10 types of facial treatments in the aesthetics market

The different kind of facial treatments for aesthetic purposes

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10 types of facial treatments in the aesthetics market

Use of aesthetic medicine is increasing day by day in today’s world. Aesthetic treatments are used for conditions like scaring, hyperpigmentation, skin discoloration, liver fat, moles and unwanted hair etc. Aesthetic medicine also includes reconstructive surgeries, plastic surgeries, and dermatology.  Aesthetic medicine may include both surgical and non-surgical procedure; experts may utilize the combination of both, depending on your treatment. 

Experts prefer the overall assessment of health before performing such procedures to make sure that symptom being treated does not indicate any underlying medical condition. Between the years 2012-2013, almost 11 million nonsurgical aesthetic procedures were performed in the USA. Although these procedures are safe at times the procedure causes permanent damage or results are not satisfying, it’s very important to choose your practitioner and the treatment wisely.

Facial treatments for different skin type

1. Acne Blue Light Therapy

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Acne blue light therapy is a famous aesthetic treatment which is used to treat the skin suffering from acne and breakout. In this treatment, lights are used in the blue wavelength range in order to kill the bacteria which cause acne and breakout. As per the American Academy of Dermatology, the light treatments are incredible when it comes to treating acne, breakouts, and scars. Many people have benefited from such treatments as it makes your acne free and healthy. Acne blue light therapy is used to treat the acne which is already there on the skin & it also prevents the acne from growing further. However, the experts warn that the treatment may not clear up all acne; additional treatments may be required, depending on the skin and condition.

2. Medical Grade Facial for dry skin

Medical grade facial is also called medi-facials. It is an incredible treatment which focuses on making your skin hydrated and glowing. It is very useful when it comes to treating conditions like dry skin. This treatment can be used for dry skin, dehydrated skin, and sensitive skin and sun damages as well. This treatment makes your dry skin and damaged skin make and look hydrated and moisturized. This treatment is performed mostly at medical cosmetologist’s office. Constituents and devices like peels, microdermabrasion LED Therapy, Photorejuvenation (IPL), derma-planing and microcurrents etc. are used in the procedure. It makes your skin look hydrated, soft and supple just after a single session.

3. Chemical Peels for oily skin

Oily skin looks shiny but lifeless; this condition leads to the sufferings like acne, greasy skin, breakouts and excessive oil on face. Chemical peel formula is specifically designed to treat conditions like excessive oil, acne & grease on the skin. It is very beneficial if you have oily skin or if you are someone who lives in a hot & humid climate. A chemical peel is also known as derma-peeling treatment or chemexfoliation. It helps in improving the appearance of the skin by making it look less shiny and greasy. It also exfoliated the skin by removing dead cells, making your skin look healthy. Although it is suitable for all skin types it’s very beneficial if you suffer from conditions like excessive oil, acne, shine & grease.

4. Chemical Exfoliation (For Combination Skin)

People with combination skin often find themselves in a very confusing state as if they are fighting a battle with their skin. Faces with such skin suffer from excessive oil on nose and forehead but face dryness on cheeks. Chemical exfoliation is the process which fixes the issue of combination skin by removing dead cells and excessive grease from oily areas like nose and chin; it also prevents the dry areas like cheeks from becoming further dry by making them hydrated and removing dead skin cells. In chemical exfoliations, different acids are used to dissolve dead skin cells and unclog pores. If your combination skin also suffers from acne then chemical exfoliation would be a beneficial choice for you.

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Electrical, Spa and Laser facial treatments

Electrical facial treatments

5. Microcurrent

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Microcurrent is an electrical facial treatment which focuses on issues like wrinkles, fine lines, and aging. It balances the skin and lifts the contours of the face.  It is also called Natural Face Lift. It is a painless and a safe procedure which improves the texture of the skin, fixes the aging issue, conceals wrinkles and increases the cellular activity of the skin. The results include healthier and younger looking skin, regardless of the age. Electric currents of extremely low voltage are emitted by the microcurrent facial, it mirrors the electrical currents of the body on a cellular level in order to fix and repair the issues like damaged skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and aging etc. It also stimulates elastin production of your skin.

6. Vacuum Suction Treatment

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It is a highly beneficial electrical facial treatment which focuses on fixing skin issues like color correction, dark circles, skin texture, and hyperpigmentation etc. It is mostly used for sluggish skin, dark circles, and eye bags. This treatment gently removes toxins from the skin, increases blood circulation, injects fresh nutrients into the skin which results in healthy, fair and glowing skin. It enhances the appearance of the skin and makes it look younger and fresh. It also helps in brightening up the skin by removing the layer of dead skin cells from the face which is caused by pollution, sun, and makeup. It is also very beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin.

Spa facial treatments

7. Vitamin C Facials

It is the most beneficial spa facial if you want to treat issues like dark skin, sun damage and dark spots etc. Sun, pollution, and stress have lots of negative effects on the skin. Vitamin C facial aims to detoxify the skin from harmful radicals and makes your skin look brighter, smoother and clearer. It hydrates the skin, strengthens the skin’s defense system against harmful radical, detoxifies and balances the Ph. level of the skin in order to make the skin look brighter and younger. Strong antioxidants containing Vitamin C are used to perform this facial. 

8. Oxygen Facial

This treatment is highly beneficial if you suffer from dry and rough skin. It aims to fix the issue of skin dryness but hydrating the skin deeply. This treatment is performed using a device which is used to hydrates the skin by spraying atomized moisturizers on your face. The treatment gives you smooth and hydrate skin just after a single session, making your skin fresh and plumper. It also fixes the imperfections caused by the dry skin which include aging, roughness, fine lines and dullness of the skin. Oxygen facial is very famous among Hollywood celebrities. It is the ultimate therapy of skin hydration which makes your skin look smooth and hydrated.

Laser facial treatments

9. Fractional CO2 Laser

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This laser treatment is highly beneficial for issues like aging, wrinkles and fine lines etc. It also widely used to treat the dark spots and scars left by acne & breakouts. This treatment is considered one of the best for removing deep acne scars and aging. It is used to gently remove the layer of skin tissue in a fractional method which results in the fixation of issues like aging, scars, hyperpigmentation, discoloration etc. Fraction C02 is the best treatment if you want to fix various skin issues using a single treatment.

10. Laser Genesis

It is a widely used laser treatment for skin. It is mostly used to correct the skin tone and to remove the scars left by acne. It is a painless procedure which makes your skin look even toned and blemish free. It also enhances the texture of the skin by removing fine lines and large pores. It is one the most performed laser treatments in the cosmetic industry. It is equally beneficial for both men and women. It heals the skin by stimulating the production of collagen.


We have provided you with a list of one of the most beneficial skin treatments which are available in the market right now. It is important to understand that each treatment serves a completely different purpose. Each treatment aims to fix the issue which is different and unique. In order to get the desired results, make sure you evaluate your skin type & your skin issue as it will help you in choosing the right treatment for your skin. Every skin is different and unique that is why it is very important to do proper research and evaluation before choosing the skin treatment.