12 Stylish Mom Purse to carry while chasing after toddlers

Mom purse does not always have to be the ugly and unglam

By Evelyn
12 Stylish Mom Purse to carry while chasing after toddlers

What is a Mom Purse

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When you had your first kid, you needed a diaper bag, that big (and sometimes) ugly bag where you put all the things that you deem necessary for your baby. As your baby grows and becomes a toddler the diaper bag is no longer needed, but still, you need a place to stuff "all the things" and a cute normal size bag isn't going to cut it. What to do? Well, you need to get a mom purse.

The problem is that many mom purses are not mom-friendly. You still have a lot of things to carry on your bag and most mom purses are so gorgeous on the outside (all leathery with very cool designs) but they're not functional, they don't have pockets or divisions so you could have some organization on the inside. It only stresses you out, because when you need to find something it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

So if you're looking for a mom purse, keep this in mind:

  • Don't get a huge purse (you still have a kid to carry), but also don't get a tiny one. Have in mind all the "essentials" you need to carry (wipes, the occasional diaper, snacks) and get one according to that.
  • Consider color too, white or light color ones are not recommended because no matter what you do, your purse will get dirty.
  • Usually, your hands are full, so your mom purse has to have long straps so you can wear it over your shoulder or across your body.
  • "All the things" you're going to carry will definitely weigh a lot, so you don't need to add weight with a heavyweight mom purse.

Now that you know what a mom purse is and what to look for when you get one, we'd like to give you some options. Take a look.

2019 Best 12 Mom Purse for Moms and Working Moms

The time has come where you need to ditch your diaper bag because now you have a toddler in the house and because you can't stand it (the diaper bag not the baby) any more. You need a mom purse with lots of room, functional but also beautiful and stylish. You can get a mom purse with glam. Do you fancy that? 

We got you covered, we'll show 12 of the best choices for mom purses, we're sure one of them will catch your eye.

Let's begin.

1. S-ZONE WOMEN Leather Top Handle Handbag Cross body Shoulder Bag Messenger Tote Bag Purse

S-ZONE Women Leather Top Handle Bag

 You could consider this mom purse like a diaper bag in disguise; wink and the best part is, that it looks nothing like a diaper bag, as you can see it's beautiful. The design is very sleek and it hides so well all the inside pockets! This is a fashionable and chic mom purse and you have the option to wear it across your shoulders with the straps or just use the regular handles. So far, so good. 

It's made from leather, so it will last. As you can see it has 6 inside pockets so you are covered. It will carry "all the things" in an organized way (yeah!) and it has enough space to tow around your stuff and your toddler's. It comes in different colors and it's affordable too.

2. Dasein Designer Purse

Dasein Designer Purse

This mom purse by Dasein is proof that you don't need to sacrifice style to have a functional purse. Here you have a fashionable alternative to a diaper bag, it's really easy to carry, you can choose between the regular handles or the crossbody strap.

It is lightweight and has a lot of space so you can carry all the essentials and all the stuff you need for your toddler (snacks, wipes, lotions) you can even carry your tablet. It has a front zip pocket that's very convenient for when you need easy access to things like your keys or your phone or a wipe. It comes in different colors and it's made of leather.   

3. Isoki Madame Polly Baby Diaper Bag

Isoki Madame Polly Diaper Bag

This mom purse is a sneaky one, it looks like a designer purse (really beautiful) and has all the features of a diaper bag without the bulk. This choice of mom purse is one of the best for moms with toddlers. It has 2 main pockets, so you can use one for all the things your toddler needs and the other one for your things. It's made of leather so it'll last for a long time.

It comes with a zipper pouch for coins, insulated bottles holder and a changing pad, so convenient! Plus the shoulder pad is adjustable. This mom purse is not cheap, but if your budget allows it, go for it!

4. Coach Christie Carryall in Crossgrain Leather

Coach Christie Carryall Crossgrain Leather

Who doesn't want a Coach purse? I do! and this purse checks all the boxes to be considered a great choice for a mom purse. It's made of leather, so you know it will last and you can have your pick regarding color. With it's two main pockets you'll have enough space to tow around all the things you and your toddler need.

It has an inside zip pocket (for keys) and a cell pocket too for easy access to those items. You can use the handles for when you don't have to carry a toddler or use the strap and wear it crossbody.

5. Momies Designer Diaper Bag

Momies Designer Diaper Bag

This mom purse is modern, stylish and has a lot of convenient features to make your life easier. It has many roomy storage pockets, two handles, and a strap so you can wear accordingly. It's waterproof so you're covered in case of leaks or spills and is made of cotton twill in a very fashionable light gray color.

Thanks to all the sections pockets you'll be able to carry all the arsenal of things your kid needs plus all your essentials in an organized way.

