Top 15 Sexy And Seductive Ways To Turn A Man On

There are many ways to turn a man on and seduce him. Spice up your life and turn on any man you want using these 15 sexy and seductive tips.

By Tanaya Nath
Top 15 Sexy And Seductive Ways To Turn A Man On

Turning A Man On Can Be Sexy And Seductive

Men, like women, enjoy being persuaded even when it is not necessary. They love being seduced and turned on. Whether you two have just met or you have been together with him for a really long time, there’s always a room for trying something new to turn him on and keep the heat on. It is an art to turn a man on. However, you don’t need to be a professional or have any training or special skills for that. All you need is to know is what makes him tick. For many, those who are not familiar with the tricks and techniques of good flirting and seduction, seducing a man could seem like an insurmountable obstacle. But once you know the secrets, you will have fun learning to be sexy and making the man interested in you. Here is a cheat sheet of top 15 tricks that you can use to turn a man on.

1. Use The Magic Of Your Eyes To Turn On A Man

Now is the era of more forward approach when it comes to turning a man on. But the game of seduction has its charm. Many of you must be aware of the seduction from the eyes, where you keep throwing glances to the guy with a slight smile. The trick was to keep the glances just long enough to let the man notice. And then the final point was to linger for just a little eye contact. It still is the unbeatable way to turn on a man sexually, even in public without using words. Eyes are the first thing that a man will probably notice in you. Men like to gaze into the woman’s eyes. That’s the first thing they notice in a woman. Eyes are powerful seduction weapon of a woman. It eludes sexiness, mysteriousness and desire of the woman without words. So, when the man is talking to you, make sure you look into his eyes. And when you are not talking, hold the gaze for a moment longer than needed. If he keeps looking at you, you have made your mark on him.

2. Flattering Your Figure Will Turn On The Man Effortlessly

Men see and react; they are more of a visual being than words. So, to make sure to turn on your man, wear something that shows off your figure. Flaunt the best part of your body. Provocative dressing can get the attention of many men even in public. But you will be able to make the deeper impact by dressing to flatter your figure rather than showing off your skin. Show off your best feature. For example, if you have great legs, wear a short skirt with heels. If you have a deep cleavage, reveal a little from your top. If you have beautiful eyes prominently beautify it and same goes for your lips.

But Leave Something To Imagination

Leaving something for his imagination will make him eager to explore more of you. Revealing everything will make you appear slutty rather than playful. If you have been together for long, wear hot lingerie with a hot lipstick. Let him know you are in the mood. You will have him turn on as well. You can also take him to the lingerie shopping where you can try them on and show him for approval. And he will be dying to touch you but couldn’t.

3. Smile And Smell Good To Turn On Your Man

Men appreciate a genuine smile and a fresh smell. These can turn on a man and make him focus solely on you. So, smile at something he said or he did. You will have his attention in no time, without speaking a word. And then look into his eyes and smile again. You have him there, in public. But make sure your smile is genuine, because men can identify the fake ones and they are a definite turn offs for them. He should know that you are really enjoying his company. Accentuate your lips, color then ripe and ready. Your lips should look like they are juicy and ready for anything, I mean anything.

Foul Smells Not Allowed

Also, you wouldn’t like a man to smell foul, of onions and garlic. Same goes for men. Good fragrance is a sure turn on for him sexually. So, stimulate him with a nice fragrance. Pick your signature scent and be a little liberal with it. Just don’t overdo it. He might end up sneezing rather than seduced. And smile at him when you notice him taking a whiff of your perfume and enjoying it.

4. Share Your Fantasies With Your Man

A man doesn’t find it easy to share their wild fantasies, but they do like to hear it from their woman. A sexually active and creative partner is a sure turn on for them. It might sound a bit cheesy but trust me when I say there is no substitute for this seduction technique. It might be hard for you to start, but once you shed your inhibitions, all you have to do is tell him in many words what you want him to do. And he will oblige. If you are getting ready to go out on a date, send him a selfie. Add a little explanation of what you want him to do to you. That will turn him on for sure. If you are planning a hot date at home or in public, you can still do it. He would go crazy imagine things while he can’t do anything for the moment. You can also tell him about the wild fantasies you have during the date. It will keep him hot and ready. He will be ready to pounce on you the moment he could.

5. Tease Him A Little To Turn Him On

The act doesn’t always have to have a climax. You can give your man a little teaser for a little turn on as well. Give him a 90 second make out. Passionately kiss him, fondle him, touch him and fool around for a minute and a half. Although it can end up in sex, it doesn’t have to. This 90 seconds will keep him on fire, even in public. You can do it when he is going off to work or you are going out to a party. You can even try it publicly but hidden from the public's eyes, quick and unexpected.

Be Playful

You can give him a little tease before getting out of the car but make sure it’s your own car and not a taxi. Taxis don’t have privacy so your little act could turn on an other unwanted man. When getting ready, give him a little striptease. Just show him what he has but can’t touch for now. Strip and give him a little kiss, let him touch you and then get dressed. All day he will be stuck over you without words for the rest of the day.

6. Restricting Him Is A Turn On

There are many games that you can play to turn on your man. Like offering your body to him for body art. By body art, I don’t mean tattoo or piercing. Let him use your body as a canvas for painting. He can use chocolate or berries to paint your body and can lick them off if he doesn’t like it. But don’t allow him to go any further to turn him on. And if he does, punish him. Believe it or not, every man has a submissive side to him. When used and exploited turns him to the pleasurable heights. So, take control and punish your man for being naughty and breaking the rules to turn on your man.

How About Some Roleplay?

