Best collagen supplement and their wondrous benefits

The best collagen supplements that boost skin and health

By Sylvia Epie
Best collagen supplement and their wondrous benefits

Best collagen supplement for hair with reviews

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Collagen is a protein that builds connective tissues and enhances body chemicals like keratin and elastin. The human body naturally produces collagen but as we age the amount produced releases until it stops. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the body has about 16 types of collagen but the most important ones are types 1, 2, and 3. They support the skin, hair, muscles, bones, cartilage and more. Collagen is gotten from foods like fish, eggs, berries, oranges, and green vegetables. Collagen is essential to the body and its functioning and appearance. As we get older the body slowly stops producing collagen and starts to deteriorate.

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Although the body naturally produces collagen where production peaks at 20. It slows down by 1% every year and stops at 40. At this point the skin starts losing water and elasticity and develops wrinkles, hair breaks and the joints, ligaments, cartilage, and muscles wear out. And the best way to remedy this is by supplementing with marine or bovine collagen to enjoy healthy skin, hair, stronger joints, ligaments, tendons, and overall body functions.

Collagen is also beneficial to the brain, studies show that it protects the brain cells from proteins that could cause Alzheimer's disease in the long run.

Most supplements are made from animal tissues like fish scales, bones, skin, cattle leftovers that are rich in collagen. These proteins are broken down into small fragments and then added to pills, capsules, powders, drinks, protein bars and lots of other products. That said, always check with your healthcare provider if you are suitable to add these supplements to your routine if you have pre-existing conditions.

Best collagen supplement for hair with reviews

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Some of the many benefits of collagen are that it provides the hair with mega-watt shine, reduces hair breakage and repairs damaged hair, who wouldn’t want that?

According to reviews, here are the best collagen supplements for healthy hair.

1.Puritans Pride Hydrolyzed Collagen


Puritans Pride Hydrolyzed Collagen

This 100% pure collagen protein supplement provides all that is needed for hair and nail growth as well as restore hair strength and flexibility. It caters to muscles, cartilage, tendons, and teeth. The bottle contains 180 caplets of 1000mg each, and the dosage is 4 caplets per serving for outstanding results.

2.Flamingo Supplements 100 Collagen Gummies


Flamingo Supplements 100 Collagen Gummies

Flamingo collagen gummies have tropical and orange flavors that make them much more interesting. They are gluten-free and do not contain eggs, milk, soy or gelatin but nevertheless, they are not vegetarian. They are derived from fish and are type I and III collagen. 2 gummies a day is all that is needed to start repairing damaged hair and replenishing your scalp. 

3. Youtheory Collagen Advanced With Vitamin C

Youtheory Collagen Advanced With Vitamin C

Youtheory Collagen Advanced With Vitamin C is a great combination of two essential components that boost your overall health. This formula makes hair thicker and strengthens nails. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that enhance other body chemicals, a combination of both supplements work magic on hair, skin and the entire metabolism. 

4. Dr. Axe Multi-Collagen Protein Powder.


Dr. Axe Multi-Collagen Protein Powder

This is a type I, II, III, V, and X collagen, originating from beef, chicken, egg, and fish, it comes as close as possible to the human body’s natural collagen in composition. In powder form, it provides 5 different types of collagen and works its magic in all the different domains especially the hair and nails. The required dose is 7 grams and it could be mixed in water, coffee, a smoothie, cooked in pudding or baked in cakes or cookies, it’s versatile and tasteless.

Best collagen supplement for skin with reviews

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Collagen helps the skin retain moisture and build elasticity, the two essential aspects for healthy skin. The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology revealed that oral collagen peptide supplements can increase skin hydration in only eight weeks. Let's take a look at a few options that are best for skin care:

5.Reserveage Collagen Replenish Powder

Reserveage Collagen Replenish Powder

This collagen powder combined with vitamin C is a powerful mix, packed with much sought after properties that rejuvenate the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells, it’s tasteless so it can be added to anything from yogurt to juice and water and healthier skin improvements will be noticed early on in the consumption process. With the combination of collagen, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid found in this supplement healthy skin are guaranteed.

6. NeoCell Collagen Beauty Builder

NeoCell Collagen Beauty Builder

NeoCell collagen focuses on renewing skin cells after a few weeks change is visible. Here’s a review form a user of neoCell Collagen Beauty Builder.

