Understanding Blush Makeup and Enhancing Features with It

Using different types of blush makeup and maximize the usage

By eronsalexander
Understanding Blush Makeup and Enhancing Features with It

What Are the Different Type of Makeup Blush

Blushes are major cosmetics tools during the makeup process they play a vital role in enhancing your facial features and transforming your physical appearance. There are different types of makeup blushes available in the market each with its distinctive features. Few examples of make-up blushes would be discussed below.

1. Gel Blush

Colorful Cheek Ink Gel - SEPHORA COLLECTION | Sephora

Gel blushes are one of the most common types of blush sold in cosmetics shop today. This blush type is mostly used by makeup professionals and facial artist because while using this blush it demands extra caution so as not to ruin your makeup. The gel brush makes your skin radiant with glow alongside a gorgeous appearance.

This gel blush is suitable for oily skin.  This is because it keeps your skin dry and long lasting and it gives the applier a sense of control while applying. Also, it gives a mild sensation when applied on the skin.


The gel blush is applied in a circular manner and blended with fingertips. It is applied on the nose and cheekbone extended to other areas that need to be enhanced.

2. Cream Blush

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks

Cream blush is a multiple function blush for facial makeovers. It perform the function of a skin moisturizer due to the presence of moisturizing oil as one of it vital ingredient. They keep your skin refreshed all day long and assure you of a stunning look. Aside the fact that some people opine that the cream blush is intimidating to work with, it is an absolutely reliable blush that gives you the finest look.
Cream blush is recommended for a normal dry skin as it complements the skin moisture and improve your countenance.


It is best applied using your finger tips on the selected area for beginners so you would be able to control its excess.

3. Powder Blush


This is the best cosmetic product for individuals who love to stay natural, attractive and classic. Powder blush gives you that neutral but gorgeous look.  This powder blush gives you an intense look with a pop glow that makes you extra confident of your physical appearance.

It is the best type of blush to be use on an oily skin as it keeps your skin dry and smooth all day long.


Dust a little on your nose and cheekbone after applying your foundation and appreciate the glowing feel.

4. Stain Blush

Cheek Stain | Tarte Cosmetics

Stain blush is the most long-lasting powder blush you can use. As the name depicts, it gives an intense feeling that shines your skin all day. This stain blush must be applied quickly as it dries just immediately after applying. A little dab on the face is enough to give you the total sparkle you need, giving your face a perfect blend.

This stain blush can be used for different skin types.


Applying stain blush requires you to dab in a circular motion on your face.

5. Tinted Blush

Fruit Pigmented® Lip & Cheek Tint | 100% PURE

Tinted blush is the best recommendation for beginners’ makeup artist.  After application, dust some loose powder on the face as a finishing touch for a striking look. After application, it evens your skin with an impeccable look.

The tinted blush is best for dry skin as it dries up almost immediately it is applied.


It is applied by just dabbing and spreading on the selected facial areas that needs to be brightened.    

Tips on Using Blush Makeup to Enhance Features and Make-Up Looks

Below are some guidelines to assist you while you use your blush makeup to achieve that picture-perfect look.

1. Take note of your bone structure

This is the first thing you must consider before you think of applying a blush makeup. It goes a long way to determine the effect of the blush on your face.  The technique for applications also affects the outcome of your makeup so acquire more knowledge about your face through a convenient means or research online.

2. Be mindful of your finishing

You might appear dull if you make the mistake of dusting translucent powder on your face with an intention of covering your face and brightening your look. Instead make use of a soft tissue to blot your blush slightly because it seals the deal.

3. Be aware of your complexion

The varieties in complexions demand different blush shade. Go for a shade that flatters your complexion and not the shade that would make you look unreal and multicolored.

4. Apply primer

Primers are very good at securing a long lasting look for your face. It prevents your colors from disappearing and shades your face from excess sunray.

Enhancing Your Features with Highlighters

Highlighters are cosmetic products that have the potential of redefining your face to appear brighter and defined when viewed from a particular perspective. They transform your face to look more natural, glowing and cleared.  To enhance your features with highlighters you need to do the following:

  1. Apply highlighters on your cheekbone and jaw bone. It gives your cheeks a radiating influence on your face and pops your appearance.
  2. Apply on the inner corner of your eye to boost your eye makeup which can give a unique enhancement on your facial appearance.
  3. Apply on the arch of your brows because it gives you a minor brow lift which influences your overall appearance.
  4. Apply a V shape highlight on the top of your temple for an intense look.
  5. Apply on your cupid bow using a concealer brush. It gives you fuller lips.
  6. ighlight the bridge of your nose and blend with a foundation.

Or a picture speaks a thousand words. How about a video from a popular youtube channel:

Enhance Your Features with Cream Blush

Cream blush gives a dewy look. Follow these tips below on how to maximize the use of cream blush.

  1. Firstly, you need to prep your face. Cleanse your face with a facial wipe to remove any dirt that can affect the make-up process.
  2. Apply moisturizer or a primer. This would set a solid foundation for your cream highlight.
  3. Use the foundation of your choice. You are advised to go for liquid foundation this is because it gives the best finishing than powder foundation.
  4. Contour and conceal your face and be careful not to put too much.
  5. Now apply your cream blush using a fan powder blush. You can use your finger to apply first before using the blush to spread on the selected facial area.

Or a video to quickly illustrate the actions of applying.

Enhance your Features with Tints

This versatile product can be used on the lips and the cheeks. It takes some skills to apply this though. These are the tips to apply a cheek tint: 

  1. Apply on your hand so that it has an even spread
  2. Spread the tint on your hand
  3. Use the tint from your hand to your cheeks
  4. Dab gently to get the light color tint on your cheeks



To sum it all, do not think that enhancing your features with makeup is been artificial and unreal instead it is heightening your natural look to be more beautiful and confident. Experiment and try out different blushes. Use the correct blush and it goes a long way in the makeup journey.