How To Actively Find Your Soulmate And Feel It

Ever wonder where your soulmate is? Perhaps you've already found your soulmate. Read on to learn the ways for you to actively find your soulmate!

By Rebecca L
How To Actively Find Your Soulmate And Feel It

Finding a soulmate requires effort and time

To get someone you love or who loves you is a long and magnificent journey in life. You may have seen this in movies or heard it from people, but it isn’t as easy as it may look. Before embarking on the journey to find your other half, ensure that you fine and comfortable with yourself. You should acknowledge every one of your qualities, shortcomings and your quirks because loving yourself is very important when you are searching for that exceptional person for you. While looking for your soulmate, try to be a better person. Since you share the same special feeling with that person, make sure you give something good to that partner.

When searching for your soulmate, try as much as possible not to set high expectation for them. That person might not turn out to be the best partner for you; however, that individual can give you a lot more. If you truly believe in your soul mate, then you have to relax and let your soulmate do the rest of the job. Finding someone who loves you is a long process which requires a lot of patience. You should be patient and continue looking searching because that person is also out there searching for you, as well. Be calm and do not rush because you might end up with someone who isn’t your soulmate, but appears to be. You don’t want to regret all the stress you have gone through to get to that stage. Here are some genuine tips to assist you on your journey to finding your soulmate

Find the right astrology sign

When you are looking for someone, you can't always rely on your intuitions. Astrology can help you find the perfect soulmate. Do you get along more with a Libra? Did a Leo ever treated you good? Did a Scorpio ever cheat on you? There are fortunetellers who uses astrology to help you find the best match for you. If you still feel comfortable using your instincts or your friends for advice, don't think too deeply about astrology. Start with astrology websites where you can fill in your birthday, and you can have fun learning about what they say about your star.

Learn from past relationships

Whenever there is a break up in a relationship, there is always a lesson to learn. However, many people overlook these lessons and just jump into another relationship asking why a similar thing keeps happening. Going straight into a new relationship after a recent break up is not advisable and can seriously affect you. Whenever you do this, it is a sign that you’ve not learned from your mistake, you are only about to make another one. For an average person, it takes up to two years to recover from a broken serious relationship. This period is meant to re-evaluate where things went wrong.

Do not settle for less

You will never get to find a perfect soulmate if you are the type that settles for less. Most times you feel lonely and single, but it is better to have those feelings than to get involved with the wrong person. Most of the time, we get tired of searching for our perfect soul mate and just settle for the available best person. Whenever this happens, and you settle for the available best person, you may eventually lose and not get the chance to meet your soul mate. Do not lose your opportunity by settling for the next best thing. Be sure about what you need and who you need and stick to it.

Find yourself before finding a soulmate

Before you start searching for that exceptional person, you need to first check yourself and fill any voids that you have. Do not go into a relationship and expects your soul mate to fill that void in you. Always try to check for what is missing in you before getting into that relationship. You should be a complete person from the start, do not wait for a person to complete you. Deal with yourself first before your begin your search for a soul mate. Visit a therapist; they can help you with whatever problem you are facing. It is not advisable to walk into a relationship when you still have some things to fix in your life.

Communication is the key

If you want to create a long lasting and loving relationship, you must possess this skill. Many people think they are expert when it comes to communication, but when it comes to intimate relationship, they don’t know to communicate. Figure out how to communicate when you are trapped, passionate and emotional. Talk to people about your feelings, the way you want things and always try to make your point.

Get over a broken relationship

After a recent breakup, you might go through a traumatic experience that drains you emotionally and physically. When this happens, take a little time trying to get yourself fixed, get your mind straight and repair yourself emotionally and physically. This process is very important because to move forward you must first fix yourself and look good on the inside. If this is successfully done, then you can make a move to get a perfect soul mate.

Don’t move with the wrong friends and find the right ones

A large number of us don't understand that the way we adapt to being single can really hurt our chances of finding a new partner. After we get hurt by someone, we then surround ourselves with friends who act as our protectors and comforters so that new people cannot reach us. Your friends are very important to you, but at the same time, you must be careful of the ones you choose because they might block new people from associating with you. Don’t be over protected!

Start all over

After a time of grieving your loss, you need to stop and concentrate on finding new joy. Abstain from going into a relationship with anyone immediately because what happened in the previous relationship might repeat itself. There is a better chance of finding a perfect soul mate when you actually stop looking for one. This might sound strange, but it’s the truth. It is obviously better to look for social situations where dating is not included, for example, going to dance classes, partaking in events or any event that involves a lot of people. During this process, you can be recommended to someone even if you don’t meet the person directly.

Learn to love yourself

Loving another person will be very difficult unless you love yourself first. This is very important. If you don’t love yourself, you will be inviting a lot of insecurities into your relationship. Likewise, you may not feel loved by another person if you don’t love yourself. We as a whole have our own issues; they might be as a result of our wrong past relationship or wrong upbringing however that doesn’t have to be permanent. We all can make the decision and be move on from our past experiences. You have an opportunity to move forward in life and learn how to love yourself.

Do not give up! Your future soulmate is still trying!

If you are searching for a soulmate, somebody who shares a deep feeling and intimacy with you, at that point you will be more cautious in choosing who you will date and spend the rest of your life with. In most cases, you have short relationships with good people who are not meant to be your soul mate. You have to keep trying hard to find the right person. Most times you question yourself and wonder if you will ever find the right person meant for you. In any case, do not give up! The more you search around and date, the more you learn about the things you want in your soul mate and also discover things you don’t want. If you live in a city where there are no potentials of future partners, then you might want to expand your search outside of that city and find the right person.

Focus on your feelings

The way you feel when you are around your partner is what shows whether the person is right for you or not. There is this constant feeling that comes up anytime you are around your potential future partner; you can easily feel they are the right person. Do they encourage you or discourage when you need their advice? Do you gain more energy or get drained anytime you are with them? Do you anticipate spending more time together or can hardly wait to be alone? Are you a better person with or without them? Are you satisfied with the relationship or you constantly feel something is wrong? Most of the time, we question our feelings and ourselves, particularly during times of troubles or stress. Always check how you feel with them every time you are together. Always be honest with how you feel about them, let them know what exactly you feel whether it is disappointing or scary. It is a good thing to discover what is entirely wrong with a relationship at the early stage rather than after you have made serious commitment to the relationship.

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A soulmate can help you fulfill your life

Even after finding your soul mate, you should know that they will not make all your troubles go away instantly. When you have discovered your perfect partner, you can still face some issues in life; don’t expect life to be all good because you’ve found your soul mate. Your soul mate is there with you as a team to handle all obstacles that come your way and help you conquer every problem you may face. After you’ve found your soul mate, there will be issues along the way, but if there is a strong bond between you two, you can easily overcome all problems. Finding someone perfect for you and can be with for life requires a lot of patience. The process involved can take a lot of time and patience, it involves you knowing what matters, the right place to look and working together with the person you found. Once you’ve found your soul mate, you need to work together to make the bond stronger. Learn the process involved in finding your soul mate and be sure to find the right person for you!

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