He Texts Me Every day: What Does It Mean? Does He Like Me?

He's been texting you everyday since your first date. Is he interested or does he only like you as a friend? Here's how to know what's going on.

By magdadp
He Texts Me Every day: What Does It Mean? Does He Like Me?

He's been texting you everyday. What now?

So it's the day after your first date. He texts you to say thank you for such a great night. You reply. The next day he sends you a text again. And so it goes on, day after day. It's gotten to that point that you're already expecting a text from him everyday. What does it really mean? Does he like you, or is he just friendly? This can be really confusing to figure out, especially through text since you can only rely on his words with no body language or changes in the tone of his voice to help you see his intentions. By reading between the lines and using certain information, you will be able to find out what his texts mean and if you are really going to see him again.

What does he text you everyday?

The first thing that you need to look at is what his texts are really saying. Don’t immediately think that he likes you because he texts you everyday. This is a mistake that so many women make. Just because he texts you back everyday doesn’t mean that he likes you as much as you like him. And it definitely doesn’t guarantee that there is going to be anything more than friendship between you two. Does his text just say thank you for a wonderful night, and that he hopes to see you soon? Or, are the texts more like friendly texts that you normally get from your girlfriends? You need to make sure that you really understand what the text is saying and if he is showing that he is really interested in you. It might only be politeness when he says thank you after the great date you had.

Who is texting first?

This is something really important to consider. Are you the one sending the first text to say thank you for a wonderful night and that you hope to see him again? Or was he the one that sent the first text saying thanks? If you were the one that sent the text, that isn’t wrong in any way. Now you need to look really carefully at what his response is going to be. He might just be a gentleman and reply to the text without indicating that there will be a second date. You can send him a text the next morning to say thank you, but don’t send any more texts if he doesn’t reply at all. If he is sends a text the next day or sets up a future date with you, then you will know that he is interested in you for sure.

Does he want you to text him back everyday?

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Another thing to be really careful of is to see if he actually wants you to start texting him everyday, or if he's just saying thank you for the date you had the previous night. If there isn’t a question at the end of his text, he isn’t interested in asking you out again, and there isn’t any need to reply to the text. However, the moment that he asks you something at the end of the text, then you'll know for sure that he's interested in having a conversation with you. This is where you can send him a text back and make sure that you ask a question at the end of your text as well. If he replies again, it'll be easier to keep up a conversation everyday. This is a sign that he really enjoyed your first date and that he wants to get to know you better.

Things to look for in a text to see if he likes you

You might still be confused about his feelings for you and what his texts really mean. This is normal to wonder, especially if you really like him a lot and hope that he likes you too. The moment that you know what things to look for in a text, you will be able to learn what he truly feels for you. By looking out for these signs in a text to see if he likes you, you will really get the reassurance that the feeling is mutual and that you are going to hear from him again.

The text isn’t about everyday things

Take note if his text messages aren’t about everyday things like the weather but have a more personal tone. He may be telling you what he is doing throughout the day or asking you a personal question or two. This is normally a sign that he likes you and he is interested in getting to know you more. If his texts are full of small talk about everyday things, then it's pretty obvious that you aren’t going to see him again. If you like him, you don't want boring texts about everyday things anyway.

Using a pet name for you in texts

This is the first sign within a text conversation that the guy likes you and there's a possibility that there's going to be something more than just friendship between you. Friends don’t give each other silly or sweet nicknames or pet names. Especially in something as personal yet casual as a text message. If this is the case, you should let him know that you like the pet name. This is a good way to drop a hint that you like him too, without saying it directly.

Sending jokes to you

Imagine that it's midmorning and you are busy working. Suddenly, your phone beeps. You have a text. It's from the guy you went out with, sending you a joke that he just heard. This means that he was thinking about you, he wants to make you laugh, and he may be interested in being more than just your friend. You don’t send jokes throughout the day to a friend you just met. You must really mean something to him! Make sure that you reply correctly so he knows you're interested too; sending back a joke of your own would be the best thing to do.

Talking to you about serious problems

Guys don’t talk about their personal problems and feelings to strangers. So if he's texting you to get your advice on a problem he's currently facing, then it's a clear sign that he trusts you with his problems and feelings. This is normally also a sign that there is something going on between you two, and that he is seriously considering a relationship with you. You need to know how to reply back. If you don’t reply as soon as possible, he might think that you don’t care enough about him to assist him with his problem. So, if you like him and want to take this friendship further, you need to reply to him thoughtfully and make sure that you help him with his problem as best as you can.

Signs in his texts that mean there won’t be another date

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Now you know the signs in his text that show that he likes you and he's interested in you. But you also need to make sure that you know the signs in his texts thatmean there isn’t going to be another date. If you send him a message to say thank you for the previous night and he doesn’t respond, then this is a clear sign that you aren’t going to see him again and that he doesn’t feel the same way as you do. It's time to move on. Don’t keep on texting in the hopes that he's going to respond. And, if he does respond but with a generic answer, it's also a sign that he doesn’t want a second date. When he texts you the morning after the date just to say thank you and that he hopes you enjoyed the date, he isn’t interested either. Especially if there isn’t any personal message included like “see you soon” or “missing you already”. A formal message should be a sign that he didn’t like you enough and that he isn't considering going out with you again.

Is it okay to send the first text after a date?

This is a question that many women wonder about. Should you wait for him to text first or can you text him the next day to say thank you for the date? There is nothing wrong these days for women to send the first text to say thank you for a great date. But, you need to remember that you should not send anything more, especially if you don’t know how he feels. Don’t say that you've already made plans for the next date or that you can’t wait to see him again. Don’t force him to reply to say something polite that isn’t the truth. Just say thank you for the date, and that it was really special. That’s all. Leave the rest up to him. Phoning him to say thank you is out of the question. He is the one that needs to make the first call. The only exception is if he told you the previous day to call him if you are interested in seeing him again. Even in our modern world, you need to leave something for a man to do. Phoning you for the first time is one of these things. Texting is fine, sending a WhatsApp message is fine, but calling might be a bad idea since you guys might not be on that level of closeness yet. Texting can be fun to do when it's with your friends. But, the moment that a guy sends you a text after your first date, and you don’t know what the text really means, it can get tricky and confusing. Reading both his texts and the messages behind them are essential, especially if you went out for the first time, and you don’t know yet if he likes you or not. By spotting all the signs through text that he likes you, you will be able to figure out if you're going to see him again or not. If he says he doesn’t like you, he suddenly stops texting you everyday, or he didn’t even reply after the first date, move on. Don’t send him texts everyday asking what happened to him.