Best collagen powder that you can mix in drinks or smoothies

Reviews of the best collagen powder that can be mixed to diet

By Rebecca jones
Best collagen powder that you can mix in drinks or smoothies

It’s difficult to stay healthy and eat well while keeping a busy lifestyle and schedule.  As women, looking and feeling our best is extremely important, having an undertone or a wrinkled skin can be a little disappointing and sometimes requires not just clean eating, but a lot of exercises, good sleep and a little supplement to provide your skin with the basic nutrients and elements required for that perfect glow.

Off late, a lot of people talk about collagen and all its different benefits, it’s important to understand what collagen is and how it can help promote good skin. Taking collagen supplements has been shown to reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen synthesis in the body. This may help promote pain relief for people with joint disorders such as osteoarthritis. And furthermore, researchers have theorized that taking collagen supplements may help reduce the risk of heart-related conditions. 

While you can buy collagen supplements in pill form, People prefer to get it in its powdery form because that way it can blend easily into your meal and smoothies.

What’s a collagen powder?

NeoCell - Super Collagen Powder - 7 Ounces

Collagen is responsible for skin strength and elasticity, and its degradation leads to wrinkles that accompany aging. It is an abundant protein that is mostly found in muscles, ligaments, skin, blood, bones and cartilage. Collagen is a safe and natural ingredient available in different grades. It can be found in gelatin-based desserts. Its solubility, absorption and digestibility levels vary from one grade to another. Since collagen has a massive importance on your skin, it makes it important to get an extra dose of it. Collagen is known for promoting the following:

  • Promotes good skin elasticity
  • Help in holding and keeping together your bones and muscles
  • Protects your organs
  • Boost good skin immunity

Reviews of 2018 best collagen powder brands for smoothies


The beauty industry is full of creams, lotion and serums that claim to give consumers the youthful look and complexion. If you are not interested in taking a collagen powder or supplement but still wants the benefits, you can consume foods that contain collagen naturally like:


  • Vitamin C-rich foods: bell peppers, dark leafy greens, berries, lemons and limes, broccoli
  • Iron-rich foods: Lentils, spinach, chickpeas, beef, liver, dark leafy greens, sesame seeds
  • Silicon-rich foods: Alfalfa, nettles, horsetail, brown rice, dandelion greens
  • Zinc-rich foods: Quinoa, beef, turkey, lamb, pumpkin seeds, lentils, chickpeas,
  • Copper-rich foods: Sesame seeds, cashews, tempeh, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, lentils

We all love to look good and feel our best at all times and sometimes, it's just so hard to remember the different type of food for the different health and beauty benefits. For that reason, let's take a deep dive into some of the top best collagen supplement for your consumption.

1. Premium Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Powder 17.6 Oz

Premium Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Powder 17.6 Oz | Wild-Caught H

Amandean Marine Collagen Peptides are sourced from wild-caught fish in the pristine waters of the North Atlantic. It is unflavored, easy to mix, and enzymatically processed to keep the peptides intact. The collagen powder is packed with natural glycine, known as the anti-aging amino which supports smooth clear skin, strong nails, and full shiny hair. Help clear up skin problems with natural nutrition. Collagen protein has similar benefits as bone broth.

2. Bulletproof CollaGelatin, Gelatin Enhanced with Collagen

Bulletproof CollaGelatin, Gelatin Enhanced with Collagen

This collagen powder is a great source for tissue and bone support. CollaGelatin provides twice as much collagen protein as plain gelatin, so you can make amazing desserts with even more benefits.

3. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

This collagen supplement is a favorite amongst people. It is all natural whole nutrition. 20 g collagen per serving with no artificial coloring or flavor. It is super good for your skin, ligaments, and bone. Promotes healthy spine and provide you with protein for a strong and healthy body. Sometimes we are unable to glean enough collagen from diet alone, and this is where this collagen protein as a functional food can step in and bridge the gap.

4. Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Powder

Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Powder, 45 Serving

The ancient nutrition multi collagen protein powder is easily digested and soluble in cold or hot liquids. Just one to two times per day, adding a scoop of Collagen Peptides to food or beverages gives you the vitamin boost you need to support healthy hair, skin, and nails, bone and joint health, digestion, muscle recovery, and more. Use collagen for a variety of recipes.

