50 Best & Worst Hairstyles For Men With Round Faces

Every man has at least one haircut that is best suited for his round face. Without further ado, here are 50 haircuts that every round-faced man should try out.

By Auntrone89
50 Best & Worst Hairstyles For Men With Round Faces

Best haircut for the male with a round face

Before any round-faced man finds that one haircut that is best suited for him, he’ll have no other choice but to try out quite a number of them. Thankfully, there are more than enough haircuts that look hella good on round-faced males, each appealing to each one of them differently. Some of these haircuts include the following:

1. The brush-up haircut

The brush-up haircut is one of those all-time favorite haircuts for any round-faced male for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is hella easy to pull off. Secondly, the crown-like volume of hair resting on top of his head will have that desired elongation effect on the round face while the sides are trimmed to size.

2. The high-volume haircut

The high-volume hairstyle for men is almost similar to the brush-up coif. The only difference is that the high-volume haircut leaves much more hair volume on top. This means the men donning this haircut enjoy more facial elongation, making it a more appropriate haircut for men with bigger, more rounded faces.

3. The vertical haircut for men

Another awesome haircut for males with round faces that effectively elongates and therefore giving a round face shape is none other than the vertical haircut for men. To pull this look off, the man has to comb thick volumes of his hair upwards while the hair on the sides is combed backward. This will end up giving his round face a “block” kind of look. This haircut also goes well with a beard.

4. The elegant fringe haircut

The elegant fringe haircut is perfect for round-faced men who have no problem connecting with their feminine side. It involves loosely tying his thin, curly hair at the back giving it a little bit of volume while allowing some to lay loosely on the forehead. Expect this coif to also look good with a good chin of beard. This haircut also looks good on guys with naturally straight hair.

5. The high volume undercut

Just like the name suggests, the high-volume undercut is achieved by first trimming the sides then allowing a huge volume of hair to rest on top of the head. This is meant to allow the long strands of hair to sort of blunt the roundness of the wearer’s face. The thick hair on top for his head will then be combed backward in order to complete the charm.

6. The comb-over haircut

This is arguably the easiest coif any round-faced male can pull off with no fuss at all. All he needs to do is learning how to comb his hair evenly and in different directions. He’ll start by combing the hair on top of his head to one side then comb the hair on the sides backward.

7. Faux Hawk, the best haircut for the round-faced male

The Faux Hawk coif is one of those distinct hairstyles that looks hella good on men with a knack for adventure. To achieve this look, the man will start by shaving off the sides then comb the top vigorously, leaving it looking like flames of some sort. Thankfully, this haircut is very easy to maintain. That’s why it comes highly recommended for young, busy men who are free-spirited.

8. The vertical style coif

Unlike most of the haircuts on this list, the vertical style coif doesn’t involve any shaving. All a man needs to do is learn how to comb in order to achieve the desired coif that’ll, in turn, give his face shape. To achieve this look, he’ll have to comb the thick head of hair on top of his head upwards while the hair on his sides backward.

9. The angular fringe and beard

For this haircut to make a male’s round face look a tad thinner, his thick head of hair will have to work hand in hand with his thick chin of beard – if “thick chin of beard” is actually a thing ha-ha. He’ll then allow his thick volume of hair curly hair to rest on his forehead before shaving off the sides.

10. The classic pompadour haircut

The classic pompadour haircut is one of the best haircuts as it suits just about any man with a handsome, round face. And apart from being timeless, the classic pompadour haircut is always appropriate for just about any informal occasion.

11. The high-volume brush-up for the round-faced male

Any funky, round-faced male who likes living it up should definitely consider rocking this haircut because it suits his personality. As the name suggests, it involves brushing huge volumes of hair upwards after trimming the sides just a little. This look blends perfectly well with a nicely trimmed beard.

12. Pompadour fade looks best on a round-faced male

This version of the pompadour looks good on any round-faced male, with or without a beard. To achieve this amazing hairstyle, one has to visit the barbershop for a fade on the sides. He can then have the thick volume of hair resting on top of his head combed backward.

13. The messy, asymmetrical fringe haircut

This haircut also allows a man to effectively touch base with his feminine side. It pretty much involves combing his thick head of hair evenly throughout his head, allowing some hair over his face and eyes. This will effectively alter his face shape for the better.

14. The spike line-up haircut for men

In order to achieve this look, a man has no other choice but to seek out the services of a really talented barber. The first step will involve the careful trimming of the beard as well as the sides, leaving a thick volume of hair sitting comfortably on top of the head. This thick volume of hair will then be combed upwards and in the end looking like thin spikes on top of his head.

