How to wear the orange lipstick as a daily look

Find out which shade of orange lipstick suits which skin tone

How to wear the orange lipstick as a daily look

Orange lipstick is more than just a waxy bit of color, but one of the most exclusive makeup looks. It a magical armor that guarantees a brilliant smile, brilliant day, both figurative and literally. It gives your makeup a fashioned finish to provide you with a perfect complexion on your face.  The main problem now is how to wear orange lipstick as a daily look, and in this article, we will show you how to wear orange lipstick.

Just like your 'Solitude is your Treasure' so is your makeup (lipstick) is your skin tone armor. At all times you need to use the appropriate type of orange lipstick that perfectly reflects the beauty out of you, that matches your smile, that beautifully adorns your face with that last touch of your daily makeup. It should not be repelled by your skin tone. 


Orange lipstick is a shade that is comfortable and light on your skin. You can spread the love with orange, and that is the beauty that comes with orange colored lipstick. Without further ado let’s have a look at which share of orange suits your skin tone. 

Which shade of orange suits which skin tone

Just a few years ago orange lipstick made its debut in the makeup scene, it started as a pop colored trend, but for now, it is a stable, calm and it's definitely here to stay. It is a versatile shade that needs the right skin tone to bring about the perfect blend every time you wear it. And for that, this article will direct you to a specific shade for your skin. 

Note: Those with cool undertones tends to have fair skin, while golden and olive hue skin are those with warm undertones. Natural undertones that are in between warm and cool. 

1. Warm undertones ( includes both dark skin and fair skin)

Your skin tone is said to be warm if gold jewelry can easily complement your skin if the veins in your wrist look green and you got a tendency of tanning bronze easily. You are likely to have a warm skin tone if your skin is golden, olive hue or yellow. Therefore, after determining your undertone whether it is warm or cool, here are some of the top best orange lipstick shades.

a) Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Atomic Orange

Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Atomic Orange

This lipstick gives a flattering look when applied on a warm undertone. Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Atomic Orange is a semi-matte, creamy lipstick that offers an instant polish to your lips. Depending on your desired effect, this lipstick can be applied alone or paired with Lip Gloss and Lip Liner. It is a fresh shade that gives your lips an even better new look. Future in the Neon and Nudes collection.

b) Nyx Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick

Nyx Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick

With this orange-red shade, your lips will describe a stylish and curvy structure of your lips hence giving that final and essential touch needed within a makeup. It is a highly pigmented and glides on smoothly to an easy application formula. Nyx Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick is a high –fashion matte finish that is richly formulated to encase your lips with brilliant color.

2. Neutral Undertones (fair skin)

With this type of undertone (skin tone), silver, gold jewelry and a wide color spectrum tend to complement your complexion. Therefore, any lip color is free for you to wear as long as the makeup matches with it. Here are some of the best orange lipsticks used by many ladies.

a) Nars Satin Lipstick in Afghan Red

Nars Satin Lipstick in Afghan Red

Nars Satin Lipstick in Afghan Red is a nun-drying and ultra-long wearing that is the best lipstick far all day wearing. It is engineered with Micro-bubble spheres that continually issues lip conditioner while applied. This is one of the lipsticks that contains Vitamin E which offers health benefits to your lips.

b) Dior Addict Hydra-Gel Core Mirror Shine Lipstick

Dior Addict Hydra-Gel Core Mirror Shine Lipstick

Yes, this is it. This is one of the best shade of orange lipstick that gives an extra dose of colorfastness and sparkle with incredible comfort. The power in its hydra-gel core offers an immediate effect of a lipstick showing its superiority of how its shields will ensure color endurance all day long. This lipstick is easy to apply and is adorned with comfort oil that gives moisturization services to your lips.     

3. Cool Undertones (light skin)

Lipsticks with blue-or purple-shade undertones are the best and perfectly suits cool undertones. When choosing the shades for cool undertones always be careful with light shades since they can easily undermine your makeup finish.

a) Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Color

Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Color

This is a super hydrating lip color that leaves your lips with a faltering look. For its adored luminous results and lasting lips hydration, it is formulated with exclusive mimosa and jojoba butter, silicon and sunflower wax, giving those incredible results.  They are every girl’s go-to lipstick and matches well with cool skin tone.

b) Julep Matte Lip Mousse in at Midnight

Julep It's Whipped Matte Lip Mousse

Are you looking to dress your lips with 12 hours’ comfortable lipstick with saturated color that never feels dry? Then this is the best product for you. It is super pigmented, weightless matte lipstick and minimizes the appearance of lip lines. Julep Matte Lip Mousse in at Midnight is an antioxidant-rich with rosehip seed oils that keep your keeps nourished.

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How to wear the orange lipstick for daily look

Orange lipstick is a bold colored lipstick, to make it pop up in an awesome fancy way you need to learn the simple tricks on how to wear the orange lipstick for a daily look. The following are four simple tricks to help you achieve your desired look when wearing orange lipstick.

1. Pair with Color

The first essential trick is choosing two colors that complement each other perfectly or classically or stylishly. It is not only a neutral eye that matches well with orange lipstick. Check this simple compilation, a muted orange lipstick with a pale purple eye shadow makeup. Wau! Heaven made makeup match right in your hands. 

2. Go for Matte Finish

After finding pairing colors that complement each other go for a matte finish by simply skipping glossy formulas that tend to be noticeable when it comes to fathering and fading. Especially in an eye-catching orange matte finish will be likely to stay put.

3. Make your skin glow

Well, this trick ensures you maintain focus by covering flaws with a light-medium coverage foundation. This will ensure that your orange lipstick does not draw attention to blemishes and redness.

4. Choose Coral

After you have tried everything and still can’t get behind that orange lipstick, try a coral shade instead. This lipstick has a little lipstick base; thus it readily wearable by different skin tone. To perfectly customize your orange lipstick shade, add a dab of fuchsia to the center of your orange lipstick and blend it using your finger. This helps you attain that look you greatly crave for.

Best orange lipstick to add into your makeup kit

Too Faced Liquid Matte Lipstick

Melted Matte Liquified Lipstick

This lipstick is formulated to give your lips a color-rich, kissable and full. This lipstick never dries or crack since it has got hydrating ingredients like avocado oil and vitamin E. It has a fabulous look especially on olive skin tones. It is also filled with hyaluronic filling spheres that smoothen the look of lip lines. High impact and a super-saturated color that lasts all day long without cracking.

It is:

  • Parabens free
  • Sulfates free
  • Phthalates free.
  • Gluten-free
  • Cruelty-free


Having a light-weight, long wearing, color-rich and a creamy and matte orange lipstick will give you a quality makeover for your day. No need to be a professional to pull off an orange lipstick. What you need is only simple and easy to do trick to give your lips that flattering finish. With all this knowledge at your disposal now it is time for you to dive in!

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