Follow these 10 celebrity kids IG for kid's fashion inspo

The top 10 cutest celebrity kids - best dressed kid influencers

By Caren M
Follow these 10 celebrity kids IG for kid's fashion inspo

Cute baby boy onesie Source:#coolfashionkids/ Instagram

Top 10 cutest celebrity kid

We've all been hit by that wave of baby fever now and then and let's admit it, we've gone online to check out those really cute babies that make you feel like springing into action and make one of your own. Sometimes you have the baby but the fashion world is constantly changing at a dizzying pace and we can't all hire kid stylists. 

Matching it up siblings Source: #coolfshion kids/ Instagram

Worry not, the Insta babies are here to save us all. These kids teach us the fashion dos and don’ts for our younger generation and that they too care about fashion as much as we grownups do. They are adorable and funny and their fashion sense is definitely something you want to keep an eye on for inspiration

1. Alonso Mateo

Source: @mateo/Instagram

He is the prince charming to all the little princesses out there. This cute Spanish boy doesn’t leave anything to chance while he is dressing for the occasion and his insta likes are there to prove it.

Follow him on Instagram Mateo on IG to get tips and inspiration on how to best dress your little cute one to match Mateo’s iconic style.

2. Elle Lively

Elle - Slaying in Gucci Source: @ellelively/ Instagram

She is a princess in her right, born of social media royalty. She is one of the cutest and adorable toddlers out there. Her account is consistently uploaded with pictures of her looking beautiful in designer clothes and cute little outfits you're going to want to dress your baby girl in. With her good looks, charming personality and a fashion sense borrowed down from her Insta famous parents, we see why she gets so many followers flocking to her account. 

3. Stella and Baise

Source: @stellaandblaise/ Instagram

This is a sibling duo based in California and they live true to the spirit. Their style is versatile and bold and just so everyday wear that you cannot help but want to copy for your own. They are constantly uploading photos wearing matching outfits that would be perfect if you have more than one baby and are wondering how to match them up. Check out their IG account for some true inspiration on fashion

4. Pixie Curtis

Matching denim and polka dots like a pro Source: @pixie curtis/ Instagram

She joined Instagram when she was only one and the little fashionista has gained the attention of thousands of followers because of her non-compromising sense of fashion. She rocks all the latest brands with sass and a confidence that you would make a grown person jealous. Don’t know what I’m talking about, just check out her account and be mesmerized by the little girl with her grown-up antics and killer sense of fashion.

5. Fashion Laerta

Mini-fashionista Source: @fashion_laerta killing it in Gucci/ Instagram

The name speaks for itself. She is young, she is beautiful and she is a classy fashionista that is taking the world by storm. Laerta’s fashion sense isn’t just something you can adopt for your kids but something you could rock as well. She is so confident in her looks and models her outfits like a seasoned professional, you won’t help but admire her.

6. Ryan Secret

Keeping it simple but classy Source: @ryansecret/ Instagram

If you are looking for a kid to follow on IG that has the whole package, then this little boy is it. He is really adorable cute you’ll just fall in love. And, he dresses like he just stepped off a highly glossy fashion catalogue. With secret it’s the combination of everything that gets people to notice the young model; the cute, hearts in your eyes face, the confidence of a runway male model and the outfits that make him just look amazing. Follow his IG account is especially got that baby fever going, thank us later!

7. Hails_world

Source: @hails_world/ Instagram

There is just something about seeing a little kid in a grown-up outfit and rocking it better than an actual grown up would. This little girl is so chic and classy you’ll think whiplash hit you when you discover that she is actually just a kid. She is also multifaceted, not only doing fashion blogs on Insta but is also a professional traveler and venturing into acting. Talk about a kid that can do it all!

