Wondrous Angelina Jolie Hairstyles You Could Apply To Your Hair

Angelina Jolie has always wowed the audiences with her beautiful make up and wondrous hairstyles. Here are some of her hairstyles which you could try too.

By Amanda Palmer
Wondrous Angelina Jolie Hairstyles You Could Apply To Your Hair

The Stunning Angelina Jolie

The world knows Angelina Jolie as one of the most beautiful women in the world. This star was born in 'tinsel town' with a silver spoon to famous parents Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. Both are famous actors of their times. Jolie had had a few years of initial struggle in her career and eventually grew up to become the number one actresses in Hollywood.
She has contributed a lot to women's well-being and has played an important role in bringing about social awareness regarding women's rights, child abuse, and equality for all. 

Also considered one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, with her long career spanning 36 years, she has entertained us tremendously with her acting skills. However her personal life is not as smooth as her career, and she has married thrice in her life so far. She is a mother of six and manages both her career and children wonderfully well. 

Throughout her career, Jolie has never been shy of public appearances. The internet is buzzing with her pictures, and many of them showcase her beautiful hairstyles and makeup. Jolie has millions of followers and fans on her social media accounts. 

Many fans try to create Angelina Jolie hairstyles for themselves. She has managed to carry a different hairstyle in every movie of hers and has rocked each look with amazing grace and style. Here we have a collection of her famous hairstyles which are easy to apply to your own hair.

So next time, sport your favorite Angelina Jolie hairstyle and stun everyone!

Angelina Jolie - The Long Hairstyles

Angelina Jolie loves her hair. She is also gifted with beautiful, straight and shiny hair. For great hair and skin, she sticks to an effortless routine of exercising, cleansing, healthy diet, and drinking lots and lots of water.
Whether the star was a natural blonde or not is not known, but one thing is for sure, the natural brown color of hair that she sports most of the time, suits her perfectly. Her hairstylist also deserves mention for creating some ravishing hairstyles for the attractive woman every time.

Angelina Jolie is mostly seen sporting long hair in a natural brown color. She has managed to create different hairstyles with her long hair every time, and here we have some of her best long hairstyles penned down:

1. Straight Hairstyle for Holidays

Angelina Jolie was seen sporting this hairstyle in the 2014 holiday season. This hairstyle looks very natural and easily manageable. The upper part long locks are casually brushed backward from the front. These straight locks flowing back along her back expose her perfectly chiseled jawline. She often adds a bit of shine spray to her lovely long tresses for added luster.

2. 2014 Long Brown Polished Curly Hair

This hairstyle of hers created a rage in the media when she perfectly complemented her polished brown and long hair with smoky black eyes and a glossy red lips.  Her locks boasted of soft curls down at the edges and looked au naturel when left loose. They bounced with a sheen and vivacity that made her look like a perfectly crafted Goddess. She carried this look to one of her award functions. The rich brown color on her hair blended perfectly with her flawless complexion and dark eyes.

3. Brown Hairstyle for Long Straight Hair

In this particular hairstyle, her hair boasted of rich highlights done in shades of dark brown and natural black. With this gorgeous hairstyle, she sported a brilliant red one-shoulder dress. Her highlights had soft bangs on the sides. There was a casual side parting on the forehead. Her highlights had a sheen which caught the light wherever she went. She looked like a true diva in this avatar.

To recreate this look for yourself, do not forget to dab some styling cream along the extended length of your hair to enhance the texture and definition of your tresses.

4. Voluminous Long Hairstyle

Brilliantly done to give a voluminous effect, this hairstyle is simply wow. Some layers are lifted on the crown area, and the stylist has given layers towards the bottom. The layers are curled or left wavy at the bottom to create an effect of volume.
These long curls sit on her shoulder and bounce with her every move. The bangs from the front are set straight back in a messy way with some styling gel to stay put. She sports a darker shade of brown in this hairdo which enhances her flawless fair skin and light blue eyes. The soft curls at the end are left to hang loose on her bosom creating a very stunning effect.

5. Long Hairstyle with Short Bangs

Angelina Jolie was also spotted carrying a long straight hairstyle textured with brilliant shades of brown. The long layers of this hairstyle were cut at the bottom but left straight. This creates a voluminous effect on the hair and yet looks very casual and laid-back. Short bangs are given in the front to cover her big forehead. These bangs pair with the long hairstyle greatly. 

6. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle for Long Hair

She carried this particular style with oodles of grace and elegance. This hairdo matches perfectly with her off-shoulder gown. Her long tresses are left wavy at the bottom. Her hair color is dark brown in this style. She has swept her hair half up half down and pinned it gently with bob pins. This particular style perfectly silhouettes her face and enhances her smile. Her long tresses hang down at the nape of her neck and bounce with each movement. Although, not a very formal hairdo, she carried this style to one of her award functions and rocked it perfectly.

Angelina Jolie Ponytail Hairstyles

Angelina Jolie has been spotted wearing a loose ponytail many times. She has even worn a ponytail hairstyle in a few of her movies. It gives her a very casual and yet well-groomed look. Let's have a look at the ponytail hairdos of Angelina Jolie.
The ponytail is one of the most natural hairstyles worn by most women. All they need is to swipe their hair back and lock it together with a rubber band. This style is very convenient as it keeps all the hair in place and also prevents loose strands from flying all over your face. 

Or to add a little flair, give your ponytail a few curls and create a few loose tendrils to shape your face. Stunning but simple. 

1. Loose Ponytail with Front Bangs

Angelina Jolie styles her long hair into a beautiful loose ponytail quite casually along with bangs up front which frame her face distinctively.
If you want to recreate Angelina Jolie's hairstyle without the help of a professional, this is probably the easiest hairstyle to replicate. All you need is to chop off some bangs at the front and tie up your hair in a loose ponytail. 

2. Ponytail with Curly Locks

For all those who have curly hair and want to recreate an Angelina Jolie hairstyle, then do try this particular hairdo in which she manages to hold all her curly locks in a neat ponytail.
The hair looked voluminous and pulled on together neatly in a ponytail. She might have used a lot of bob pins to keep the hair in place. You can take the help of a professional to replicate this particular style.

Angelina Jolie - Formal Updos

Updos are considered the best hairstyles for formal occasions, and Jolie seems to have mastered the art of wearing her hair in a formal coiffure for formal functions.
Hair swept up in an updo perfectly showcases her chiseled jawline and the delicate nape of your neck. Updo's are also perfect when you want to show the beautiful work on the back of your evening dress. A formal updo also works well for a business meeting as it spells out loudly a 'no-nonsense-and-only-work' attitude.

1. Chic Updos for Nights Out

Often, Jolie has been spotted piling her long locks on the top of her head to give a retro-chic kind of look. The hairdo looks glamorous and chic. To recreate this style, sweep up all of your hair together high up on her head and twist them until the hair self-buckles upon itself. You can use some pins to keep it in place. A spray will also help you to lock the hairstyle. 

You can try this kind of hairdo for a formal night out or your office coiffure. It will prevent your hair from falling all over your face, and it won't disturb you during your work hours.

2. Tight Bun Updos

Angelina Jolie was also spotted with a tight bun updo in which her loose curls were swept up and pinned in a tight bun. This sleek coiffure defined her cheekbones beautifully. She applied dark eye make up to make her eyes look more prominent against her cheekbones. She matched her dark eye makeup with subtle lip color, and the altogether effect was very charming.

3. Retro-inspired updo

She had once pulled-back her hair into a swooping and retro-inspired hairstyle which had soft curly texture and also lots of volume. This updo was perfect to showcase her pretty earrings. She added a shiny hairpin to her updo for that badass touch.

4. French Twist

A French twist hairdo looks great when you want to flaunt your pretty cheekbones and beautiful earrings. It also looks very elegant and chic. Try this Angelina Jolie French twist for yourself and see the effect. To create a perfect French twist, you might need the help of an expert hairstylist.

5. Messy Updo

Sweep up all your hair in an updo and leave all the strands hanging loose on your face. These strands create the effect of loose bangs which frame your face. This effect is called the messy updo coiffure. Angelina Jolie was spotted in his hairstyle. She had a red color on her long hair. 