15. The simple hair and beard cut

This is the perfect haircut for men who aren’t big on their general look. It simply involves trimming off the hair on the head while leaving the beard to grow unchecked. What makes this cut so incredible is its ability to bring proportion on the man’s face naturally and effortlessly.

16. The flat top for the round-faced male

Any male who wants to add some proportion to his round face should definitely try out the flat top haircut. This haircut simply brings out the edges to his head by shaving the sides and shaving the top of his head flat. This hairdo is appropriate for the tough men who want to add some machismo in their general look.

17. The angular fringe haircut

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The side swept fringe hairstyle is heralded for its magical ability to make all the round-faced men rocking it looks like a million bucks with the least amount of effort. The side-swept fringe, which is also the signature look of the angular fringe haircut, plays a very important role in taking the attention away from the roundedness of the man’s face.

18. The side-swept bangs best for younger men

This haircut is best left for younger men who have no problem whatsoever looking like Justin Bieber. Apart from giving proportion to wearer’s head as well as giving their face shape, the thick layers of hair cover the forehead and swept on one side will make them look much younger. This haircut is also easy to maintain and the outcome is generally amazing.

19. The spiky haircut for men

The spiky haircut is the semblance of a toned-down Faux Hawk. And the beauty of donning this rather stylish haircut is that it does the job of making the round face look thinner quite perfectly. This look is achieved by combing the thick volume of hair on top of the head leaving it a little spiky but not too much.

20. The vertical haircut

The vertical haircut is the arguably the best suit for guys looking to add more volume to their hair while attaining proportion on their round faces. Before coifing this haircut, a man would be required to use either wax or high-quality pomade.

21. The side part for the round-faced male

The side part haircut is perfect for the round face male simply because of its effortless ability to bring proportion. This haircut is involved buzzing the sides and side-sweeping the top part. Thankfully, any male with a round face can not only don this look but also get to coiffure or style it into any look he wishes.

22. The high-volume haircut for men

If you’ve seen Justin Timberlake donning this hairstyle, then you definitely have an inkling of just how stylish it is. Apart from being hella modish, the high-volume haircut can also be easily modified into other personalized styles to suit different occasions.

23. The extreme faux haircut

Apart from modifying the face shape quite effectively, men can always count on the extreme faux coif to bring out their adventurous side. And despite looking like the faux hawk, for the most part, the extreme faux hawk appears to be much thicker and going overboard than the former.

24. The asymmetrical styled haircut for men

This haircut is normally reserved for rugged and tough men. Apart from making their faces look thin and proportional, the asymmetrically styled coif also allows a huge volume of hair to sit pretty on their heads, covering most of the round faces rather effectively if I might add.

25. The disconnected undercut coif

This special haircut looks best on round-faced men with straight, naturally blonde hair. It generally involves shaving the sides a little then combing the long strands of well-oiled hair on top of the head to the back, making it look as though it is floating on top of the head. This look goes quite well with a slightly trimmed beard.

26. The spiky brush-up coif for the round-faced male

The purpose of this neat coif is to elongate the round face on a general scale. And to achieve this look, the round-faced male will begin by shaving the sides of his head clean. He’ll then proceed to comb the remaining thick head of hair on top of his head upwards so as to achieve that spiky look.

27. The angular fringe – textured version

The angular fringe coif is one of those hairstyles that round-faced men wear with the aim of elevating their sex appeal. It involves trimming the sides before texturing the hair on top of their heads and finally achieving that wild, sexy look. The sexiness can be further accentuated by simply dying the textured angular fringe in any color one feels like donning.

28. The angular fringe haircut for men with round faces

This look is pretty bold, meaning that only men who are out to make a bold statement can don this look and pull it off successfully. And apart from revealing the men’s personality quite accurately, the thick, side-swept fringe is also known for giving the round face shape as well as proportion.

29. The best comb-over coif for round-faced males

This hairdo is universal; meaning it can look good on men with both thick and thin hair. This look is also very easy to achieve and maintain as all it requires is the skill to comb hair upwards to the point it has that desirable volume on top of one’s round face.

30. The side-part skin fade haircut

The side-part skin fade haircut is undoubtedly among the best haircut for men who obsessed with the vintage look. With the sides faded, the thick volume of hair on top is split to the side. This look also goes well with thick-rimmed glasses and either a formal or vintage outfit.

