How to Choose The Best Hairstyle That Suits Your Face Shape

It can be a challenge deciding what hairstyle is best for you if you aren't aware of the factors considered in choosing the best hairstyle. Get to know here:

By Emmanuel Onitayo
How to Choose The Best Hairstyle That Suits Your Face Shape

Best Hairstyle For You: Factors To Consider

It is the desire of everyone, whether male or female, to look good. Howbeit, looking good has gone beyond a mere wishful thinking to becoming an art that has to be learned. As it is in the fashion and beauty world of today, the hairstyle or haircut you are on is as important as what you eat, wear, and apply on your body. An inappropriate hairstyle can surely give you a wrong look that nobody wants.

That said; when pondering the question, "Which hairstyle is best for me?", two factors are very paramount in arriving at a helpful answer. The first has to with the shape of your face or head, while the second depends on the texture of your hair. As per the shape of your head, at least six face shapes have been identified in men and they are oval, round, square, triangular, oblong, and diamond.

In the same way, different hair textures also abound for male as it is for females too. Howbeit, we shall be focussing on haircuts and hairstyles for males in this piece. It is your hair texture that would determine if the hairstyle you have chosen based on your face shape can be done or not. And in this regard, at least four hair textures have also been identified in men which are wavy hair, straight hair, thin straight hair, and curly hair.

What that means is that for you to effectively arrive at the best hairstyles for yourself, there are two things you have to find out. The first is the shape of your face or head, and the second like unto it is the texture of your hair. Check the sections below to see how you can determine these two things yourself at home.

How To Determine The Shape Of Your Face

In determining the shape of your face, you need a mirror with a wide view, a bar of soap, and a comb. With the aid of the comb, pull back your hair and hold it in an upright position. Once that is done, look straight into the mirror before you and trace out what you see with the bar of soap.

Once you have successfully traced out your face on the screen, the rest lies on you and your ability to discern face shapes. Here are a few tips to help you out. 

1. It is a square face if cheekbones are high and jaw is wide.

2. Your face is triangular if contrary to the above, the cheekbone is thin and the temple of your head extends to your jawline that is already wide.

3. No doubt, you have a round face if your cheekbones and jawlines are at the same level. In other words, your face is round.

4.  It is oblong if the perfection as described in the round face above is just exceptional. That is, your chin, cheekbones, and even jawline are perfectly balanced.

5. It is oval if the entire face appears longer when compared to the width of your cheekbones; and then, you would notice that your forehead exceeds your jawline in width.

6. Diamond faces are distinctly identified by the chin becoming pointed and the exceptional length of your facial features.

If you are unsure of your face shape, you can ask a trusted hair stylist to help you in determining it. You wouldn't have issues at a later time if you take your time now to ascertain the exact shape of your face. And come to think of it, the shape of your head or face doesn't change; it's constant for life.

Different Types Of Hair Texture

a) Wavy Hair

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Wavy hair is characterized by its movement and volume. It probably derived its name from its movement which is more like that of a wave. If this is the texture of your hair, then you can pretty much go for any hairstyle and it would still look great on you.

What's more? You can even rock your long wavy hair if you don't feel like cutting it. But unless you are a female with a wavy hair, there is an extent to which you can continue to keep it. You would still have to cut it.

b) Curly Hair

Simply put, the hair is curly without any artificial effort to make it so. Such hair texture can fit different hairstyles as it looks elegant whether it is kept at a medium level or left to grow.

With your curly hair, you can always tailor your look after any of your favorite model or celebrity. However, there are specific haircuts suitable for you depending on the shape of your face. Those we shall touch on subsequently.

c) Straight Hair

This hair texture stands out amidst the rest because it can be seen to straighten out by itself. This hair texture is prone to getting out of control if a professional styling is not done to tame it.

It is not advised that you allow it to grow very thick before you style it, and as much as possible, straight hair should not be worn in a manner that involves slicking it back.

Its variant is thin straight hair which looks very great with a simple classic cut. Similarly, if your hairlines are beginning to recede, one best way to get past it is to allow the remaining hair to grow long and then adopting a style that will cover up for the hair loss.

Best Hairstyles For Your Round Face

If you are sure that your face is round, there are quite a few things you can do to make yourself look good and smart. First, you can decide to keep the hairs at the sides as well as the back short. Doing this would ensure that your head looks longer thereby giving you a kind of chiseled look.

Another style that suits your round face is you trying to trim the sides while you keep the remaining hair on your head low. This hairstyle ensures that your cheekbones which are already wide are contrasted; and as such, you wear a more masculine look.

In addition to the above, you can also ask your stylist or barber to style and spike up your hair in the middle such that it draws a significant attention to the area. This ensures that your round face comes out (as it were) and even make it rounder.

When it comes to the haircuts that suit a round face, about three of them are notable. The first is side parting. This haircut is done such that the hairs at the two sides of your head, as well as the back, are kept short when compared with the rest. Other good haircuts for this face shape include pompadours and a French crop that has some messy fringes.

In a nutshell, your goal when you are presenting your hair for styling or barbing as a man with a round face is to ensure that after the process, your jawline becomes more pronounced and longer. This effect is what you get when you opt for the stylings and haircuts mentioned here.