8. Mini style hacker

Source: @ministylehacker/ Instagram

This is a wonderful parenting blog for all those of us that cannot afford the super expensive labels that these kids be slaying in out there. It is an inspirational blog handle for those that are looking for pocket-friendly yet highly fashionable outfits. Three adorable brothers are on the spotlight for rocking just normal clothes and absolutely looking like little movie stars.

9. Kcstauffer

Source: @Kcstauffer/ Instagram

This account is run by a mom who dresses her two very cute and adorable daughters in the most gorgeous outfits. If you especially love playing dress-up with your mini-you then this is just the right celebrity kid account to follow.

10. Scouthecity

Like mummy, like me Source: @scouthecity/ Instagram

This is more of a family account, and a family you will no doubt envy. It features a mother and her two little kids looking every bit ready for the catwalk. The kids especially are adorable in their highly fashionable outfits. Get inspo and ideas on how to match it up with your kids and then treat those streets in your neighborhood like your own personal walkway.

Most followed babies Instagram

All these babies that we have mentioned here have quite the public following and so we have chosen the top kids with more than a million followers. These are style icons that are definitely making look good their personal business

1. Elle Lively

Source: @elle dressed in angelic/ Instagram

She has amassed a public following of over 4 million followers. The goofy little kid has a really funny personality and her antics not only get her parents cracking but they share it with the rest of us incase you are having a bad day. With all that energy packed into one little girl. The number is only sure to grow.

2. Kcstauffer

Source: sisters @kcstauffer/ Instagram

The Stauffer’s have a whopping 4 million followers. Dressing up these two cuties and having them show off their loving sisterly bond is so goals for those of us who cannot wait to have a pair of our own. I mean, who doesn’t want to have those two cute little girls that dress like two princesses and do everything together?

3. Asahd Tuck Khaled

Source: balling like my daddy @asahd tuck khalid/ Instagram

Drum roll please and roll down the red carpet, we want to usher in music royalty! He is the son of music mogul DJ Khaled and was famous from the very first breath he took in this world. Asahd lives the super high life with expensive gifts and private jets and he’s already marking his path in the music industry. He's produced one of his daddy's album and rolls with the who is who in the industry like the Biebslaugh

4. Fashion Laerta

Source: @fashion_laerta/ Instagram

Fashion Laerta comes in with over a million followers under her iconic fashion belt. The mini fashionista has that pull that make grownups just stare in wonder at her composure, class and talent and kids that want to have her fashion sense and moms that parents that want those dressing tips for their little hatchlings.

Most followed kid on Instagram

According to the extensive research we’ve done on this, Elle Lively McBroom takes the number one spot as the most instafamous kid on the block with 4.2 M followers.

the little queen Source: @elle on her throne/ Instagram

She is beautiful, funny and goofy and her fashion is to die for. Congrats baby Elle you totally deserve this crown and hope your little sister can follow in these footsteps as well

Cutest celebrity kid influencers

Let your heart melt once you check out these really cute and adorable babies. Melt over their cute little smile in their cute little outfits and day dream about your own

1. Boomerrphelps

He is just so cute Source: @boomerrphelps/ Instagram

He is cute and adorable your finger will just gravitate on double tap. He has the smile of a little god, who came from the water god himself, USA Olympics swimming champ, Michael Phelps. The younger Phelps showcases his exemplary swimming skills and he arrests our hearts just a little every time he creates awareness for saving water!

2. Elle Lively

This little girl has shown up on all our lists tonight but she is the princess hail down from the queen. She is the cutest little thing you’ll ever see and her goofy character just add to the whole overall charmingness that is unique to Elle

3. Ryan Secret

Source: @ryansecret/ Instagram

Have we mentioned how cute this little boy is? Well, he is cute! Cute! Cute! Arrest your heart cute, that’s literally the only world you’ll be saying when you go through his profile.heart


Now that you know which kids to follow for your daily dose of baby fever and fashion sense for kids, we hope that you have fun with it.  Support them and show them your love and learn a thing or two on how to pair that denim with those stripeslaughheart