‘’I have been using this product for about a month now. So far I've noticed that my skin seems 'plumper', like the fine lines in my forehead, are diminishing. My nails are definitely stronger, and growing much faster. Also, my hair does seem to be growing faster.’’ - Morgan Y

7. Forest Leaf Advanced Collagen

Forest Leaf Advanced Collagen

Forest Leaf Advanced Collagen is made up of type 1, 2 and 3 collagen and added minerals hyaluronic acid an hydration booster as well as vitamin C a skin brightening agent. The capsules are gluten-free and non-GMO and the required dose is 2 capsules daily. These pills will build the immune system, strengthen the skin, bones, and joints.

8. Sparkle Skin Boost Collagen packets

Sparkle Skin Boost Collagen packets

In liquid form, the Sparkle Skin Boost Collagen packets come in different fruity flavors orange, berries, apple, and a flavorless option. They can be added to anything, they provide 2,500 mg of collagen and 66 mg of vitamin C that works wonders for the skin and whole body.

Best collagen supplement for wrinkles with reviews

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Even though aging is natural and beautiful, a little extra care to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and increase the chances of better skin is always welcome. These are some of the best collagen supplements that will retain skin moisture and elastin causing it to age slower and get rid of wrinkles while building younger looking skin.

9. Amandean Premium Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Powder

Amandean Premium Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Powder

Amandean Premium Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Powder comes from wild-caught fish. This dietary supplement also has glycine, which is an active agent in repairing, damaged tissues, skin, and muscles. It helps the skin rebound faster and clears wrinkles.

10. AminoSculpt Liquid Collagen Supplement


AminoSculpt Liquid Collagen Supplement

This product has amazing reviews and users claimed it works magic. Some claim it does not only reduce fine lines but also reduces gray hair, others say their skin looked younger and healthier after only a few months of taking it.  A type I collagen, it has a cherry tart flavor and requires 2 tablespoons daily. Given the numerous reviews and high praise this product is definitely worth trying.

11.Sanar Naturals Collagen Hydrolysate Type 1 Anti-Wrinkle Formula

Sanar Naturals Collagen Hydrolysate Type 1 Anti-Wrinkle Formula

With this formula, wrinkles are tackled from the inside in a very natural way. The Sanar Naturals Collagen Hydrolysate Type 1 Anti-Wrinkle Formula has added vitamin C and E that eases the body’s rebuilding process. With 2 pills a day the skin gains its elasticity and line begin to fade away., the body starts looking plumper and brighter.

12. Amandean Collagen Peptides Stick Pack


Amandean Collagen Peptides Stick Pack

Type I collagen, Amandean Collagen Peptides Stick Pack as its name suggests comes in on-the-go packets that can be kept around for daily use, carried in your bag or in the office drawer. You could add it to your coffee or smoothie without it tasting any different.  These supplements will leave your skin rejuvenated and reduce wrinkles considerably.

Best collagen supplement for weight loss with reviews

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Collagen powder has a filling effect that helps those wanting to lose weight not have the urge to eat extra calories for hours. For weight loss, it is added to smoothies, juices, yogurt or taken with water. Check out some of the best weight loss collagen supplements.

13. Naked's Pure Bone Broth Protein Powder

Naked's Pure Bone Broth Protein Powder

Bone broth is essential to the famous keto weight-dropping diet, the Naked's Pure Bone Broth Protein Powder has no taste so it can be added to your coffee, juices, smoothies, yogurt, protein shakes, and soups. It keeps you full for hours and digests easily. Reviewers say it cuts down their appetite and they feel full for hours.

14. Vital Proteins' Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins' Collagen Peptides

roteins' Collagen Peptides supplement comes from grass-fed bovine and is gluten free, has no hormones, dairy, preservatives or GMOs. High in bioavailability, which means your body easily has access to all the molecules found in the product. Completely tasteless, these peptides could be added to anything and the only thing you’ll feel are the effects in your body. Reviewer testifies to weight loss experiences and healthy results.

15. Organic Plant Collagen Builder

Organic Plant Collagen Builder

A vegetarian option, Garden of Life my kind Organic Plant Collagen Builder is perfect for those who prefer to stay clear of animal products and gravitate to plants instead. If you are vegan or vegetarian this is for you. This collagen supplement is extracted from farm foods and contains biotin and silica. It boosts your metabolism in a way that is good for those exercising to lose weight. It builds the body and provides the needed support for dieting and weight loss exercises.


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We've gathered some of the best collagen supplements out there for your sole benefit. Whether you prefer it in your coffee, smoothie, yogurt, soup, or simply as a pill. You’ll find your pick among our listed favorites, choose what suits your needs and lifestyle best and let collagen work its magic.