Best Hairstyles For Your Triangular Face

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To get the best look for your triangular face, a couple of things can be done to this effect. First, keeping a beard that is thick but well-groomed would assist you in covering up your jawline that has several drastic angles. But again, the key thing to remember here is to ensure that the beard is well-groomed.

That aside, another thing that suits a triangular face is having a fringe around your forehead. This gives the impression that your forehead is thick to onlookers. This false thickness again suits your chin which is ordinarily strong by reducing the effect.

Lastly, with a triangular face, you can look good by keeping your hair long. This length sort of adds some volume and width to your head at the center which in turn, balances your jaw. However you still have to ensure that the long hair you're keeping is occasionally trimmed and well-groomed.

Talking about the appropriate haircut now, three options are cool for you. These are curly tops, textured pompadour, and quiffs. These hairstyles ensure that your side hairs are kept longer while the ones at the middle or top appear to increase in volume and width.

Best Hairstyles For Your Oblong Face

If your face is oblong, quite a few precautions are to be taken by you if you cherish a good look. One of them is to ensure that whatever hairstyle you settle for, it is not one that would elongate your face more.

Again, unlike a man with a triangular face, you cannot afford to keep thick beards. The reason is much like the first one given - doing so would extend or elongate your face further. Work with your stylist to arrive at a haircut that would minimize your elongated face and keep you looking good.

Once your beard is kept at the medium level, you can pretty much go for any haircut or style to give you that electric look. If you want a recommendation, side partings which have stubbles remain one of the best styles to rock your oblong look.

Best Hairstyles For Your Oval Face

Already, your face looks round and you would want to do some manipulations with your hair so that the roundness is reduced. As such, do away with fringes as it would prove counterproductive in your effort to reduce roundness. In place of fringes, you should consider keeping your top hair so that your outlook is better enhanced.

Oval faces are also termed egg heads. A good look with it would require that the hair is kept at the medium or low level. Once the hair is kept at the medium level, almost any haircut would look good with it. The haircut should, however, be done in the natural direction of your hair part.

Best Hairstyles For Your Diamond Face

With your diamond face, you know that your chin is pointed already while many of your other features have an appreciable length. You are blessed with numerous angular features that need to be softened otherwise you may not be very attractive to behold. One hair manipulation that suits your face shape well is a haircut that is in layers. That would help greatly with the angles.

Similarly, you can keep long hair and look pretty great with it. Individuals with a diamond face (whether male or female) usually have strong face bones which tend to support long hair. With the long hair, your angles are concealed and you get a great look.

However, except you are a female, you would still have to cut your hair at a stage and as such, you may want to know which haircut suits your diamond face the most. A fringe that is messy would be a good one for you as it balances your long forehead.

Another hairstyle that suits you well is side parting that is wavy. But with the side parting, you would have to ensure that the side hairs are not kept too low. Leaving it at a medium level is just okay but if it becomes too low, your face would appear wider than it is actually. 

Best Hairstyles For Your Square Face

The square face is such a unique one among other shapes. The carriers of such face shape have a wide jaw with cheekbones that are usually high. But then, you can make the best of this face shape by ensuring the following steps are taken for your stylings.

First, you should be aware that facial hair is optional for you; it would have to be your choice whether to keep it or not. Howbeit, if you choose to keep your facial hair, it would serve you well to groom your beard very well and make it thick. A thick beard would ensure that your somehow widened jaw appears to be extended.

As a man with a square face, you would look good if your hair is kept at a medium length always. However, you may want to style it in an upward manner so make your face a little bit elongated. Again, another precaution to consider would be that your hair must always be above your ears.

Pompadours that are messy and side partings are two hairstyles that would look good on you if you have a square face. There are many variants of these styles and if your hair stylist is gifted, he or she can help you to select the best for you.

A Quick Reminder

Here is a quick reminder of all we have been saying about the hairstyles that are most appropriate for your face shape. 

1. If your face shape is diamond, go for a messy fringe or side parting that is wavy.

2. If your face shape is square, go for a messy pompadour or side parting.

3. If your face shape is oval, go for an angular side parting.

4. If your face shape is triangular, go for any variation of a curly top, textured pompadour, or quiffs.

5. If your face shape is oblong, go for a side parting that has stubbles.

6. If your face shape is round, go for any of French crop, pompadour, or side parting.

On A Final Note

A good look, whether on a male or female, commands a lot of respect and gives a lot of self-confidence to us. You've just gone through some of the best hairstyles for your face geometry. In the most real sense, one great challenge you would have is in judging accurately what your face shape is.

You can easily feel the texture of your hair but you might be mistaken when it comes to identifying what the true shape of your face is. To this effect, it is always very good to consult with an experienced and skillful barber or stylist to get this figured out for you. Of course, that would be if you are having difficulty doing so.

That said, you should have a mental picture of what you want to look like before heading to the stylist's shop. It helps your hair stylist to quickly come up with the best hairstyle for you in the shortest possible time. When you seem to get a style you want, you may want to stick with it for a while before trying out a new one.

In all, remember that the basic things to consider when answering the question of which hairstyle is best for you are your hair texture and face shape. Even if you don't know or remember the styles as stated in this piece, a professional stylist can easily help you out if you already have these two questions answered.