10 toddler pools that you should own in your backyard

Own these top 10 toddler pools for a splashing good time

By Liza Munson
10 toddler pools that you should own in your backyard

On a hot summer day, there is nothing quite like splashing and playing in a refreshing swimming pool. Permanent structure pools are expensive, not to mention a big maintenance commitment. If you’ve got young children, purchasing a toddler pool is a less expensive yet fun way to beat the heat in your own backyard.

Many toddler pools these days are inflatable, which makes them easy to deflate and store in the offseason. Inflatable pools are also softer and more durable than the hard plastic ones you might remember slipping and sliding in as a child. Hard plastic kiddie pools are still sold today and do tend to last longer than their inflatable counterparts as inflatable pools are easily punctured. To help prevent holes, keep your inflatable pool on the grass rather than near rocks or cement. As difficult as it may be, try to keep dogs out of the pool as their nails can tear the plastic. 

Kiddie pools have evolved and improved in recent years. Many toddler pools now contain slides, sprayers, covers to protect kids from the sun and more. We’ve researched the many toddler pool options available on the market today to help guide you in your purchase of a safe, high-quality toddler pool that your kids will love!

Top 10 toddler pool with slides or without slides

1. Intex Kiddie Pool - Kid’s Summer Sunset Glow Design

Intex Kiddie Pool - Kid's Summer Sunset Glow Design - 58" x 13": Toys & Games

The bottom of this simple and inexpensive pool inflates as well as the sides to provide extra cushioning for children. This pool is recommended for children from one to three years old. 

2. Intex Gator Inflatable Play Center

Amazon.com: Intex Gator Inflatable Play Center, 80" X 68" X 35", for Ages 2+: Toys & Games

A pool paradise for children age two and older, the Gator Inflatable Play Center is much more than a pool. A giant mushroom provides a shady area and this pool also features a sprayer, a slide and lots of fun toys. 

3. Kids Inflatable pool

Amazon.com: Kids-Inflatable-Pool. This Kiddie Blow Up Above Ground Swimming Pool Is Great For Toddlers, Children To Have Outdoor Water Fun With Slide, Toys, Floats. Pirate Play Pool Center Baby Swim.: Toys & Games

Ahoy! This pirate themed pool is made for children ages two and older. The cannon doubles as a water sprayer when hooked up to your backyard hose. The pool comes complete with toy swords. 

4. Intex Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Baby Pool

Intex Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Baby Pool, 44" X 36" X 28.5", for Ages 1-3: Toys & Games

For very small children, this pool is not just cute but comes with various rings and pool toys. The pool fills to about three inches which is ideal for babies looking to cool off.

5. Intex Sandy Shark Spray Pool

Amazon.com: Intex Sandy Shark Spray Pool, 90" X 89" X 42", for Ages 2+: Toys & Games

Simply adorable, this shark shaped pool will keep toddlers cool and happy with a sprayer that attaches to your garden hose. Designed for kids ages two to five years. 

6. Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center

Amazon.com: Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center, 116" X 75" X 51", for Ages 2+: Toys & Games

How sweet it is! This candy themed pool has a slide with an extra cushion mat at the bottom for soft landings. Perfect for water babies ages two and older. 

7. Urfun Baby Pool, Rainbow Splash Pool with Canopy

Amazon.com: Urfun Baby Pool, Rainbow Splash Pool with Canopy, Spray Pool of 40 Inches, Water Sprinkler for Kids, for Ages 1-3: Toys & Games

Quite small this super cute pool is perfect for one to two small children to use. It's easy to set up and is recommended for children ages one to three. 

8. Intex Dinosaur 3 Ring Baby Pool

Amazon.com: Intex Dinosaur 3 Ring Baby Pool (24 in x 8.5 in): Toys & Games

A simple yet cute design, this pool is suggested for toddlers ages one to three. 

Toddler pools with covers

9. Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool, 62" X 62" X 48", for Ages 2+: Toys & Games

The cover is attached with velcro and is easily removed. This pool also contains a sprayer which can be affixed to a garden hose for added fun. Users like this pool because the vinyl is strong and durable and less prone to tears.

10. Intex Baby Pool Royal Castle

Intex Baby Pool Royal Castle

For very young princes or princesses, this fun pool in the shape of a castle is perfect for kids as young as one year old. Provides built in shade from its castle designed cover.

Ideas for a toddler pool party

A summertime toddler pool party is great fun on a hot day for kids and parents alike. Here are a few unique and creative ideas to make your next kiddie pool party cool and unforgettable.

Every good party requires festive food and a pool party for kids is no exception. Serve snacks such as pretzels or chips in large toy sand pails with a shovel or large spoon for easy dispensing. Try some decorative blue frosting on cupcakes and and top cupcakes with swedish fish. Using cookie cutters, create finger sandwiches, cookies or rice krispie treats in the shapes of starfish, shells, fish, boats and more. To keep guests cool and hydrated, consider filling a small, inexpensive toddler pool with ice and adding cans of soda, juice boxes and other beverages so that guests can help themselves to refreshing beverages throughout the party.

A few organized games will also add a fun dimension to your pool party. For really small children try a ring toss game. Float an upside down frisbee in the pool and use plastic stackable rings to toss. Have the kids stand on the ground beside the pool and toss the rings one by one trying to land them on the frisbee. Parents can help the kids to toss. For kids who are a little bit older and can safely put their heads under water create a fun game of “diving” for ice cubes.  Make a few batches of various colored ice cubes and toss them into the pool. Encourage the children to collect as many ice cubes as they can. The child who collects the most cubes wins. A simple beach ball can also add fun to any kids pool party.

Inflatable beach balls also make a fun take home pool party favor for young kids. Other creative pool party favor ideas include toddler sunglasses in various fun party colors or a pail and shovel set for each child to take home.

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Best accompanying pool toys

Some toddler pools come equipped with toys. If looking to buy toys for toddlers consider these fun suggestions.

1. Moluk Plui Blue

Moluk Plui Blue: Toys & Games

Kids of all ages (even adults) will love filling this funny little toy with water and then squeezing it. Also makes for a great bath toy. Not recommended for children under age one. 

2. Disney Mickey Junior Clubhouse Swimmer

Disney Junior - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Water Swimmer: Toys & Games

Young children will enjoy watching Mickey Mouse swim. Wind him up and watch him splash. Recommended for children 18 months and older. 

Safety when using a toddler pool

Just because a toddler pool contains a small amount of water, doesn’t mean that it can’t be dangerous. Children can drown in less than two inches/6 centimeters of water and drowning is the most common cause of accidental death among children. It’s essential to take steps to keep children safe.

Children must always be closely supervised and monitored by adults while in the pool. In addition, adults, babysitters and anyone who will be responsible for children while swimming should be trained in and able to administer child CPR. This can mean the difference between life and death!

Always be sure that water is removed from your kiddie pool after use. An unattended pool filled with water is a danger as it only takes a moment for a child to slip away from adults unnoticed.  It is also recommended to use child life jackets. A life jacket is different from a pool noodle or water wings which won’t prevent drowning. Remember even children wearing a life jacket must be watched closely by adults at all times while swimming. Sunburn is also a pool time hazard for kids and adults alike. Be sure to use a waterproof sunblock with a high SPF and reapply often according to the directions on the bottle.  

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With a list of the coolest toddler pools above, we hope there's a suitable one for you and your family to enjoy in the hot summer season! You'll soon become the favorite parent if you're always the first to say,' Waterplay time!'. Aside to all things fun, do remember to never leave your child unattended. Happy splashing!