5. Advanced Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides

Advanced Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides – Unflavored Protein Powder

Collagen is the protein that ensures health and vitality of your hair, skin, and nails are always at its best. Not only that but it makes sure the strength and flexibility of your ligaments, tendons, and cartilage, bones, and joints are always at their best condition. Packed with vital amino acids, ForestLeaf advanced collagen peptides boosts the natural ability for your body to repair these connective tissues by promoting rapid cell growth, keeping your stronger and active for much longer. Loaded with countless benefits, up to two servings of our amazing formula a day can be just the trick to keep you looking and feeling as good as you want.

Reviews of 2018 best collagen powder brands for keto diet

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6. Perfect Keto Collagen

Perfect Keto collagen powder

Keto Collagen is the first keto-friendly protein powder that provides complete collagen recovery. collagen has a full amino acid profile and is the most important structural protein in your body. However, it’s largely absent from the average person’s daily diet. Keto Collagen protein is 10 grams of collagen peptides from grass-fed cows in the USA for the recovery your body needs. The Keto Collagen has everything you need to support your exercise, without the blood sugar spikes.

7. Fearless Keto Protein Shake Powder

Joy of Health Hydrolyzed Pure Marine Collagen Peptide Powder for Skin, Hair, Nails, & Bones

This collagen powder is great for individuals in the ketogenic diet, it naturally supplies your body with 18 collagen amino acids that promote healthy connective tissue on a cellular level. Collagen Types I & III provide the essential collagen protein building blocks for healthy skin, hair, nails, ligaments, tendons, bone matrix, muscle mass, blood vessels, organs, glands, eyes, weight loss and gut health. 

8. BioOptimal Collagen Powder

BioOptimal Collagen Powder

BioOptimal provides you with everything you need in a collagen powder supplement. This product stands out with no artificial ingredients, grass-fed, pasture raised, antibiotic, growth hormone free and easily cold and hot water soluble. Furthermore, many bovine collagen powder supplements leave you with an overpowering beef flavor and smell when blended with liquids, BioOptimal Collagen Powder only leaves you with a very faint taste that can easily be consumed with water or added to any beverage or smoothie.

9. Youtheory Collagen Advanced with Vitamin C

Youtheory Collagen Advanced with Vitamin C, 290 Count Bottl

This collagen supplement is the mechanical strength of bone Corrects weak, broken, split, ridged and damaged nail beds Thickens fine hair. It also repairs connective tissues for improved elasticity, blood vessels to help improve circulation; and promotes wound healing and a clearer complexion. It acts as an anti-aging supplement to compliment your daily diet and nutritional needs.

10. Collagen Hydrolyzed Peptides- Best Anti-Aging Dietary Supplemen

Collagen Hydrolyzed Peptides- Best Anti-Aging Dietary Supplemen

Unlike regular cosmetic products on the market, this collagen C Hydrolysate formula acts on a cellular level to help reverses premature aging processes of your skin, hair and nails, making them stronger and healthier than ever. The antioxidant power extracted from ascorbic acid helps your metabolism better absorb essential nutrients for maximum effects. These aging-prevention dietary supplements combine a special blend of high-quality ingredients such as bovine-sourced type I and III collagen. Collagen is said to have helped and provided great results for athletes suffering from joint or muscle pain, elderly people and active individuals who are in a career that is physically demanding.


Collagen powder are not here to replace all the basic essential protein, nutrients and elements required for a healthy life. It’s available to consume as a supplement to complement your diet and provide your skin with an awesome glow.

Collagen powdered can be used with smoothies, milkshakes and so much more. The best part about most collagen powder is that it is mostly colorless with little or no artificial flavor. It is also good for your bone, joints, ligaments and most part of your body. It acts as an anti-aging supplement, promotes good hair growth, and nails.

Collagen powder ensures your body is at its best condition. Studies have shown that taking collagen supplements may help improve symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce joint pain overall. It’s important to live healthily and take care of yourself and what you consume at all times. Exercising is a priority towards keeping and living a healthy lifestyle, and a collagen powder promotes good result and boosts your immunity against skin wrinkling, nail breakage and hair loss.