You can also get into a roleplay: a strict teacher, a cop or a dominatrix. Take your pick. He will love it. You can also put on a little show for him. Handcuff him to the bed and variety of performances. Strip, dance tease, do whatever you feel like. This little game of seduction of look-but-don’t-touch will turn on your man and make him rearing to go.

7. Submit To Him

Very much like your man loves being your slave, he also loves to dominate. So, be his chambermaid and surprise him with the costume of a maid or nurse. Let him know that he is in charge with your actions and not words. Bow to his ever wishes and let him have complete control over you. This will sexually bowl him over. He will keep thinking of you even in public. You will slowly see his wild side take in charge. Just the thought of what he might be able to do to you, your submissive state will seduce him enough to seduce him. Dress hot, feed him from your hands, bathe him, dry him, dress him, do whatever he asks you to. Be sexy and seductive in whatever you do for him to turn him on. For a day of your submission, he will be your slave for life with be super turned on.

8. Be His Masseur

Massages are sensual in themselves and a perfect tool to turn on your man. They have great power of sexually seducing a man. Decorate the room with scented candles. Make sure the room is slightly lit. Keep a few towels and aroma oils handy. Invite him to strip and lie down on the place of massage. Use the right oil and apply the right kind of pressure to make sure that the massage will turn on your man. Don’t forget to dress sexily and don’t just use your hands. You can also use other body parts for massages as well to experience the turn on in him. Be creative and explore what will arouse him. You can also blindfold him so that he couldn’t see what’s coming. It will not only surprise your man but also have him turn on to the point of no return.

9. Seduce Him Over Text

Right words have as much power as actions to turn a man on sexually. So, don’t hesitate to seduce him over text. If you aren’t in a relationship with the guy yet, but you like him enough to get intimate with him, send him an accidental text on purpose. The text should be simple enough to give him ideas like you're missing the action in your life or that you are thinking of wearing that little hot dress for the party. That will turn on your guy for sure. When he replies, tell him that was supposed to be for your girlfriend. Then slowly manipulate him to continue the conversation. You will be amazed at how quick the guy opens himself for some hot conversation over text.

Add Some Spice

And if you have been into the relation for some time now, add a little spice to it with sexting to turn him on. Text him about a hot dress that you are wearing right now. Add explicit details. Tell him that you are playing with yourself and you are missing him. Text him you imagine him doing things to you. This will turn on your man to the extent of being on his knees for you. He will rush to you the moment he gets free. And later, just wait for a hot and steamy evening full of surprises and moans.

10. Play Games To Turn On Your Man

Playing games is always fun, especially when you are at liberty to get as creatively naughty as you can. These games aren’t the ones that we play publicly. So play games in a way that will make you man want you like never before. There are many board games and card games that you can play. Add interesting bets like stripping or doing something naughty or narrating in detail your wildest fantasies to turn him on during the game.

Naughty Games

For example, strip poker is a very famous game among the couples. Whoever loses has to take off a piece of clothing from their body. You can do it like a striptease to turn him on. You can also do it other way in which the loser has to answer one naughty question from the winner. You can also make the winner the master for the day and give in to the wish. You man would definitely want to win it at all cost. Or, he might even want to lose for you.

11. Pleasure Yourself To Turn On Your Man

Yes, as much as a man enjoys giving pleasure to his woman, he also enjoys watching her pleasure herself. This is a very bold and seduction move and a very sure one. Surprise him. While he is watching TV or working, wear a seductive baby doll lingerie. While he is indulged on a TV show or something, sit where he can see you. And when he is unsuspecting, begin the game.

Put On A Show

Slowly start touching yourself. Run your fingers over the side of your neck and above your breasts and then move on. Close your eyes and focus on pleasuring yourself. Do what you want him to do to you. Let him take a good look at you while you are oblivious to everything else. Trust me, nothing is as erotic to a man than a woman who can pleasure herself. It turns on a man to see a woman who is not dependent on anyone for her satisfaction and fun. A woman who can love herself.

12. Read To Him

No, not just any book. Read some erotica. This is a very underrated way of seducing a man. Many women have no idea that simply reading can turn up the libido of a man. So if you come across a nice erotica story, read it to him in your most sexy voice. You can also pick up some great erotic literature and read out the steamiest scenes. While reading, turn on that sexiness in your voice and touch yourself a little. There, you have done some magic.

13. Reward Him

Rewarding him works as well as the punishment when it comes to seducing a man. When he has helped you and have been the knight in the shining armor for you, reward him a little sensually. Like give him one long deep kiss to him for helping you. Spank his back lovingly when he is trying to get that jar down for you from the upper shelf. He will look forward to helping you in anticipation of the rewards. You can also just give him one sensual lick or a little nibble as a reward for his good work. Get creative and think of more seductive ways of rewarding him.

14. Dance For Him

If you like going to clubs and enjoy dancing, you can put up a little show for him. Use a nice seductive song and dance sensually for him. Move to seduce him. Start by learning some seductive dance moves. You can also put up a sensual dance show for him in the privacy of your house if you are not comfortable in doing it publicly. Use props like walls, bed, and other things. Dance around him, touch him a little and your work is done.

15. Cuddle To Turn On Your Man

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This is the sweetest way of seduction. You may be amazed but your man loves it when you cuddle. So, don’t wait to snuggle up while you're watching TV together. Wiggle underneath his arms, drape it over your shoulder and rest your head on his chest. Drape your arms around him if you feel like. You don’t even have to touch him anywhere below his waist to make him go nuts over you. Trust me, your man finds it more sexy than cute. So, use this opportunity, take him like a teddy bear and snuggle to him. You can even kiss him if you want.

Seduction Is Not That Complicated

It is easy to seduce a man, especially once you have made the connection. A little thing as a hug or a light kiss can seduce him. You can use many other ways to seduce him and add spice to your sex life. So, be creative and have fun.