10 Natural Ways To Remove Unwanted Pubic Hair Permanently At Home

There are plenty of ways to effectively remove pubic hair from your private parts

By Auntrone89
10 Natural Ways To Remove Unwanted Pubic Hair Permanently At Home

How to permanently remove pubic hair from home

At some point, we all wish we could remove — or permanently remove — pubic hair as easily and as naturally as possible. The fact is, most artificial ways to remove pubic hair always come with their fair share of disadvantages, one of them being razor bumps as well as excessive itching. And the last thing you’d want to have is the itching problem especially after shaving your pubic hair.

This is because it’ll be both uncomfortable and very embarrassing because it has a knack for happening in public. Therefore, whether you are a man or woman who is looking for a natural way to remove pubic hair from his or her private parts, you’ll need at least two ways or more ways of dealing with the pubic hair problem naturally. And since you are in the right place, I’ll give you ten tips on how to get rid of your pubic hair naturally. Let’s just say I am a nice person and leave it at that.

Note that the natural ways to remove pubic hair from your private parts are not only inexpensive but are also painless. And if there is pain involved, then it isn’t going to last that long. But you’ll have to brace yourself for it. Additionally, most natural ways to remove pubic hair can be carried out at home. It, therefore, goes without saying that this will end up saving you a lot of time and money.

Remember to be as patient as possible while learning as much as you can is what’ll make you a guru at this. Just don’t forget to pass down the knowledge to other people who are in need of your skills because doing this will make you much better.

1. Remove pubic hair using wax

Wax is arguably the most popular home remedies that have so far been used to remove pubic hair from private parts effectively. The pro with using wax is that it removes pubic hair from the root. This simply means that the hair follicles will be removed permanently and will, therefore, take ages before growing back again. You also won’t have to worry much about razor bumps and their inconvenience. This is because you’d have gotten rid of the pubic hair from the root without damaging the skin with any sharp blades. And that’s partly why the use of wax as a means to remove pubic hair from home comes highly recommended by the hair removal experts around the world.

The thing about using wax is that it will require experienced hands. Therefore, it is extremely shrewd for you to make time and learn how to go about it. If not, then don’t shy away from inviting an expert over to your home. He or she will successfully remove your pubic hair permanently and do so as perfectly as possible.

Another thing you have to take into consideration is that using wax to remove pubic hair permanently is painful. And even though the pain doesn’t last, pain is still pain. Therefore, if you’ve never had your pubic hair waxed and removed, then it’s about time you sat down and thought about your pain threshold. If you can’t handle the pain, worry not, because there are many other ways to take care of your pubic hair problem.

2. Remove pubes permanently from home with papaya

If you’d like to remove your pubic hair permanently, easily and naturally, then try using papaya. Raw papaya is incredible in the removal of pubic hair because of one very important component — papain enzyme. The papain enzyme can stunt the regrowth of hair in both males and females, which will almost feel like permanent hair removal at some point.

You might also want to consider using it a week or so after either waxing or shaving your pubic area. Once you’ve completed this rather simple procedure, go about your life like you’ve never had problems with your pubic hair because you won't have any issues for a very, very long time. But before you start walking around like you’ve never seen or touched pubic hair, there are things you’ll need to do.

First, you’ll have to prepare this natural hair remover before applying it to your private parts. You’ll start by chopping it into small, square pieces right before grinding them into a fine, thick pulp. Feel free to add raw turmeric in the mixture for the best results. This natural way of removing pubic hair is highly recommended especially for people who have a low pain threshold. Regular application of the raw papaya remedy is encouraged if at all your goal is to remove your pubic hair permanently.

3. Remove pubic hair from home using raw turmeric root

As I’d mentioned much earlier, raw turmeric plays a very big role in the removal of pubic hair and should, therefore, be listed among your favorite home remedies. When using it, don’t worry about yellowing of skin because it does dissipate with time. Use it enough times, and you’ll be back to normal programming, sans the inconveniencing pubic hair. The first step to using raw turmeric root to permanently remove pubic hair is grinding it to a pulp. Then mix the turmeric root pulp with small, freshly cut pieces of raw papaya before grinding them into a thick, fine paste.

