What Is My Face Shape? Top 10 Most Common Face Shape For Men

You need to know your face shape to get a perfectly suitable haircut and a beard. Here are 10 most common face shapes for men.

By Amanda Palmer
What Is My Face Shape? Top 10 Most Common Face Shape For Men

Different Face Shapes for Men

Everyone has a different face shape. There are many different face shapes out of which ten are most common. You need to ascertain your face shape to get haircuts and hairstyles which complement your face perfectly. 

The shape of your skull can decide which style of glasses or what style of beard may look good on you. The style that looks good on a male with an oblong face may not look good on a male with a round face. 

Determining your face shape is no rocket science. Below is the method of determining your face shape.

How to Determine Your Face Shape?

The face shape of a person depends on the facial width, length, and the bone structure of the person. The amount of cheek fat and the hairline position also significantly change the shape of a man's face. 

While it is easy to look at pictures and draw similarities to figure out your face shape, there is a more scientific method to ascertain it. 

Some males who are unhappy with their face shape can even go in for face-shape cosmetic surgeries such as adding fillers to the cheeks or undergoing chin implant surgeries to increase the projection of the chin. A way too pointed chin can be rounded by a jaw Botox surgery which is a facial reshaping procedure.  Males also go in for Forehead reduction or the hairline lowering surgery which changes the overall shape of the face.

If you do not want to undergo the knife but are still unhappy with your face shape, you can go in for plenty of hairstyles, haircuts, and beards which visibly change the face shape or complement your face shape perfectly. There can also invest in certain cosmetic products which enhance your facial features. 

With these simple steps at home, you can determine your face shape:

* Measuring Method:

You need to use a flexible tape to measure the total width of your forehead, jawline, face length and cheekbones. The measurement should be taken from the peak of an eyebrow to the peak of the other eyebrow. Next, measure your jawline, write down the length between the tip of the chin to the corner of the jaw below the ear. The face length can be measured from the mid-point of the hairline to the bottom of the chin. You can write down all the numbers on paper.


In an oval face, the face length will be greater than width of the cheekbones and the forehead is greater than the jawline. In a square face, all the measurements are similar. In a rectangle face, the face length is the greatest measurement, etc.

* The Mirror Method:

Another quick method is to determine your face shape by standing in front of the mirror and using lipstick to outline the face. You need to stand a few inches away from the mirror and outline your face according to the reflection in the mirror. Once you complete your outline, you can ascertain the shape of your face.

The 10 Common Face Shapes For Men

Given below are the ten most common facial shapes of men. 

1. The Oval Face

Men with an oval face have a full forehead and chin. Their chin is slightly wider than the forehead which creates an ovular shape. Men with an oval face have soft and curved lines which give the impression of an oval face. Sharper facial edges are more prominent in other face shapes such as square or diamond.
In an oval-shaped face, the face length is larger than the width of the cheekbones. The forehead measurement will also be more significant than the jawline.

2. The Oblong Face

An oblong shaped face is slightly different than the oval-shaped face. An oblong is a little longer and narrower. Men with an oblong face have a smaller chin, and their face shape appears like an inverted egg. The soft and rounded edges distinguish the rectangular face shape.

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3. The Square Face

A square-shaped face is one of the most desired facial shapes in males. All the measurements in a square-shaped face are roughly the same. Square-shaped faces have angular features and a prominent chin. They also have a broad forehead and a strong jawline - also more prominent. Many males with different face shapes go in for jaw implants or chin augmentation to have a more angular and squarish facial shape.

4. The Round Face

A round face is characterized by its circular shape. The chin is shorter and more rounded. The forehead is also roundish. A round face has broad cheeks. For those going in for a face-rounding procedure need to go in for chin rounding procedures and fat injections in the cheeks to give a plumper appearance. The measurements of the cheekbones and face length will be similar in a round face. 

