How To Easily Determine Your Face Shape In Just A Few Steps

It is necessary to ascertain the shape of your face to get a suitable haircut or buy the perfect pair of sunglasses. Find out how to determine your face shape.

By Amanda Palmer
How To Easily Determine Your Face Shape In Just A Few Steps

What are the different facial shapes?

There are plenty of face shapes for humans such as round, oval, oblong, etc. These face shapes are in sync with our facial features to give us our unique look. It is important to know our face shape when choosing a particular hair cut or style. A face shape is also very important while choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses suiting your face. The face shape can change the way a particular hairstyle looks on the person. There are seven basic face shapes in humans:
1. Oval Shape
2. Round Shape
3. Square Shape
4. Diamond Shape
5. Heart Shape
6. Pear Shape
7. Oblong Shape
Sometimes it is very tough to ascertain which face shape you have. But the following guidelines will help you decide your face shape.

How to determine your face shape?

The following is a brief description of all the kinds of face shapes. This will help you ascertain your face shape:

1. Oval Shape:
An oval shape is more longer than its wide. The jaw of an oval shaped face is narrower than the cheekbones. An oval shaped face is basically very proportional and hence looks good with any hair style. Also, any length of hair looks good on the face. For a suitable hairstyle, one can add layers near the cheekbones, chin or the lips to enhance that particular feature. 

2. Round Shape:
A round shaped face has a wide hairline and has more fullness below the cheekbones to give a face a roundish look. Longer hair adds length to the face making it appear longer than rounder. Long layers are the most flattering hairstyle for this particular face. A hairstyle with short layers will accentuate the roundness and hence should be avoided. Side swept bangs also adds lengthens the round face and can be chosen for a hairstyle. 

3. Square Shape:

A square face shape has a wide jawline and a wide hairline. It looks heightened on the top and narrow on teh sides. One should opt for a hairstyle with deep side partitions and soft bangs to add balance to the square face. A long length hairstyle looks great as it accentuates the angular and powerful jawline. A person with this face shape should avoid straight lines. 

4. Diamond Shape:
A person with a diamond face shape has a narrow chin and a forehead alongwith wide cheekbones. A hairstyle with narrower sides and fullness at the chin adds balance to this harstyle. One can consider going for a bob cut or straight bangs in order to shorten the face. A person with a diamond face shape should tuck in their hair behind the ears to make your cheekbones more prominent. 

5. Heart Shape:

A person with a heart-shaped face has a wider forehead with a narrower chin. The side swept bangs hairstyle helps to cover the width of the forehead. One must select a hairstyle that is fuller at the jaw to add weightage to the narrow chin.

6. Pear Shape:

A pear shaped face is a triangle face. This triangle face is characterized by a narrow forehead and larger jawline. A person with a triangle face should opt for a longer hairstyle that helps to disguise the wider jawline. If a person with a triangle face wants to get a shorter hairstyle, then select a hairstyle that adds volume to the top so as to add volume to the narrow forehead of the triangle face. 

7. Oblong Shape:

A person with  an oblong face as a long and narrow bone structure. The longer hair add length to the already long face making it appear longer. One must go for a shorter hairstyle or consider adding shorter layers to the hair. One can even add curls and volume to make the face appear wider. 

How to determine your face shape in 5 easy steps?

It is necessary to know the shape of your skull to know what best styles he or she can pull off. There are ways to measure your face shape in the below mentioned 5 easy steps:

1. Right Tools to measure your face shape:
Get a flexible tape measure like the one tailors use. Grab a notebook and a pen. 

2. Measure your forehead of your face:
You need to ascertain which parts of your face are long and which are short or whether they are all the same. The area halfway between your hairline and your eyebrows is generally the widest part of your forehead. You need to measure that part and write down the measurements. 

3. Measure your cheekbones on the face:
Next comes the cheekbones. Measure from one end of the pointest part, just below the outer corner of one eye to the other across your nose. This is the width of your cheekbones.

