Top 60 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is The Best

These are a few signs that will tell you if you have the best boyfriend or you need to get away from him as soon as you can. Read on to find out more.

By Tanaya Nath
Top 60 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is The Best

Top 60 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is The Best

Having someone who loves you with all their heart is not only fulfilling but the best thing you could ever have. And every girl wants the best boyfriend possible. But then how will you know if your boyfriend is indeed the best or just another douchebag? Listed below are a few signs that will tell you if your boyfriend is the best or not.

1. The Best Boyfriend Follows Through

Doing what he promised or you asked for, no matter how small or big it is, builds trust in a relationship. So, if your boyfriend says he will do something and actually goes ahead and does it, he is the best boyfriend without doubt.

2. He Is Happy To See You

When you see him after a long day or after a few days apart, does he look genuinely happy? There will be times when he will be having a bad day or feeling low. But if his most common response in seeing you is happiness and love, he is the best boyfriend.

3. There Are Other Good Things Besides Sex

If you have reasons to be happy and content even when not indulging in physical pleasure, you have a good relationship. If your boyfriend, at times, is content to just hug and cuddle, it is a sign that he is the best.

4. Your Boyfriend Talks To His Friends About You

Guys are very selective about what they talk about to their friends for many reasons. They only talk about what is important to them. So, if your boyfriend talks about you to his friends, he is definitely the best.

5. The Best Boyfriend Never Keeps Secrets

Secrets can destroy a relationship. Studies show that almost everyone keeps at least one secret in a relationship. So, if he tells you everything, including his financial or deep personal secrets, it is one among many reasons to consider him the best boyfriend.

6. His Phone Is Accessible

Technology can pose a real threat to relationships. If one partner had a past relationship, the other one may feel threatened by the ex. Technology gives easy access to past relationships and hence, you may worry about what’s behind your partner’s screen. So, if he doesn’t snatch his phone out of your hands if you're going through it, that's a sign your boyfriend is the best.

7. He Keep Coworkers And Friends At Bay

It is normal to have friends outside a relationship and maintaining boundaries with these people is the basis of trust in any relationship. So, if your boyfriend tells you all about his coworkers and friends and who he hangs out with, know that he is not just the best but amazing as well.

8. The Best Boyfriend Will Always Appreciate You

Feeling valued and appreciated influences how you feel about your relationship. So, if your boyfriend is making you feel appreciated for all the right reasons, it means he knows your value in his life. It is one among the signs that no one can be as amazing as your boyfriend. He is the best.

9. Friends Matter

What kind of friends you keep says a lot about the kind of person you are. So, observe his friends. If they are the kind who encourage him to be faithful and sort out differences rather than creating more problems, your boyfriend is the best and worth keeping.

10. The Best Boyfriend Won’t Flirt With Others

Flirting is said to be harmless when done within reasonable limits. But if he has eyes for you and you alone, he will never feel the need to flirt. So, if you never see him flirting with other girls, you are in for the long haul. He loves you a lot and deserves the award of best boyfriend.

11. He Keeps His House Clean

This one is rare in guys. They often leave their room messy. But if your guy keeps his house clean, it means he is mature and responsible. It's a sign that he likes order. So keep your boyfriend, for he is the best in his breed.

12. He Is A Rock

If he is honest with you and doesn’t throw tantrums when things don't go as planned or for any other reasons, he is rock solid. If he shakes off failures and learns from them rather than complaining, it is a sign he is dependable and mature. You can definitely rely on him. Undoubtedly he is the best boyfriend.

13. He Doesn’t Always Act Macho

If a man knows when to surrender, he is the best. A real and mature man doesn’t always feel the need to conquer, rule, and have all the answers to all questions. He knows his limitations and accepts them. So, if you find a boyfriend with these qualities, hold onto him tight. He is the best and it would be foolish to let him go.

14. The Best Boyfriend Will Always Make Peace

The best characteristic to judge a man by is to see if he is a conflict creator or peacemaker. If he doesn’t hesitate to say sorry, even if he is not at fault, it is the most important among the signs that he loves you more than his ego. He is the best boyfriend without a doubt.