6. Fossil Kinley Crossbody Bag

Fossil Kinley Crossbody, Black

This mom purse is a great choice too. It's made of cotton and is very spacious with a zipper closure. On the inside, it has 2 zipper pockets and 1 media pocket so you can carry all the things essential to you and your toddler. On the outside, there are 3 more pockets, 2 in the front (one snap, one zipper) and 1 zipper pocket in the back, so you see lots of stowing space. 

It comes with an adjustable crossbody strap and the design is so modern, you'll look very fashionable wearing it.

7. Coofit Tote Handbag

Coofit Tote Handbag

The Coofit mom purse offers you lots of space with the multiple compartments where you can carry your phone, makeup, keys, glasses plus all your toddler's things. It's large enough so you can carry a book if you want too or a changing pad or a bottle. 

This mom purse has a classic and simple design and it's made from high-quality faux-leather. It comes in black and brown and you can wear it over your shoulder thanks to the strap or carry it via the two handles.

8. Kemy's Crossbody Waxed Canvas Vintage Bag

Kemy's Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag

This mom purse is perfect if you need your husband to wear it for a day out with the little one.wink It's a unisex bag option because it has a neutral design, it looks like a messenger bag but we're sure you or your toddler's daddy will look very fashionable wearing it.
It has plenty of room on the inside to carry all the things your toddler needs, it doesn't have inside pockets so things won't be as organized as you'd like, but it has a zipper pocket on the outside where you can stow all your must-haves like keys, phone, chapstick, hand cream.

9. Realer's Large Designer Ladies Shoulder Bag Bucket Style

Realer's Large Designer Ladies Shoulder Bag Bucket Style

Don't you just love this mom purse design? It's made of leather, it has a soft texture but it'll last. It has a lot of space: 3 separate compartments on the inside and 2 pockets on the outside, so you'll be able to carry all your toddler's things and yours in an organized way.

The handle is interchangeable, you can wear the short one on the shoulder or exchange it for the longer one and wear it crossbody.

10. Wallaroo Designer Tote for Mom

Wallaroo Designer Tote for Mom

If you have more than one kid to tote around then this is the mom purse to get because you'll need a bigger bag. This bag has lots of space, a very clean interior which is handy when you're dealing with two kids and all the little accidents. The design is very fashionable and it has plenty of pockets to carry all you need. You can carry it as a handbag, or on the shoulder or crossbody style.

if you treat it with care, it'll last you plenty.

11. BNWVC Top Handle Tote

BNWVC Top Handle Tote

This mom purse is so practical and classy, you'll look great wearing it. It is a very functional bag made of high-quality leather with a top zipper closure. It has plenty of space to carry your things and your toddler's essential in an organized way thanks to it's 6 inside pockets.

It comes with a detachable handle so you can wear it crossbody too.

12. AILLOSA Women Designer Satchel Shoulder Tote Bag

AILLOSA Women Designer Satchel Shoulder Tote Bag

If you're on a budget but want a mom purse that looks very fashionable, this AILLOSA Designer Bag is for you. The design is very elegant and simple. It has one main compartment, 2 internal zipper pockets and 2 opens pockets, so lots of space to carry your essentials and your toddler's things.

it's made of leather, so it's durable and there are color options for you to choose from. 

What are the essentials inside a Mom Purse?

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Now that you have made your choice of mom purse, it's time to talk about what are you going to carry inside it.
Every mom knows that her purse is not really exclusively for her things, especially if you have kids. If you get inside a mom purse you'll find that it's home to all kinds of weird and sometimes gross things (like petrified food snacks?)

But apart from that, there are some essentials that you need to carry inside your purse in case of any "emergencies".

1. First Aid Kit

This is a must for every mom. You can buy one from the store or you can make it. You'll need at least 4 band-aids, 2 alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment, a pain reliever, tweezers and Benadryl. 

2. You need cash

We know, now you can pay almost anything with plastic, but there are still places where you need cash (vending machines, farmer markets, tolls roads), so always carry some.

3. Food, well snacks

If you don't want a hungry and cranky kid when you're stuck in traffic or someplace else, you need to always carry some kind of snack, it'll keep the peace.

4. Some cleaning supplies, like wipes and hand sanitizer

Kids get dirty, so be prepared with some individual wipes and some hand sanitizer because sometimes while they're having fun they touch some very gross things (like bugs).

5. Your best friend aka your smart phone

With your smartphone in tow, you can call in case of an emergency, you can illuminate a path if the need arises, it can help you with navigation in case you get lost and it can help to keep your kids entertained. Don't leave home without it! Of course, do bring along a lightweight portable charger to withstand the test of time! 


A mom purse doesn't have to be that ugly and huge bag that you have to carry around while you carry your toddler. A mom purse can be a very fashionable and stylish accessory that you'll want to flaunt around. Take your pick today!