What does Single Women really want from Relationships

All the Singles Ladies - What Women really want in their heart

By Madiha A.
What does Single Women really want from Relationships

A list of what Women really want in their heart

No matter how independent a woman is, she is still an emotional creature. What a woman wants in a relationship and life, on the whole, can be difficult for men to understand. Giving a little attention here and there can help men solve the mystery. Turning to online resources for the starters or asking in the least can be pretty helpful. For all those men who are still struggling to figure out what their female spouse, partner or girlfriend wants in their heart but might not say; this list can be beneficial. 

1.    Humility, Equality & Decency

Competitive nature of men and their ego becomes a losing proposition in the relationship. Women want a man who treats them with humility, see them as their equal and shows decency in actions and words.

2.    Attention

A complete focus and complete attention are what a woman really wants. If she is trying to talk to you, put away your phone, switch off the TV and get rid of all kinds of distractions. This is what she simple requires; you – all ears.

3.    Gentleness & Respect

No matter how rough and competitive you are, be as gentle with your woman as possible. She wants you to be polite and gentle.

4.    Utter Display of Love – in Words & Actions

Saying “I love you” is not enough. Being thoughtful and considerate in the ups and downs of life and compromising and forgiving is what a woman wants from her significant other. It doesn’t mean that you should stop saying those loving words but prove the love with actions. 

5.    Unconditional Acceptance

No one is perfect. Every individual has flaws and these flaws make them unique, make them who they are. Unconditional acceptance means accepting the woman of your life with all her strengths and weaknesses. Don’t judge her for her actions and accept the traits that are part of the personality you love.

Basic Needs in Relationship

The basic human need to love and be loved bring two people together. They decide to share life and meet each other’s humanly needs. These needs are termed as dependency needs as we are dependent on the other person to meet them.  
Basic needs have been defined several times over time by experts and can be divided into 6 main groups

1.    Certainty

One of the most basic human needs is to feel safe which means avoiding pain (physical and emotional) and feel comfortable. Being humans the first and foremost thing we need from a relationship is the certainty. A comfortable home, financial stability, availability of medical care and safe neighborhood come under the umbrella of certainty. When it comes to relationships, each human expects certainty; a feeling of being safe and comfortable in the company of the other human being. The very first thing a woman looks for in a man is the feeling of being safe in his company. She needs to feel protected and at home with him. 

2.    Uncertainty

Where certainty can mean boredom, uncertainty becomes another basic need. The need for variety, stimulation and challenges so you can exercise your physical and emotional traits. Human beings love surprises and suspense in life. From learning new skills to surprise your loved ones and extreme sports to compulsive sexuality is to meet the need of uncertainty. Women need that extra spice; surprises and suspense are well received and greatly appreciated.   

3.    Significance

The need to feel important is basic to every human being. The feeling of being wanted is very satisfying. The need to have someone in your life that makes you feel special by their actions and words increases self-worth. You try to come up to their expectations to avoid rejection. Every woman needs to feel wanted. To make a relationship work, make the woman of your life feel she is the most important person in your life.  

4.    Love & Connection

The need to feel connected is very basic to human nature. Whether this feeling involves love or not, feeling connected to other human beings is important to nurture a healthy life. Human beings keep on looking for common interests and goals to feel belonged. This connection ends up in love and friendship. The epitome of this connection can be seen in the love of a mother for her child, romantic love between two individuals and any other relationship that brings two or more people together in an unbreakable bond. Love and connection is the basis of romantic relationships. Women require it twice as much as men. 

5.    Growth

The process of growth involves emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. Physical growth is natural and comes with age. Emotional and intellectual growth comes with experience. As long as you feel growing, you remain confident in your relationships.    

6.    Contribution

The sixth and last need is the contribution. “The secret to living is giving”, said Tony Robbins. The contribution is primary to the success of a relationship. It gives a sense of fulfillment. When all our needs are fulfilled, we focus on giving them back to complete the process. If your own basic needs are not fulfilled you will not be able to successfully contribute. Only a happy and satisfied human being can contribute to others or some noble cause.  

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Emotional Needs in Relationship

Every person needs emotional support from time to time. Women being fragile and vulnerable always require a sympathetic shoulder, a listening ear and a kind heart to share her fears, apprehensions and secrets. Men and women both have emotional needs differing in one way or the other but women being the weaker of the two requires reassurance on an emotional level more often than men. Emotional understanding is the right tool to penetrate your woman and get to know the real her. Below is a list of emotional needs in a relationship which are mostly based on basic needs but a bit deeper.

Protect Her Reputation

She needs the protection of her physical self but the most important thing that she needs to keep safe and protected is her reputation. 

Take Care of Her Inner Child

Every individual has a child inside of them. The girl inside the woman you are in a relationship with needs to be well taken care of. Understand her demands and feelings and provide the necessary reassurance from time to time.


Assurance & Re-Assurance

She needs the reassurance that she will not be abandoned. She fears being left alone. She needs you to stand by her side and face the ups and down of life with her as a true partner.


Be Honest with Her

She needs you to be open and honest with her. No matter what the issue, be straight forward and tell her the truth. She might take it as a drama queen but it is better than her finding it later or worst; from someone else.


Needs You to be the Man of her Life

She is headstrong and independent but deep inside her heart, she needs you to take control. She wants a man who is responsible and has leadership qualities. In the end, every fault has to be pinned on him.

Expectations in Relationship

Relationship experts and psychologists emphasized on expecting least and giving most in relationships. Donald Baucom, psychology professor at the University of North Carolina, suggests the opposite. After studying relationship expectations for a decade, he concludes that people get what they expect and lowering your expectations does not guarantee a happy life. The bigger you expect the better you get. Being moderate can help you live a happy and satisfying life. Here is how:

Expect Better:

Single women usually expect men to be too good and too honest and too much of every thing. Finding "too many" goods in one man is not possible. Neither go for good nor jump for the best; expecting better is good enough for starting and maintaining a healthy relationship. Walking the middle lane on the road of life will keep you remain focused and help you avoid disappointment and frustration.  

Be Realistic:

Single women usually expect life out of a romantic novel or a movie. Life is neither a novel nor a movie.  Real life man will not act according to the script; he will be spontaneous which can be both good and bad at the same time. You are a real human and you will get a real human so be realistic in what you expect and demand.

Expect the Unexpected:

When trying to get into a relationship, you might expect everything to go according to a plan. No matter how good you have planned everything, you can always get what you least expected in a relationship. It can be on the good side of the scale and can be on the exact opposite side of the scale; be ready. No matter how good or bad a situation is, be prepared for unexpected.

Only expect what you can offer in return:

You learn to compromise and adjust in relationships. Single women and men are not ready to compromise in the early stages of relationships. They expect everything one sided. They want to be loved and respected whether or not they are offering it. Expect love if you are ready to offer an equal level of love in return. Expect respect, honesty, friendship, loyalty and forgiveness only if you yourself are prepared to give back.


What to expect from your partner is difficult to list down. Each relationship is different and so is every individual. In between all these expectations; life happens. Men and women depend on each other to meet each other’s needs. A healthy relationship is based on several factors including communication, honesty, trust, understanding, respect and love. Men and women, both need to understand each other’s demands and come up to each other’s expectations to make this relationship work. If you are a man, reading this article, try to understand what your better half expects from you and if you are a woman, reading this article; be realistic. Have fun as you journey this love relationship together!!

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