Skin care regimen that famous celebrities use

Are celebrities skin care regimen any different from ours?

Skin care regimen that famous celebrities use

Forget negative stories, skin care is a necessity for every girl. Girls are created to be beautiful and one way to put your beauty forward is taking good care of your skin, especially so if you are a celebrity. Being a celebrity, your whole life is centered around the media so almost every minute you're taking pictures, making videos and all, so you have to put your best face forward, as image is everything.

Over the years, a lot of people have been searching and researching the kind of skincare regimen that celebrities use such as like Blake Lively, Elle Fanning, Camilla Cabello and lots more. We look at them and wonder what’s their secret to flawless skin. Well in our article today, we have decided to put together the different skin care regimen of famous celebrities.

Are celebrities’ skin care regimen any different from ours?

I know a lot of us would be wondering if celebrities skincare regimen is entirely different from the regular skincare regimen we use. Well, a lot of celebrities would tell you stories of how they keep healthy habits that boost their skin radiance. They tell you that they drink gallons of water, use SPF 60 on a regular basis, so their faces don't burn. Well if you look deeper, their skin care regimen isn't that different from the daily skin care regimen we use. Celebrities go more in-depth in finding the best products that are suitable for their skin and they use them is such a way that it would produce good results. 

Hollywood female celebrity skin care routine

Lots of female celebrities are always looking beautiful and younger by the day. Just like we all keep wondering what is it they do that we are not doing right? Well, I have got good news for you today, I have gathered some female celebrities’ skin routine to help you get that radiant look.

Here are a few female celebrities skin care routines:

1. Kendal Jenner

Source: @kendalljenner / Instagram

Kendal shared her skin routine in an interview and revealed that by using well-beaten eggs with lemon juice on the face for 30 minutes before rinsing helps improve the quality of the skin. For spot treatment, she revealed that she uses lemon juice and baking soda (the acidity in the ingredients blasts the spots) after which she uses purely natural calming honey to soothe the skin. This routine helps in surprise blemishes as a result of the fact that female celebrities are always on makeup, so skin care is one of the significant things they do to keep looking radiant. 

2. Lucy Hale

Source: @lucyhale / Instagram

Lucy shared some skincare routine for sensitive and cystic skins. The pretty little liar star was hit by acne some time ago. According to Lucy, she has very sensitive skin and acne prone skin. Therefore, with a little help, she was able to use some skin routines that kept her skin glowing. Lucy revealed some strategies that helped her get rid of acne and maintained a glowing skin despite her having very sensitive skin. Here is a list of Lucy Hale’s morning and night routine.

Morning skin care routine:

Night skincare routine:

  • Makeup remover: after photo shoots, interviews and videos, the makeup on the face need to be taken out. Lucy uses Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes to clean heavy makeups from the face.
  • Oil cleanser: Lucy double cleanses her face with DHC deep cleansing oil to get rid of thick dirt from the face and pores.
  • Cleansing face brush: the brush is to exfoliate the skin, it helps in cleaning the pores so the skin can breathe. Always go to bed with clear skin.
  • Acne treatment: Mario Badesco Drying lotion for dry skin. So you can go to bed with the Mario Badescu drying lotion on.
  • Face moisturizer: SkinCeuticals daily moisture to moisturize the skin and it’s suitable for both oily and healthy skin.
  • Diet: eating healthy is sure one way to get a healthy skin just like Lucy Hale. Raw foods and proteins are one of her recipes to getting a healthy body and skin.

3. Margot Robbie

Source: @margotrobbieofficial / Instagram

Just like other famous female celebrities’ skincare routine, Magot Robbie's skin care isn't any different. According to Maggot Robbie, she starts by cleaning in the shower after which she uses Skin111 before applying makeups. At nights she uses a Dr. Lancer cleanser and La Prairie moisturizers before going to bed. For makeup, Magot uses either Laurer Mercier tinted moisturizer of Elias Faas skin veil foundation mixed with some moisturizers.

Hollywood male celebrity skin care routine

Just like the female celebrities who take good care of their skin, so does the famous male celebrities. It isn't only the ladies that want to look beautiful and glowing, the men too, need to look good. Let's take a look at some male celebrity skin routine.

1. David Beckham

Source: @davidbeckham / Instagram

Everybody knows David Beckham and his obsession for skin care. Davis recently announced that he would be soon releasing his own brand house 99 which will feature 13 products ranging from moisturizers, beard oils and shaving cream. David Beckham never jokes with his skincare routine, no wonder he has such amazing and flawless skin, beards and hair. David uses tinted moisturizers to moisturize the skin, face masks, tweezed eyebrows and face concealers for under eye. 

2. Ryan Reynolds

Source: @vancityreynolds / Instagram

Ryan keeps it a bit simple by sticking to sunscreens with high SPF that reduces skin pores and keeps wrinkling in check.

3. Jonny Depp

Source: @johnnydeppaccountofficial / Instagram

Jonny Depp, the famous captain black sparrow. Well, Jonny is addicted to rich diets in fruits and proteins and also a small trick which is wearing glasses with blue lenses. According to research, wearing glasses with blue lenses increases serotonin levels in the brain, so his overall health is being checked.

Korean celebrites shares tips on skin care regime

Korean celebrities have always happened to look flawless whether with makeup or with bare faces. We noticed that most of the time, these Korean celebrities like to keep it real on both skin care and makeup, they use the best and most affordable means to put their skin in order on a daily basis. Being the fact they are not stingy with sharing their beauty secrets with us, we have put together some beauty tips of some Korean celebrities that would help give you radiant skin.

1. Jung Hoyeon

Source: @hoooooyeony / Instagram

Hung made some revelations in a video for both skin care tips. For skin care, Jung revealed that massaging pressure points would help increase blood circulation which in turn increases oxygen distribution to the skin. This helps to improve skin tone and puffiness

2. Pony

Source:  @ponysmakeup / Instagram

Pony reveals that washing your face with green tea water improves the quality of the skin. Soaking two or three bags of green tea in warm water for some minutes before using them to wash the face improves the skin a lot. This is because it is known that green tea contains some anti-inflammatory properties which can protect the skin.

3. Nana

Source: @nanaouyang / Instagram

Nana, a cellist and actress, revealed that using olive oil from Spain is the real deal for cleaning your skin. She said that when getting olive oil for the skin, you should make sure it’s from Spain because of the authentic quality.

4. Ha Ji-won

Source: @hajiwon1023 / Instagram

This actress is obsessed with skin moisturizing, and she does not allow her skin to be dry for more than 3 seconds. After cleaning of the face, she applies her jelly pack from her line to her face to moisturize the face. Ha, Ji-won advises that the best way to start with a skin care routine is keeping a facial mist spray in the bathroom.


The world today is all about skin care and glowing skin. A lot of celebrities spend time and money to get the best skin care products that would make their skin glow — products that contain a lot of vitamins and SPF to protect the skin from any form of damage and perhaps support anti-aging. From the article, we would find out that most celebrities follow a single pattern for their beauty routine. Are you using the same routine as these celebrities?