20 hip toddler hairstyles inspiration for boys

Trending hip and cool toddler hairstyles for little boys

By Gabriela Petit
20 hip toddler hairstyles inspiration for boys

Have you ever wonder why there’s a lot of adorable stylish stuff for girls in the market?  Well, I don’t have many answers, and since being a mother of four lovely boys, I really am fed up with practically looking for cute things in the market or online for my boys and can’t really get anything to please my search.

I usually just settle for anything.

Imagine looking for cute hairstyles for your boys and nothing is coming up even down to a common simple hairstyle? I decided this got to be fixed, so for you young lovely mothers out there with boy toddlers just like me, this writes up is a shout out to all of you, just make sure to always have some gels or mousse for easy styling. 

Here I’m going to reveal you the entire secret to a cute lovely hairstyle for your handsome young man’s hair of any type. So let’s just dive into it.

Toddler hairstyles for boys with curly hair

As my boys have curly hair, I have a lot of hairstyles to tell you about curly hair. Let’s begin:

1. Braids

Source: https://haircuts.site

Braids have become so popular, that is one of the latest hairstyles out there. Just pick any according to the hair length of your toddler. This can be uncomfortable for your child but at the end of it, you will just love it. You don’t really need to style but apply oil and just brush the front hairline.

2. Beach waves

This is very good for toddlers with full, wavy, curly hair. You will require an expert hair stylist to achieve this look. When cutting, a clipper is used to make sure the hair length just touches the ear and neckline. A scissors is used to level the top and the bottom to give it that perfect length.

3. Naturally curly

If your toddler is a natural curl, then you have nothing more to do than to just use scissors to maintain the length of the lovely curls.

4. Shrunken dreads

Dreadlocks can be done on any handsome young man with thick curly hair. This is achieved by blow-drying to the desired length and then using wax to massage till you get the dread size you need and you are done. To maintain this hairstyle just always massage with a little wax now and then.

Toddler hairstyles for boys with long hair

Here’s the fact, if your toddler has a long hair either layered or a little straight, you have a full hand mum. Long hair is usually consumed time while styling but none the less you can try some of these:

5. Long and layered

With this hairstyle, layers and frizz are what gives the volume. So a razor is used instead of a scissor or a clipper. The hair should be allowed to fall over the ears and the forehead. During styling arrange the hair in the area that you want it and use a blow dryer to give it that bouncy look.

6. Ponytail

Though this hairstyle is common with ladies, your toddler can also wear it. It is as simple as it sounds. Just wash and blow-dry, apply a little bit of oil, pull the hair up into a ponytail and use a rubber band to secure it.

7. Long fringe with a part

This is also very good for long hair. It’s achieved by completely clipping one side very low so that the part will be glaring. Then push all the remaining long hair to one side of the face. Make sure it’s straight through.

8. The mushroom haircut

Source: https://ibbyskibby.files.wordpress.com

This is another great haircut for your toddlers with long full hair. It can be achieved in a saloon and it’s evenly distributions of the hair from the center point to all over the head just making it line the head all round.

Toddler boy hairstyles for fine hair

If you have a toddler with fine hair, you are going to be relaxed always because very little effort can give you that lovely kiddie results you are looking for. Here are some common hairstyles that you can do on your toddlers.

9. Mop Top

Source: http://www.butaak.com

This hairstyle works well with fine hair and also with little ones with full crazy hair. A pair of scissors is usually best for this haircut. Maintain a clean cut by the neck and ears and a longer hair length on top. This all depends on the length of his hair as it is to be a bit shaggy some length is what we need.

10. Side Part

Here the hair is cut in three layers with the back and the cape of the ears very low. The length is retained on the top.  All you need do for styling is just to part it and comb with oil and blow-dry.

11. Crew Cut

This is another lovely way to have your toddlers looking good. It’s short and completely trimmed by the sides. You are left with just the little in front to worry about.

Samurai Cut

Source: https://atozhairstyles.com

This is another great on the go hairstyle for toddlers. Since all the side of the hair is already scanty, you just need to use oil to smoothen the side and the little fine hair on top is secured with a little band.

Toddler boy hairstyles for straight hair

Does your boy have straight hair?  Whether long or short, thick or thin, not to worry, we also have some cute hairstyles for you.

12. Short and spiky

This is one hairstyle that you can rely on mum. Use a clipper by the ear side and the back. The front can be cut with scissors and comb to give your boy that spiky look. Usually, you don’t even need to style this mum but when necessary, you can add some gel to make it spikier.

13. Splice up nice and lovely

They call this the Asian haircut. Lovely for boys with straight hair. Use a razor to give the hair some uneven cuts, for those lovely layers and frizz. During styling, just brush wet hair and blow-dry.

14. Faux-hawk

Source: https://content.latest-hairstyles.com

Also popularly called the toddler’s rock star look, clippers; scissors and comb are required. The back and the side of the ears are shaved down low while the top is left about two inches long and wide. The hair dryer and some gel are used to mold out that rocky look. It is usually a stiff one, mum.

15. Mini pompadour

Source: https://1.bp.blogspot.com

This is another great look and simple to make at home by you. You just pick around the top, where you want the length to be and use a clipper to clip the back and sides. Use rollers to roll the hair, this way it forms pumps’. Tease during styling to give the desired height.

Toddler boy hairstyles for thin hair

If your boys have a little scanty thin hairline, these ones will work just fine.

16. Dapper Part

Source: https://www.menshairstylestoday.com

This is done for kids that have low flat lying thin hair. It can be achieved by cutting the hairline around the ears and neck clean with clippers. Any preferred length should be achieved using either number one; two or three clippers and then the top front should be one hand length. Then you can part it either by the side or the middle. Using a gel or water and some oil rub while smoothing it.

17. Baby punk

This is also very easy to create and since your toddler has thin hair, you might not even need to cut the sides very low before pulling this through. Just rub a little amount of baby oil on your palm and clap the hair together while pulling up gently. A light gel can be used to keep it this way.

18. Ivy league

Source: https://www.menshairstylestoday.com

This is also very good for thin hairlines. As we are all familiar with the short side length, all you need to do is to comb and pat it with your oily hands while clipping the front a little bit backward. Blow-dry, remove the clip and comb while supporting with your hands. 

19. Edge Out

Source: https://barbarianstyle.net

Keep things simple but stylish with an edge out hairstyle. It's neat and it has cool designs to add the cool factor to your boy! Your boy can even use his creativity and suggest a style. You just got to sieve out the silly ones like a shark drawing, a sun etc...from the young imaginative ones!

20. Simple and Straight

Sometimes, simple is the nicest. Just let your boy have a haircut to trim and tidy up and let them shine with the hair they have gotten from you and your partner. Encourage them to be authentic to themselves and that we, as parents will always love them as who they are. 


In conclusion, just as we have a lot of cute lovely hairstyles for the princess, we also do have a lot of cut haircuts for our prince and we don’t have to search that far. We only need to add a bit of creativity and our princes will have the greatest stylish look.

Some of the hairstyles are stylish in the perspective of the fashion magazines and some are downright simple. Have fun choosing the hairstyle for your boys and let them have a say too!