2019 Best Lipstick Brands That Everyone Covets After

Introducing 2019 best lipstick brands that are popular now

By Anastasia K
2019 Best Lipstick Brands That Everyone Covets After

Best Lipstick Brands in 2019

Fashion and beauty trends are constantly changing and with the different brands of cosmetics, color shades, and formulas and flavors, trying to keep up with these trends can be overwhelming, and could even exhaust your bank. However, rather than switch up your whole vanity every time there is a new look on trend, you can effortlessly make a statement with a chic lipstick brand.

Often, the most attractive female facial feature to most men is women’s lips. So, with a bold lip color from a trending brand, you can easily get away with a lack of eyeliner and still look fabulous.

To make the search easier for you, here are some of the best lipstick brands in 2019 that will pump up your cute pout and last long while calling attention to your lips.

For Dry Lips

Dry, cracking lips will bring you discomfort, and let’s face it, are not very attractive to look at. While lip balms and moisturizers are a “breath of fresh air” to dry lips, sometimes, you may need color to make a statement.

So, to ensure that your lips remain moisturized and healthy while still keeping up with beauty trends, here are the top lipstick brands for dry lips in 2019.

1. Matte Crayon Lipstick

Amazon.com: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, Cruella: Beauty

Having a lipstick that is also a pencil for dry lips can provide you great benefits from both sides. This is because the pointed edge will enable to precisely apply the lipstick. This NARS velvet lipstick comes in different colors, give a long-lasting effect while improving the condition of dry and chaffed lips.

2. Anself Matte Lipstick

Amazon.com: Lipsticks Set, 12 Colors 24pcs Leopard Moisturizing Matte Lipstick Waterproof Long Lasting: Health & Personal Care

Nothing provides a moisturizing effect and smoothen the texture lines of your lips like this leopard print lipstick. Due to its vitamins E together with moisturizing components, the formula keeps lips tender and moist. The lipstick is a good pick since it is suitable for all seasons, as it does not sweat in summer and prevents your lips from drying and cracking in winter and it lasts for long periods of time. You can find it in 12 different colors.

3. Burt’s Bees Lipstick

Amazon.com : Burt's Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lipstick, Blush Basin, 1 Tube : Beauty

This lipstick promises a moisturized long-wear effect and leaves your lips smooth and creamy. It has ingredients such as vitamin E, seed oil, Moringa Oil, Beeswax, and Raspberry to soothe lips and eliminate dryness. With different shades to choose from, you can comfortably cover the imperfections of your lips.

4. Colour Riche Lipstick

Amazon.com : L'Oréal Paris Makeup Colour Riche Original Creamy, Hydrating Satin Lipstick, 175 I Pink You're Cute, 0.13 oz. : Lipstick : Beauty

This creamy lipstick comes with hydrating ingredients such as Omega 3, Vitamin E and Argan Oil. With a spectrum of colors to choose from, you can indulge in a red lipstick as a bold statement or keep it nude with light color. 

5. Rimmel Provocalips Lipstick

Amazon.com: Rimmel Provocalips 16hr Kissproof Lipstick, Skinny Dipping, 0.14 Fluid Ounce: Beauty

With dry lips, you can be more than insecure when it comes to kissing. However, this brand provides you with a nourishing and moisturizing effect for up to 16 hours. It is a kiss-proof, food proof and transfer proof product that allows you to eat food or kiss a loved one without worry on wearing off. Due to its 16 hour long-wear, you barely have to keep reapplying.

For Mature Lips

Your lips will age as you become older due to the skin becoming thinner. One of the biggest insecurities you may face when having mature lips is lip wrinkles due to the loss of your lips’ ability to contain moisture. Such wrinkles make your lips rough in texture and appear smaller.

When having mature lips, you may feel inclined to look for a lipstick that produces a youthful look on your lips. So here is a list of the best 2019 lipstick brands that will make your mature lips fuller, softer and youthful.