4. Measure your jawline on your face:
This has to be done separately on both the sides. Measure from just below the ear to the point at which your jaw angles upwards to the tip of your chin. This is the measure of your jawline. Needless to say, the other side would be the same too. 

5. Measure your facelength:
Run the tape measure from the centre of the hairline to the tip of the chin. This is your facelength. 

Now once you are done with the measurements of the face, ascertain which is the largest of the four. 

1. In an Ova shape face, the facelength is greater than the width of the cheekbones and the forehead is of a greater measure than the cheekbones. 
2. In a Square shape face, all the measurements are similar
3. In a Rectangle shape face, the facelength is the biggest measure
4. In a Round shape face, cheekbones and facelength have the same measure. They both are also larger than the jawline and the forehead. 
5. In a Diamond shape face, the facelength measures the largest followed by cheekbones, forehead and then the jawline. 
6. In a Heart shape face, the forehead measures greater than the cheekbones and the jawline. 
7. In a Triangle shape face, the jawline measures greater than the cheekbones and the cheekbones measure larger than the forehead. 

Different face shapes for men

There are 9 facw shapes in men. Below is a list of 9 face shapes found in men along with celebrity examples:

1. Oblong shape face - Ben Affleck
2. Oval shape face - Kanye West
3. Square shape face - David Beckham
4. Round shape face - Seal
5. Rectangular shape face - Arnold Schwarzeneggar
6. Diamond shape face - Johny Depp
7. Heart shape face - Ryan Gosling
8. Triangle face - Keith Urban
9. Pear shape face - James Cordon

Different face shapes for women

Like men, there are 8 facw shapes which apply to women too. The 8 facial shapes found in women are:
1. Oval shape face
2. Oblong shape face
3. Heart-Shape face
4. Pear-Shape face
5. Square face
6. Round face
7. Diamond face
8. Triangle face
Rectangle face shape is generally not found in women as it is very masculine and applies to men only. 

Is it possible to change the shape of your face?

People across the globe opt for different hairstyles and make up techniques to camouflage the prominent features of their face shape if they are not happy with it. One cannot easily change the face of the shape untill unless one decides to come under the knife. Facial plastic surgery can be done to change the shape of the nose and chin. A more invasive plastic surgery can be done to make changes to the bony structure of the face. By adding implants or bone grafts one can increase the bony structure and by shaving down, one can decrease the bony structure. 

According to Dr. Debaraj Shome, an award winning plastic surgeon and founder of the Esthetic Clinics, "All men and women have seven fundamental face shapes. In men, a square-shaped face works best. An oval face shape is considered ideal in women because you can get away with almost any haircut and accessories because it has well-balanced proportions"

Many a times, men and women are not satisfied with the face shape bestowed upon them. But if you think that you are stuck with that face forever, you need to rethink! Scientific technology has now made it possible to alter the face shape of a person according to his or her likes. Some are unhappy with the weak jawline where as some want more prominent cheek bones. 

Below mentioned are the cosmetic surgeries one can resort to for changing or altering the shape of the face:

1. Botox:

Botox or Botulinum is a great innovation to transform your look without causing any adverse side effects. A woman with a broad jaw can opt for this technique to alter the shape of her face. A square jaw looks attractive on a man and is considered as one of the most coveted masculine features. Sometimes, even women get a squarish jaw giving them a masculine appearance. In such cases, the plastic surgeon can reduce the hypertrophy of the muscle and make it look more slim and feminine. 

2. Fillers:
If you have sunken cheeks, they make you appear older than what you are but to get some beef on your cheeks, you need not pile on pounds to look younger again. Fillers would do the trick alright! Fillers are minimally invasive injectables penetrated into the facial skin to add some volume to the face. The most common examples are Juvederm and Voluma which help in correcting age-related volume loss. The process is painless and gives quick results.