5. The Rectangular Face

Men with rectangle face shapes have features from both the oblong face shapes and the square face shapes. The rectangle face appears longer and less wide than the square face. A rectangle face is also more angular than the oblong face.
Males with a rectangle face shape possess a strong jawline with a wider chin. The measurements in a rectangle face are similar across the forehead and cheekbones but not similar on the jawline. The face length is longer.

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6. The Diamond Face

The diamond-shaped face has a narrow and pointed chin with high cheekbones. A male with a diamond-shaped face has a narrow hairline which creates the illusion of a diamond. In a diamond shaped face, the largest measurement will be of the face length. The cheekbones will be second, and the third largest will be the forehead. People often confuse a diamond-shaped face with a heart-shaped face, but if you look at the measurements, you will be able to ascertain the difference.

7. The Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face is also known as the inverted triangle face shape. This face has a broader forehead and a narrow or pointy chin. The heart shaped face or the inverted triangle face got its name because it resembles a heart. In a heart-shaped face or the inverted triangle-shaped face, the measurements will descend from the forehead to the cheekbones and then to the jaw, allowing the face length will be shorter.

8. The Triangle Face

A triangle shaped face is just the opposite of a heart-shaped face. It has a slimmer forehead and a wider and squarish jaw and chin. The hairline plays an important role in determining this face shape. A curving hairline that reaching to a point is the characteristic of a triangular face. In a triangular face shape, the forehead width is smaller than the jawline width.

9. The Pear-Shaped Face

A pear-shaped face will have a wider jawline than the hairline. The chin is often jutting inwards which gives the unique shape of a pear. The curvy face shape has a wider jaw which might be disliked by many. To minimize the appearance of the jawline in a pear-shaped face, many males go in for surgeries to create an angular look. In a pear-shaped face, the jawline is smaller than the forehead, and the chin is relatively smaller than both.

10. Heptagon Face Shape

A heptagonal face shape has higher cheekbones which taper to a point on the brow about three-quarters of the way between the temple and the chin. This kind of face is not at all photogenic and is often called the 'Vampire's face.'

Different Celebrities with Different Face Shapes

It is easy to ascertain your facial shape by looking at the face shapes of different celebrities.
Celebrities with oval faces are Kanye West, Adam Levine, Matt Damon and George Clooney.
Celebrities with oblong faces include Ben Affleck, Adam Sandler, and Russell Crowe. 
Celebrities like David Beckham and Justin Timberlake have square face shapes. Many male celebs have a round face such as Elijah Wood, Patrick Dempsey, Seal, and Nick Lachey.
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a rectangle face. Johnny Depp has a heart-shaped face - explains why we love Johnny! Keith Urban has a triangle face. James Corden has a pear-shaped face, and Ryan Gosling has an inverted-triangle face shape.

Haircuts, Hairstyles, Beard and Glasses according to Face Shapes of Males

You would be wondering how does a particular face shape decide whether a pair of glasses or a hairstyle would suit you or not.

Haircuts and hairstyles have the capacity of creating an illusion of a long forehead or short forehead according to your face shape.

With an oblong face shape, the face is longer than it is wide. You have to select a haircut with creates an illusion of width rather than length. You need to avoid length on top in your hairstyle as that would give your face a longer look. A classic scissor cut is ideal.

The same theory applies in all the other face shapes when it comes to selecting your haircut or hairstyle. A thick beard can be sported if you have too much fat on your cheeks or if you want to camouflage your pointed chin. Beards can speak volumes to the different face shapes - make or break the jawline.

Glasses also complement a person's facial features. While selecting glasses for your face shape, the same theory applies. You need to select a pair of glasses which would create an illusion of an exactly opposite feature than you naturally have. For example, a male with a round face should go in for square framed glasses but should never select round frames. 


Many people are ignorant about the importance of determining their face shape to get a hairstyle or haircut that suits them. They do not understand that what might suit one person may not suit the other person.
With all the information above, it is easier for you to ascertain your face shape. You can now invest in hairstyles, haircuts, and glasses which will only complement your face shape.

No matter your face shape, take the time to learn about the hairstyles, beards, and glasses that match you face. Alllowing you to present the best feature of yourself to the world.