shadow to make it stay for a long period of time without smearing. It’s important for you to ensure the eyeshadow is applied smoothly and one way of ensuring that the makeup is flawless is using high-quality brushes and products.

Natural Makeup Tips

The ability to look great with as little makeup as possible is a dream shared by many women as the natural look will never get old. However, for you to be able to pull it off, you must know what to avoid and what to go for. The following are some of the tips you can use to achieve a natural look:

5. Face makeup tips

For the best natural facial look, you should start by cleaning your face thoroughly as this helps to get rid of any previous makeup that might be remaining. The way you clean your face also matters; you can soak water or makeup remover on a piece of cloth and wipe your face with it. After cleaning your face the next step involves moisturizing it using a lotion of your choosing. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the lotion should be oil-free and unscented to avoid development of acne or allergic reactions. You should also consider applying a powder foundation on all the oily parts of your face and after that is done you can now either apply blush or bronzer.

6. Lips makeup tips

The makeup for the lips is not as complicated as that of the other parts of the face as all you need is for you to apply a nude lip stain shade and you are good to go. Avoid using shiny lip glosses at all cost as this will defeat the efforts of appearing natural. The reason why lip stain is better than lipstick or lip gloss is that it lasts longer and looks more natural. For the best results, use a shade that’s almost as your lip color as this will make it hard for the makeup to be easily noticed.

7. Eyes makeup tips

Some of the things to keep in mind when doing the eye makeup include making your eyes look bigger and brighter by using white eyeliner. This is achieved by carefully lining the inside corners of your eyes with the eyeliner. You can also give your lashes a natural and a dramatic look by curling them using an eyelash curler. To enhance the results even further, you can apply one layer of mascara but avoid overdoing it.

Basic Steps To Follow Before Applying Makeup

Most people usually get bad makeup outcomes because of the way they do before wearing makeup. Most people do very little before applying their makeup which leads to their failure. For you to get amazing makeup results there are some steps you must follow and they are such as sanitizing your skin, moisturizing your skin.

8. Sanitizing your skin

Before sanitizing your skin, you should ensure that you have the right cleanser and this should be a cleanser that supports your skin type. For instance, if you have dry skin you should use a sanitizer that will help to keep your skin moisturized hence the reason why you should use a creamy cleanser. The sanitizing process is easy; start by splashing some warm water on your face then gently apply the sanitizer on your face by way of massaging to ensure it’s absorbed. Give the sanitizer about 30 minutes and then remove it by cleaning your face using warm water.

9. Moisturizing your skin

Moisturizing the skin before applying makeup is a step that creates a lot of difference which is why this is a step you should avoid skipping. The type of moisturizer you will apply usually depends on the time of day as there are two main types; those meant for day and those used for the night. The primary difference between these two types is that the daytime moisturizer is that it includes an SPF which protects your skin from harmful sun rays and it’s lighter than night moisturizer.

Easy Makeup Tips For Bridal

On the biggest day of your life, when you will be walking down the aisle you will want to be at your best. Perfection is the only option when it comes to your wedding day makeup and this is why most people dread doing their own makeup on their wedding day. If you fall under this category, worry not, as all you need is to have the right tips and you will do some amazing makeup.

10. Practice makes perfect

Before beginning, you should consider your wedding theme, the weather, and even your wedding location as this type of occasion demands everything complementing one another. Also, remember to do a lot of practice before your big day arrives as this gives you time to try out several looks. It does not matter how experienced you are with matters makeup, you should practice in advance to avoid last minute confusion due to the excitement and pressure that comes with weddings. On the big day, ensure you have plenty of time and avoid applying makeup with your wedding gown on as it can easily get stains.

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Looking good brings us a lot of benefits as it boosts our self-esteem giving us the strength to face whatever life brings our way. Makeup makes us feel and look good and this is the reason why most women cannot live without it. There are very many types of makeup products in the market today and all have the same purpose – enabling you to express yourself and to look dazzling. Use makeup tips such as the ones above to keep yourself looking and feeling great at all times.