31. The side-swept haircut

The side-swept haircut, just like the name suggests, involves basically combing the hair on top of the head to one side. Doing this will not only elongate the round face but also bring the desired proportion to the male’s head. Thankfully, the coif is easy to maintain and doesn’t take up much time and resources.

32. The elegant quiff hairstyle for men

The ever elegant quiff hairstyle is one of the very few coifs that spare men from shaving their heads. This means that anyone with a comb can easily pull off the elegant quiff hairstyle. They’ll start by combing the sides to the back before working the top into a puffy crown of hair. If done properly, this look will always take the crown, with or without a beard to back it up.

33. The brush-up high volume coif for men

Many male celebrities with thick heads of hair and round face shapes have looked priceless donning this look. To achieve this look, a man has to trim his hair to a medium length. This should make it a tad easier to brush a thicker volume of hair on top of their head.

34. The high-volume haircut

Another incredibly hot haircut that’s also effective in “thinning” a round face is none other than the high-volume hairdo. The high-volume hairdo focuses on adding more volume to the hair, making the man look more proportional and therefore much more charming. Johnny Depp is one of the many celebrities that have helped make this look famous on a worldwide scale.

35. The side-swept messy cut for the round-faced male

This haircut is best suited for men who are into the informal way of life. Apart from being way too easy to maintain, this haircut seems to be perfect for the outdoors. It also blends too well with any outfit hence the high recommendation.

36. The side-swept short fringe

This cute hairdo is perfect for the round-faced male who wants to look good without spending too much time on their hair. This haircut also looks good when combined with a closely trimmed beard as they often end up complementing each other. This version of the fringe also happens to look best on men with naturally blonde hair.

37. The long fringe best for round-faced males

Young men who fancy long bangs of hair over their heads and foreheads should definitely try this “young Justin Bieber” hairstyle. It involves having long strands of hair side-swept over the forehead but not going well past the ears.

38. The slicked undercut style

Apart from bringing face shape and proportion, the slicked undercut styled haircut is normally reserved for men with a heightened fashion sense. The haircut involves trimming the sides while the remaining hair in the middle is conveniently side-swept. The beauty of this look can be accentuated with a well-groomed beard.

39. The badass, brushed-up undercut

If you don’t mind looking like the modern version of the Vikings, then this haircut is definitely meant for you. To achieve this look, one will have to start by shaving the sides and back of his head clean, leaving a thick volume of hair on top. This coif also looks good with any version of beard.

40. The high quiff hairdo for men

This version of the quiff hairdo is best suited for men with longer hair and bigger beards. In this haircut, the long strands of hair on top of his head are coiffured to roll to one side of the head, leaving the man looking effortlessly handsome. 

41. The straight coif best for rounded male faces

The straight coif is arguably the best hairstyle for men with round faces because it simply oozes with heterosexual masculinity. And apart from looking hella good, this haircut is also very easy to maintain. Needless to add, this coif also looks hella good with a beard thrown in the mix.

42. The center parting haircut

The center parting haircut is perfect for men with round faces and long hair. If done correctly, this hair coiffure will end up widening both his cheeks as well as forehead. This coif was popularized by the likes of David Beckham back in this heyday.

43. The medium plow back haircut

If you don’t want to shave your head but want to have the impression of having short hair, then the plow back is the haircut you are supposed to go for.

44. The clean shave for the round-faced male

Sometimes all the round-faced man needs are shaving everything on his head.

45. The super short hairstyle

Just as the name suggests, the super short hairstyle is convenient for men who aren’t that excited about spending a lot of time on hair grooming. It simply involves leaving short hair on the head and also looks good with a closely trimmed beard.

46. The long backhaul

This is yet another haircut for round-faced males with long hair made popular by Chris Hemsworth, or just Thor.

47. The long side fall coif

If you are a fan of the Avengers then chances are that you must have seen this hairdo on Thor in one of those movies.

48. The flat cut best for round-faced males

This haircut is perfect for round-faced males, especially of African origin. It involves shaving the sides all the way to the back right before the top is flattened skillfully.

49. The simple, classic cut

Staying true to its name, this haircut is simple and has no fuss about it.

50. The almost bald cut for the round-faced male

Well, all I can say as far as this coif is concerned is that sometimes no hair is the best haircut that any man with a round face could ever ask for.


When all is said and done, every man deserves a haircut that looks hella good on him. And because there are plenty of coifs available, picking the perfect one might indeed be a daunting task. If that seems to be the case, then consider seeking advice from a qualified hairdresser.