6. Wild With Desire Lipstick

Wild With Desire Lipstick - rms beauty | Sephora

This brand provides your lips with both hydration and color payoff. Through its beauty oils, and rich color pigments, you get a sophisticated and fuller look on your lips while ensuring that they remain hydrated.

7. Ilia

Ilia lipstick amazon.com

This lipstick has beneficial ingredients for both mature and dry lips. With its focus on eliminating harmful ingredients, it provides the skin with skin healing components.

8. Ecco Bella Lipstick

Amazon.com : Ecco Bella FlowerColor Natural Lipstick for All Day Lip Protection - Gluten-, Paraben, and Fragrance-Free - Sangria.13 oz : Lip : Beauty

This brand is an all-day wear which contains vegetable waxes, mineral pigments, and oils that are essential to complement your healthy lifestyle. The brand contains products that act as both lipstick and lip balm to ensure your lips are fully protected while bringing out your pout.

For Dark Skin

Every woman has a different skin complexion and finding the right lipstick shade to match dark skin color can sometimes be quite a task. Often, women with dark skin will shy away from garish lipstick shades. However, with the numerous shades and pigments, you can confidently embrace your melanin-rich skin with these brand varieties popular in 2019.

9. MAC Lipstick

Amazon.com : MAC Matte Lipstick RUSSIAN RED, 0.10 ounce : Beauty

While this brand contains a variety of shades, for dark skin tone, the perfect shades would be Ruby Woo and Russian Red. This lipstick provides a long-lasting wear effect and will showcase your lips while blending with your complexion. You can never go wrong with this high-fashion brand.

10. Smashbox Lipstick

Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick - Smashbox | Sephora

With your gorgeous dark skin, you can comfortably wear this brand and rock in different shades. It has an 8-hour lasting effect and is light on the lips. It also does not dry the lips and so you do not have to worry about flaking, bleeding or feathering.

11. Charlotte Tilbury

Matte Revolution Lipstick - Charlotte Tilbury | Sephora

This mate lipstick has a variety of shades that feature a formula with buildable, hydrating and long-lasting ingredients. For a dark skin tone, the most suitable shade is the Birkin Brown.

12. Fenty Beauty

Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick - FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna | Sephora

With a variety of shades to choose from, this brand blends easily with a dark complexion. Therefore, you can easily stay fashionable, call attention to your lips and stay confident when wearing Fenty Beauty Lipstick.

For Wedding

For your wedding, there will be a lot of photography, kissing, eating and sometimes crying, and basically, you will want to wear makeup products that stay in place. As the bride, you become the center of attention and having a picture-perfect pout can cause you great distress in searching for lipstick brands that have long-lasting wear, complement your skin tone and stays in place as you enjoy kissing your new spouse.

So here are some of the best lipstick brands that guarantee your expectations for your big day.

13. Revlon Lipstick

Amazon.com: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Iced Amethyst: Beauty

Confidently slay for the cameras on your big day with this brand. With its lightweight and durable wear, it is formulated with ingredients that will moisturize and soften your lips while staying intact. Also, the different shades in the brand give you an endless option to choose from.

14. Maybelline Lipstick

Amazon.com: Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Un-nude Liquid Lipstick, Ruler, 0.17 fl. oz.: Beauty

15. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipstick

Liquid Lipstick - Anastasia Beverly Hills | Sephora

Using this brand on your wedding day is a guarantee that you can enjoy your day due to its weightless and smudge-proof wearability. It also lasts long and comes in different pigments with a matte formula.

16. Huda Beauty Lipstick

Liquid Matte Lipstick - HUDA BEAUTY | Sephora

If you are looking to have a luscious and bold look for your wedding day, then this is the lipstick to wear. Not only will it provide that sensual call of attention to your lips, but will also last long ensuring that you are as comfortable as ever during your big day.

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While it is easy to do away with certain makeup that applies to other facial features, lipstick is essential when it comes to making a statement in your beauty and fashion lifestyle. Therefore, go for a lipstick brand that meets the needs of your lips in order to have fuller, attractive and soft lips. These brands are then a must have for you this year.