15. He Has A Purpose

An immature man will live in the moment with no plans for the future. He could even dump you anytime. So, find a man who has a purpose in life, who knows what he wants and how to get it. If he is like that, he is the best boyfriend you will ever find.

16. He Keeps a Respectable Distance With Your Friends

Men usually find the friends of his girlfriend intriguing and might not be able to resist flirting with them. So, if your boyfriend is keeping his distance with your friends, appreciate him. He is the best you can get.

17. The Best Boyfriend Is Never Self-involved

A guy who is self-involved and lacks empathy is a narcissist. These kinds of guys have affairs very often. So, if your boyfriend isn’t among this category, you are blessed with a faithful relationship. He is the best anyone can ever have.

18. He Doesn’t Need To Be Complimented Often

A man who loves you knows that you value him. A little appreciation every now and then is enough for him to remember that. If he doesn’t keep fishing for compliments or finding dumb reasons to get your attention, it is among the signs that he is the best boyfriend ever.

19. He Is Realistic

If he thinks that nothing bad could ever happen to him, he is an immature man. These kinds of men often get carried away with gambling, drinking, or other destructive behavior. So, if your boyfriend is realistic and he takes every possible safety measure, you have got yourself the best boyfriend ever.

20. He Says "we"

If he uses the term "we" quite often, it means he wants a serious and long term relationship. It is a sign that he thinks of you and him as a couple instead of two people leading separate lives. This means your boyfriend is already planning his future with you.

21. He Makes A Great Effort All The Time

You have the best boyfriend if he doesn’t settle for anything less than what's best for you. An amazing guy will make the greatest effort to give his girl the best of everything.

22. He Always Finds A Way To Be With You

There is a difference between a boyfriend who talks to you in his free time and the one who frees his time to talk to you. Know that he is the best if he finds a way to be with you no matter how busy he is.

23. You Are His Dream Come True

Watch the way he looks at you. If he looks at you like you are his dream come true, you've hit the jackpot. He is the best boyfriend ever!

24. He Touches You Constantly

If he can’t keep his hands off of you and keeps touching you subtly, it sends out the message that he is crazily in love with you. He has to be the best.

25. He Makes You Laugh

If he doesn’t hesitates to make a fool of himself to make you laugh, it is one among many signs that he is the best boyfriend.

26. He Misses You

When you are not together, and he misses you and expresses it in more than words, you are in for something special.

27. He Doesn’t Quit On You

No matter how problematic your relationship is, he never gives up without a fight. He is there to stay, meaning that your boyfriend is the best.

28. He Gets Jealous But Stays In Control

If he gets jealous, it is a sign that he loves you and if he controls it means he trusts you. Not every man can do this. Your boyfriend is the best if he does this.

29. Talking To You Is Important To Him

Not every man considers talking more important than his video games. So, if you boyfriend pauses his ongoing game to talk to you, he is a big deal.

30. He Introduces You To His Family

This is a sign that he is serious about you. Guys won't do this until they are sure about the girl they're with.

31. He Messages You In The Morning And Night

If he wishes you good morning and asks you about your day at night, you couldn't ask for a better boyfriend.

32. He Is Always There For You

If he is the one person you can count on during your hard times and good times, you have the best boyfriend ever.

33. He Doesn’t Stay Mad At You For Long

It is a sign that he loves you far too much. So without a doubt he is the best boyfriend if he forgives you within seconds.

34. He Has Respect For You

If he respects you, your choices, and your decisions, you couldn’t have a better boyfriend than him.

35. He Spends On You

Not just money, but also time. If he keeps showering you gifts and spends time with you while he could be working, stay with him forever. It is among the signs that he loves you a lot.

36. Your Relationship Is Simple And Straightforward

If your guy keeps it all in the open and doesn’t play any games with you, admire him! Your boyfriend is amazing.