5. Black Hair with Loose Bun

You can also tie up your hair in a loose bun to create a casual hairdo. Angelina Jolie was spotted with this hairdo in black color hair. You might have tied your hair in a loose bun like this many a times without realizing that you are replicating an Angelina Jolie hairdo.
You might have missed on some key elements which add an extra zing factor to a simple hairdo like this. Add a bit of hairspray to create a luster and also pull out some strands from the edge of your tail comb to create a stunning effect from the front.

Angelina Jolie Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hairstyles suite Angelina Jolie the best and it is also her most often carried look. She has had different variations to her wavy hairstyles. Many of us too have cut our hair to give the effect of loose waves. But it is the beautiful highlights and the perfectly complimenting makeup along with the hairstyle that creates an overall stunning look. Let's have a look:

1. Wavy Hairstyle with Light Brown Hair

Angelina Jolie likes brown color when it comes to hair. She has been spotted sporting various shades of brown right from ashen brown to dark brown. This particular hairdo had light brown hair color. Her hair featured perfectly blended highlights of dark brown, golden brown and majority light brown. Her hair was cut in layers with soft waves.

2. Long wavy hairstyle

Angelina Jolie's signature hair style is this long wavy hairdo. She highlights her soft layers in different shades and the flowing hair falls softly on her shoulders in waves. 

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Angelina Jolie - Curly Hairstyles

Angelina Jolie has not been seen with curly hair a lot but when she has been spotted, she looks gorgeous.

1. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle for Curls

In this particular hairstyle, Jolie has pulled back her long dark hair half up half down with the upper part fixed beautifully with pins. Her locks are shiny with some hairspray. The hair that is left down is curled in thin strands creating a gorgeous and voluminous hairstyle from the back.

Angelina Jolie - Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium hairstyle also suits her quite well. She looks younger and carefree.

1. 2014 Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

In this hairstyle below, her hair is left straight and colored in natural dark brown. It is cropped in a straight line below in length reaching her shoulders. She can swipe her hair to the left or the right or leave it casual without any defined partition.

Angelina Jolie Raven Hairstyle

Angelina Jolie sparkled in a raven hairstyle too in one of her movies. 

1. Long Hairstyle: Raven Hair

Angelina Jolie looks sexy and seductive in her long hairdo. Her raven black hair is done up in long straight hair without any bangs or layers. She has bangs on the front reaching her eye-lashes. It gives her a dangerous and mysterious vibe which suited her role perfectly in the movie.
This type of hairstyle is quite easy to replicate. You need to grow your hair long. Color them dark black and straighten them. Get your front bangs chopped to eye-lash length.

Angelina Jolie - Pixie Hairstyle

A pixie hairstyle looks very cute and sassy. Angelina Jolie carried a pixie look in one of her movies. This cool pixie look is done with flying locks and no short bangs. This hairstyle is great for short or bob hairstyle. You can even try this hairstyle in different colors and try applying some gel to get a more defined look. 

This particular look needs to be done expertly else it will end up looking untidy and unkept.

Angelina Jolie - Tomb Raider Hairstyle

Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider hair had created quite a rage in the industry. It was unique and yet this particular hairstyle has been there since ages with long-haired people. To think that Angelina Jolie would braid her hair in this way was very surprising. She managed to start the trend of braiding your locks, and many started growing their hair long to replicate the Tomb Raider hairstyle.
The Tomb Raider hairstyle was a mix of a french braid with a long dutch braid done along the entire length of your hair. The Tomb Raider hairstyle suited Jolie's face perfectly as it showcased her beautiful cheekbones very well.

You might need help from a hairstylist professional to create the Tomb Raider hairstyle for yourself. 

Angelina Jolie - Bob Hairstyle

Angelina Jolie sported a bob hairstyle once in a subtle shade of red. She carried this 90s look beautifully. The bob hair made her look younger than her years, and she often carried her bob hair without makeup to give a very casual look.
She appeared in a short hairstyle almost a bob haircut in the movie Salt recently. She has also sported bob hair in many of her earlier movies. Some of them had her hair done curly, and in some styles, her bob hair was straight textured.

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Angelina Jolie manages to create magic with the simplest of things. You might have worn similar hairdos yourself but might have missed some important element here and there. Refer to the hints and ideas above while re-creating Angelina Jolie hairstyles for your hair.

Iconic, Classic. No matter how she wears her hair - she will always be statuesque.