30 Body Language Signs That She is Into You

I know it's tough to tell whether the girl from the office or the woman next door likes you. Reading body language is never an easy thing to do.

By Lisa
30 Body Language Signs That She is Into You

Body Language Signs That She Likes You

Want to know if the girl next door likes you? How about the women you sit across from at the office? She is giving you signals and body language signs, you just don't know if they are the right signs. Most women are very good at flirting and giving you signs that she is into you, but you have to pay attention and learn how to read a woman. A person's eyes and their body language is one thing that will never lie. Most of the time people don't even realize what they are doing. By the end of this read, you should have more insight of how women will tell you she is into without actually saying "I'm into you." Once you have finished this article, take your dream girl out for dinner and start watching for the signs she is giving you. Hopefully, it will work out in your favor or you end up having a really good friend to hang out with.

How to tell is she is into you or just wants to be friends

Signs she likes you!

You are having a great time and she is totally engaged in your conversation. She wants to get to know you more. She wants to see what you have in common and if you would be someone that she would want to spend time with more than once.

Sign #1 She has an attraction to you

She said yes to dinner or some sort of date! This is a good indication that she wants to see if she is attracted to you as more than friends. If you have a great time and the conversation flows, more than likely you will have a second date and hopefully more. It is a great start to a great relationship or a good friendship. Only time will tell.

This girl will not stop playing with her hair. I think she likes me!

Sign #2 She keeps looking at me with those eyes! I think she likes you!

You know the look I am talking about. When a women raises her eyebrows when she is smiling at you. Or she gives you a seductive look that says get over here. It is an obvious sign that she likes you! She is trying to give you a sign that she is into you and wants to be more than friends.

She keeps looking at me with that look in her eyes!

She is giving you a seductive look with her eyes. She is telling you that she is really into you and wants to hang out in a more private place.

You are trying to read the women's body language to see if she likes you or just wants to be friends

Sign #3 Attraction

Do you have the hots for a girl in your office? Do you want to know if she likes you too? Read her body language to see if she has an attraction towards you as well. She will smile when you make eye contact with you and is looking for you to notice her.

The girl in your office is hot and you want to know if she likes you!

Just ask her out for drinks!

Ask the girl out for drinks and see where things go! If she says yes, then she wants to get to know you more at least and she is the attraction is mutual.

Sign #4 Arching her back

She keeps arching her back! What does that mean?

When a woman arches her back, it makes her breasts and her legs the center of attention. Which is exactly what she is trying to do. She is testing you to see if you are really interested in her. She is showing off her best features for you to look at.

what is the women's body language really telling you!

Sign #5 She keeps biting her lips

Lips are a powerful thing!

If she keeps you focused on her lips by biting her finger or having her lips partly separated. She wants you to focus on them and she is attracted to you.

If the girl of your dreams and you are out on a date and she has her lips partly separated, she is giving you a sign that she is into you. Or if she is biting her lips in a way that you can't stop staring is also another clue. You should keep talking to her and getting to know her. See if there is going to be a second date!

Trying to read your crushes body language

OMG!! She looks so good today and you just want to ask her out. Go and talk to her. If she is as into you as you are into her you will be able to tell by the way she looks into your eyes and hangs on every word you say. A person's eyes never lie. They will give you all the information you will need to make a move or to just leave her alone.

Body Language

Does she keep moving her legs? Either crossing and uncrossing them? She Likes you!

You just want to ask her out! If I am reading the women correctly, she likes me to.

Sign #6 Is she Blushing!

If the girl of your dreams blushes, it is a simple reaction to an excited emotional state. She could be embarrassed but more than likely it is her body language telling you she likes you. For instance, you give her a nice compliment and her cheeks turn red. It means she is flattered and likes you too.

she keeps blushing when I give her a compliment

Signs that she has an attraction towards you

Eye contact is key!

If she is keeping eye contact with you, then she is actually interested in what you have to say and wants to know what you are all about.

You are out to dinner with the women from the office and she is using her lips to get your attention. She is eating her dinner in a slow sensual manner or applying her lipstick in a sexy way. Be ready because she more than likely has the hots for you.

Sign #7 Invading your personal space is a good sign

If you are sitting next to the girl and she keeps getting closer to you, that is a good sign that she likes you. If she is not in your personal space or sitting with her arms across her chest, then she does not like you.

Sign #8 If her breathing gets faster, she likes you!

If the girl's breathing starts to get faster, she will not even know it is happening but she is getting excited and she isn't the one that will notice she is doing it. It happens when she gets around a person that she is attracted to.

Signs of heavy breathing means she likes you!

Sign #9 If a women's nostrils are flareing, does it mean she has attraction towards you?

This is one thing women do and don't even realize they are doing it. If you even notice you are already a step ahead of all the other guys she has dated. It can mean that she likes you.

She likes you, she really likes you!

Sign #10 She is reaching out to touch you! Signs she likes you!

If the women from the office are touching you, then she likes you otherwise she would keep her hands to herself. If you are talking and she just touches your shoulder then you can bet that likes you.

she is totally engaged in you!

If she is touching you when she is talking to you, whether it is your shoulder or your arm, she just wants to see how you feel and be near you. She wants you to know that you are interested in you.

Sign #11 Is the girl laughing at all your jokes? Signs she likes you!

If the girl is laughing at every stupid joke you tell, more than likely she likes you. She wants to make you feel good and that she is having a good time just being with you no matter how funny your jokes are not.

The office girl is laughing at all my jokes! She likes you

Sign #12 The office girl you have been crushing on listens to everything I say

If a women likes a man she will hang on every word he says. She wants to know everything about you and your friends and family. She will also remember everything that you say even down to the little details.