37. He Keeps All Communication Honest

If you can talk to him about anything and everything without inhibitions and if you know he tells you everything too, you have the best boyfriend ever.

38. His Actions Speaks Louder Than Words

Men don’t really believe in expressing their love. So, if your boyfriend not only says that he loves you but expresses it through his actions as well, stick with him. He sure is the best boyfriend ever.

39. He Doesn’t Expect You To Be Perfect

The best boyfriend will never expect his girl to be perfect. He knows that everyone comes with faults and will accept his girl with her flaws. If your guy does that, he is amazing.

40. You Have Freedom

A perfect relationship offers a perfect blend of freedom and teamwork. So, if he involves you in his decisions and also gives you your space, he is the best.

41. He Doesn’t Envy Your Growth

Usually, if both people in a couple are working and the girl progresses faster, the guy often envies his girlfriend's achievements. So, if your guy celebrates your growth without his ego getting in the way, he is the best boyfriend for you.

42. He Doesn’t Let Outsiders Intrude

If you and your boyfriend call the shots in your relationship and don’t let outsiders intrude on your happiness, he is surely the best. A real man won't let other people control his relationship.

43. He Tells You What You Need To Hear

If he is honest with you and doesn’t keep things secret because it might upset you, he is a keeper for sure. If he tells you the truth about yourself, no matter how hard it is, your boyfriend is the best.

44. He Trusts You

Trust is difficult to build. If he trusts you and doesn’t keep investigating you every time you are not with him, love him truly. He is your dream man and the best boyfriend possible.

45. You Can Trust Him

He trusts you alright, but can you trust him? Can you tell him your secrets and expect him to keep them? If you can, he is the best.

46. He Loves Your Family

Not every man can love your family like he loves his. So, if he does this, don’t ever let him go. This means he is the best boyfriend.

47. He Helps You

The best boyfriend will lend his hand in household chores like cooking and cleaning. Not every man thinks it is manly to do that.

48. He Cares About Your Friends

He asks about how your friends are doing, particularly if they have been through tough times lately. This indicates that he is sympathetic. He is definitely the best!

49. He Cares What Your Friends And Family Think About Him

After meeting your friends and family, if he immediately asks you what they thought of him, he's all good. If he cares about what impression he made on them, he is the best boyfriend and an amazing man.

50. He Is Polite

If he is polite to everyone, especially to waiters and cashiers, he is an amazing man. It takes a good heart to be polite to everyone.

51. He Doesn’t Desert You At His Friend’s Parties

Men often get lost in their guy things and can forget that they brought along a woman who doesn’t really know anyone in the party. If he sticks by your side, cherish him because he is the best.

52. He Makes You Feel Good

If he makes you feel good about yourself, like you're confident and hot, keep him. You will never find another man as amazing as him.

53. He Genuinely Wants To Know Things About You

The best boyfriend will always ask you how your class or the important meeting went. He will want to know what is going on in your life.

54. He Inspires You

He never discourages you from starting new things; instead, he always inspires you to indulge in new ventures. If he does that, he is the best and the most amazing boyfriend.

55. He Doesn’t Keep Bringing Up Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. If your guy keeps bringing yours up all the time ditch him. He isn't the best boyfriend you need.

56. He Doesn’t Control Your Schedule

The best boyfriend will never try to manipulate your schedule according to his plans. He will make all his plans according to yours.

57. He Doesn’t Keep Calling You On Your Night Out

When you are on a night out with your girl gang, the best boyfriend won't keep calling you or keeps sending you million messages. He will let you enjoy the party.

58. He Doesn’t Rush You

The best boyfriend will never rush you while you are getting ready. He will wait patiently while you do that. For him nothing is greater than your happiness and satisfaction.

59. He Texts You After Hanging Out

He always calls or messages you to tell you how his night out with his gang went. It is a sign that he is the best boyfriend.

60. He Thinks You Are Always Beautiful

No matter if you are dressed up for the evening or you're in your pajamas, the best boyfriend will always consider you beautiful, and say so.