9 Tips to Perfect That Teenage Goth Makeup Look

Your go-to guide for mastering the perfect teenage goth makeup

By Adina Mazilu
9 Tips to Perfect That Teenage Goth Makeup Look

Before we begin diving into the beautiful art of creating gothic-inspired makeup looks, it’s worth mentioning that this has been and still remains a very popular trend, especially among teenagers. It’s all a matter of taste and passion, two things that a very high number of young people unite in their effort to manifest their own personality either through outfits, music, art or, in this case, makeup.

Goth makeup might not be the most wearable for all occasions, but it’s definitely special and unique in its own way. It is mostly an expression of personality that shines through the best at various events like concerts and festivals. So, in case you also have this passion for goth makeup and want to try perfecting it, in this article, we will help you by talking about some of the best tips that will lead you to this result. Here we go!

What is Goth Makeup?

Ask anyone who is passionate about this kind of makeup and they will most likely tell you that goth makeup is made up of certain basic elements that should not be absent by any means. Goth-like looks are all about that pale-looking skin, those mysterious and dark colors, and the overall attitude and outfits to go with them. The goth culture actually has a very long history, having surged to popularity back in the 1980s, with the punk era.

It is definitely one of the most spectacular cultures, which is probably why it has remained so popular throughout the decades. The goth culture was not always trendy as it has its ups and downs but it was revived from the ashes like a Phoenix in the 2000s, with the emo trend that engulfed the entire planet. Music, literature, and art has drastically influenced goth culture throughout the years and continues to do so even nowadays.

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Ideas for Goth Makeup

It’s worth noting that there are lots of types of goth makeup that teenagers love to adapt and play with but most of them have some key elements that must always be present. When it comes to the skin, it should be as clean and as white as possible, which is why you should employ a religious skin care routine in order to achieve this. Light foundations (but not lighter than your skin) should even out your complexion nicely so that your makeup looks perfect. The skin should also be matte so make sure to use a lot of either translucent or whiter powder. 

The lips should always be dark so make sure to stack up on red, brown, purple or even black lipsticks. Don’t worry about them being matte or glossy, as this is only a matter of preference. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing those dark shades, you can also go for lighter ones like nudes or neutrals. As long as you have the personality to go with it, the makeup look will be perfect.

As for the eyes, the rule is almost the same: the darker, the better. Accentuate your eyes with black eyeliners, mascara, eyeshadows, and pencils. You can always go a little overboard and play with your gothic eye look by adding some crazy colors or by making your eyes pop as much as possible. False eyelashes or unusual contacts can also be added in this case. Be creative and play with your passion!

Pastel Goth makeup


1. The first tip for this pastel-centered goth makeup would be to prepare your skin as good as possible. Use a good cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer and finally, primer. Only then apply the foundation that should be as light as your skin and allow it to even out your skin using a brush. Use a high-coverage concealer in a light shade only on your problem areas or on your dark undereye circles. A light or translucent powder should finish off your skin nicely.

2. Secondly, the eye look should be based on pastel colors. So, use powdery shades of pink, purple, green or any other color you fancy and play around with them. Create some nice cat eye-like shapes and ba careful to always blend the colors in well. Finish off with winged eyeliner and some false eyelashes.

3. As for the lips, use a matte berry-like shade or a darker red. Make sure to contour your lips first with a pencil in a similar color and apply some lip balm before if you don’t want your lips to become cracked. You can even create an ombre effect by applying a darker shade of lipstick towards the corners of your mouth and a lighter shade in the center.

Simple Goth makeup


1. Again, it’s all about white skin, white skin, and even whiter skin. However, you can go for a high-coverage foundation for this one after prepping your skin in advance as previously explained. No blush, no contour, but maybe a little bit of silvery highlighter this time. It will make your skin glow for real.

2. The eye look is very simple for this look as it consists only of a grey eyeshadow applied over the entire lid and combined with winged eyeliner and a few layers of mascara. This is similar to the smoky eye, and we all know how popular that look is nowadays. Don’t forget the black pencil on your waterline!

3. Finally, go for red lips for this simple goth makeup look. Make sure to contour them with a red pencil and then apply either a hydrating, matte or metallic red lipstick. This is a very vampire-like look in our opinion and one that gothic lovers will certainly adore.

Detailed and elegant goth makeup


1. For this detailed and elegant goth makeup look, our first tip would be to still keep that white foundation on but add just a little bit of dark contour. This will make your face look more angular and more goth-like. Some highlighter will also work here but don’t forget to powder under your eyes, on your chin, and on your forehead.

2. For the eyes, this look is a little bit more complex but still doable. Start with a lighter shade of purple eyeshadow on the crease of the eye and then fill the entire lid with a dark berry shade. Make sure to also follow this pattern on the lower lid and work on your blending with patience. Apply a black pencil on your waterline and some false eyelashes for that wow effect. Brush through your brows with aspooly.

3. The lips should be in perfect agreement with the eyes for this one so use a similar dark berry matte lipstick shade or even burgundy. If you feel confident enough, you can even go for a black lip this time, it’s all about your preferences. Contour is key here, so don’t forget to contour your lips first so that your lipstick has a perfect shape.

Perfecting the Goth Makeup Looks and Tutorials

Perfecting that teenage goth makeup look is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible either. The key is to know what you want to achieve, have some inspiration, and be confident. And because we know that words don’t always perfectly convey the true meaning behind them, here are some video tutorials on how to achieve various goth looks and perfect the ones you already know how to do:

1. The Full Coverage Look

2. The everyday goth makeup look

3. Goth makeup for beginners

4. The pastel goth makeup

5. The burlesque goth makeup look


To wrap it all up, it appears that perfecting that ever so popular teenage goth makeup look is no easy task, especially if you are a beginner. However, with just a little bit of patience and passion, you can achieve wonders in a short time. If this is your calling and you adore this culture, then go for it and ignore what everyone else says! After all, being a goth is all about having enough confidence to show who you truly are through your outfits, hobbies, makeup, and attitude. So, find the courage within and become who you want to be, goth or not. Wear black, have pale skin, and choose red lipstick if you want to. You are in the position of power here and you should decide who you want to be. Nobody else!

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