3. Chin and Cheek Implants:
Some women might be unhappy with their rounded or diamond-shaped faces. With cheek implants, it is now possible to add length to your face. Chin implants are made of silicone, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyethylene or acellular dermal matrix. The surgeon places these implants under the chin or inside your lower lip to change the shape of your chin resulting in an oval appearance of the face. 

4. Vaser lipo: 
if you have layers of fat under your chin or chubby cheeks then VASERlipo is a procedure that makes use of ultrasound energy to remove fat from specific areas of your skin. In just one sitting, this procedure targets only specific areas without causing any damage to the nearby tissues. This technique is great to eliminate double chin too. 

5. Orthognathic surgery:
An Orthognathic surgery is a more invasive but permanent solution for your face shape. In this procedure, the bones associated with the face can be cut and rearragned to change the facial form. 

Different face shapes for make up

A different hairstyle suits different face shapes and similarly different styles of makeup suit different face shapes. Here are some makeup tips for different types of face shapes:

1. Makeup tips for a diamond shaped face:
One needs to highlight the centre of the face with makeup to bring all the focus to the centre. Apply highlighting powder or liquid foundation of a lighter shade to the centre of the face. Apply a darker shade of foundation on the underside of the cheekbones, tip of your forehead and the tip of the chin.

2. Makeup tips for a square or heart-shaped face:
A square or a heart-shaped face has a very prominent jawline which needs to be camouflaged with makeup in order to divert the attention from there. Apply a foundation of a darker shade on the jawline and try to make your lips plumper by using a bold or darker lip color. Also use lighter shades on the eyes.

3. Makeup tips for a round face:
For a round face, contouring is important and you have to try and make the face appear longer. Apply bronzer on the temple and below the jawline to give an oval appearance to the face. Also apply blush to the cheeks in order to provide more shape to the face.

4. Oval Shape face:
Make up for this kind of face should be done in such a way that it makes the face look elongated. One needs to highlight the blunt features first. Do not go in for arched eyebrows, instead focus on a natural shape. 

5. Oblong Shape face:
In this shape, you have to try to make your face appear oval. Start by making your eyebrows arched. Also, try and make your lips apear wider.

Different haircuts to match the shape of your face

Just like makeup, your hairstyle also should be in sync with your face shape. Different hairstyles suit different face shapes:

1. Oval Shape face: One needs to style your hair in such a way that it is off the forehead in order to create some volume and angles on the top. A classic shorter cut with a side-swept parting suits an oval shaped face the best. One needs to avoid a forward fringe to avoid heaviness on the forehead.

2. Square Shape face: A square shaped face needs to go for classic and neat haircuts with side partings and short layers. 

3. Rectangle Shape face: Should go for a hairstyle in which the hair falls to the sides and also across the forehead to add some width to the forehead.

4. Round Shape face: Go for a hairstyle with some height on the top that goes tight at the sides. Front fringes or a flat top also look great. 

5. Diamond Shape face: You must opt for hairstyles that add width to the forehead and chin area of the face. 

6. Heart Shape face: One needs to avoid haircuts that are very tight as they will highlight the narrowness of the chin. The best hairstyle would be a mid-length swept look. 

7. Triangle Shape face: Go for a hairstyle that  has volume on the top. Longer, nose length haircuts with fuller sides add depth to your face. 

Most attractive face shape in men and women

A square shaped face is considered the most attractive face in men. The strong and angular jawline looks very masculine.

An oval shaped face is considered the most attractive face in women. This shape shows well-balanced features and can carry a wide number of hairstyles, accessories and makeup styles. 

Untill now, you might have never given much thought to the science of face shapes. We might like a particular pair of sunglasses so much that we go to buy it but when we try it on, it just doesn't look as good as it did on the celebrity we say. The reason is face shape. One needs to ascertain their face shapes to choose the perfect pair of sunglasses, perfect hairstyle and perfect makeup styles. 

With the above mentioned tips, it is now easy to measure your own face to know your face shape. Next time, you will not make a blunder while applying makeup or while getting a haircut done!