Sign #13 She Likes you!

More often than not, if the girl is trying to find ways to lightly touch you. For instance, she moves her drink closer to yours in hope that your hands will touch at some point. Or sitting closer to you in hopes that your legs will touch.

She likes you if she is finding ways to touch you!

Sign #14 She will fiddle with her jewelry

If the girl you like is touching and moving her jewelry around, it means she at least wants to get to know you better. Only time will tell on what level that she likes you and wants to get to know you.

Sign # 15 A direct look, it just doesn't happen

Look ar how she is sitting

If the women you are on a date with isn't front facing you, then she is really not interested in you in that way. Maybe she just wants to be friends or wants nothing to do with you at all.

This is when a women will not look directly at you, but will turn and look over her shoulder at you and smile. She wants to see if you are checking her out because she has the hots for you and hopes that you do too.

Sign #16 Is the girl staring at you?

You might not get it at first, but the girl is actually flirting with her eyes. A persons eyes never lie. She is giving you subtly hints with her eyes, hope you are paying attention. Letting you know that she may have feelings for you.

Sign #17 The girl shows her clevage

The girl of your dreams dresses to show off whats shes got! More than likely she is dressing like that to let you know that she is attracted to you and wants to show you what you could have!

The ofice girl is dressing with her clevage out! I think she likes you!

Sign #18 Asking all the questions

If she is asking you all types of questions, it means she wants to get to know the real you. Don't be an idiot and let this one go or read into all the questions wrong. She really wants to know who you are and what you like.

Sign #19 She mimics you

If she is watching you and doing the same things as you, she is trying to show you that you have things in common. Plus it shows that she wants to get to know you better. Also, that the two of you are like the same person.

Sign #20 She touches herself. Not in a sexual way.

By touching herself, I don't mean in a sexual way. I mean by rubbing her legs or her arms, maybe even her neck. It means she's attracted to you and wants to get to know you better. She wants you to know that she is thinking about you, in more ways than one!

She keeps touching herself. Maybe she likes you and wants more from you.

If you like the way she is touching her neck, hair, arm or legs, then the feeling is mutual. you two like each other and want to get to know each other better. Better ask her out for a second date. See where it takes you!

Sign #21 She removes an article of clothing

Not like its hot in the restaurant but she is removing her sweater. She wants to see if you are paying attention to her as well as wanting to show you what shes got underneath her sweater. It shows that she is getting comfortable with you and wants to get to know you may be more than on a friendship level.

Sign #22 Nervous Tension

Being nervous around the guy she likes is something that happens to everyone until you get comfortable with that person. she may stutter when she tries to say something. She may also not know what to say and say things that don't make sense. It does mean that she likes. It may take sometime before she starts to warm up to you and feel at ease around you.

Sign #23 Remembering the little details

The two of you went out to dinner, and now you are on your second date. She is talking about the date before and talks about what you were saying. It may be as little as remembering what your dad does for a living, or what is your first pets name. It means she was listening to you and actually cares and wants to know everything about you.

If the girl of your dreams remembers everything you said previously. She more than likely is attracted to you!

Sign #24 She isn't on her phone

When you are together and she isn't constantly on her phone. It means she would rather spend time with you than worry about social media. That is a huge win for you if she wants to be with you rather than what is going on in facebook or any of those other social media accounts.

Sign #25 She is being kind of mean

You will know if she is actually being mean and has no interest in you, or if she is being mean in a teasing manner. If she is saying things to tease you, like "you are a nerd for liking those kinds of movies." She is actually flirting with you and likes to push your buttons to see if she can get a reaction out of you. Maybe even if you will touch her in some way.

Sign #26 She will text you right back

You send the girl of your dreams a text and she responds within 10 minutes. She is more than likely interested in you and has been hoping you would text her. She wants to hear from you throughout the day, but without it getting in the way of school, work or both.

I hope she texts me back soon!

Sign #27 She will find a way to hang out with you

Even if she doesn't have a car, she will find a way to be with you. Even if it means taking an uber or a taxi. Any public transportation to see you. She might even cancel plans to go out with friends to be with you and always be open to hanging out with you. If you are the one always going to her house she might not be fully invested in being with you.

Sign #28 She will never reschedule

The girl of your dreams will never reschedule a date night out with you. She won't ditch you for a night out with her friends and will want to be with you every chance that she can, without ditching out on plans she had previously. She will always have/ make time to be with you.

Sign #29 Exposing her neck

It may sound silly, but when a woman moves her hair from one side of her neck to the other it is a sign that she likes you and wants you to check her out. Some find it to be a sexual move on the girls part. It will let her know if you are checking her out and if you are interested in her.

Sign #30 She flat out tells you, she likes you!

The ultimate sign is that she tells you she likes you. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who is upfront and honest from the very beginning. It means she will not lie to you and will tell you if something is bothering her or if she is having an issue with you. If she just comes out and says that she likes you, well there is your answer. Make it official!

I like you!!

She just told you that she likes you! It means she is an upfront honest women that knows what she wants. I think you should keep her. A real woman is hard to find sometimes.

Body language signs that she likes you

So, you are done with the article. Now you should be able to go out to dinner with the girl of your dreams and figure out if she feels the same way about you. Following the guidelines should give you an indication of if she feels the same way. You will be able to see if there is a mutual attraction towards you if she is doing any of these 30 body language signs. Women can be hard to read at times, or they can be really honest and straight to the point. Nobody can deny a physical attraction and you will know by the end of dinner if she wants to get to know you more or just want to be friends! Only time will tell if you are meant to be together or not.