Apply the paste to your partially shaved private parts and only rinse it off after 20 minutes. Regular application is advised for the pubic hair to be permanently removed. The good thing is that once you’ve removed the pubic hair using this incredibly effective homemade remedy, the skin around your private parts will become soft and hydrated. That way, you won’t have to worry much about further yellowing since you won’t need to apply it anymore. For the best results, apply the pulp on your private parts once a day. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember to use warm water to rinse off the turmeric pulp.

4. Remove pubic hair using sesame oil

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Whether you are a cute female looking to achieve that perfect, hairless bikini body or just another dude who is sick and tired of the bush “down there,” the use of sesame oil will help get rid of your hair problems immediately. And the advantages don’t stop there because sesame oil will also leave your skin properly hydrated. Also, the consistent use of sesame oil home remedy​ to permanently remove hair from your private parts is highly recommended because it doesn’t result in itching or razor bumps as it is the case with shaving manually.

Before using the sesame oil homemade permanent hair removal remedy, you’ll first need to wash your pubic area thoroughly. Then dry yourself as vigorously as you can once it's properly cleaned. Kindly note that “clean” is the operative word here. After doing this, fetch sesame oil and put a considerable amount in a bowl. It sure goes without saying that the bowl in question has to be clean to avoid infection to your pubic area. Then, look for some raw papaya, cut it into small pieces right before grinding it into a pulp with the sesame oil in it.

To effectively remove the unwanted pubic hair, you’ll need to rub the paste on your private parts as gently as possible. Once you have successfully finished rubbing the thick paste into your private parts, leave the natural hair remover to settle for close to half an hour. This will ensure that the paste has completed its course, getting rid of your pubic hair problem permanently. And apart from getting rid of your hair problem in your private parts permanently, the sesame oil treatment happens to be less painful than the waxing treatment.

5. Remove hair using the sugar+lemon+honey treatment

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This is among the most popular home remedies for removing pubic hair permanently because of a number of reasons. The first reason is that these three components are very easy to come by. But before using this “magical homemade mixture” to remove pubic hair permanently, you’ll first have to prepare it. First and foremost, you’ll need to heat the sugar until it liquefies and thickens. Once the sugar has liquefied, be quick to add the lemon juice and honey and begin stirring as vigorously as you can. Do this until it all turns into a uniformly thick paste- which shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

Be sure to use a thick, even brush to apply the fine, thick paste all over your pubic hair area. As usual, make sure you’ve trimmed your pubic hair close to ten days before applying this highly effective paste. That way, it would be easier for this magical paste to effectively remove all hair once it has dried up and therefore ready to get pulled. After the application of your thick paste, go ahead and put some waxing cloth over it. This wax cloth will stick to the paste, therefore, making it easy to rip it off and with it, the unwanted pubic hair.

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6. Remove pubic hair using cornstarch and egg

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The cornstarch and egg home remedies are among the many natural techniques for effectively removing pubic hair that comes highly recommended for both males and females. Another advantage of using this technique is that the eggs will nourish and moisturize the skin. And to make the egg remedy more effective, add cornstarch to the mix. Cornstarch will make the paste thick enough to get rid of the pubic hairs easily, painlessly and permanently. Just one egg is enough for this seemingly easy procedure.

Apply the thick mixture of egg and cornstarch on your freshly shaved pubic area. Leave the paste on your private parts for about 20-30 minutes before removing it with all the unwanted pubic hair. And when you remove the dried cask like matter from your crouch, make sure you are doing it fast to avoid unnecessary pain.

7. The moisturizing cream homemade remedy

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The moisturizing cream should be top of your list because it’s not only cheap but also readily available. But just like it is the case with all the homemade pubic hair remedies mentioned above, you’ll have to throw in some extra ingredients for it to work perfectly. First, you’ll need to have the moisturizing cream with you. Then, get some raw papaya and chop it into small pieces before grinding it into a pulp.

After doing so, mix finely ground raw papaya pulp with the moisturizing cream before stirring it into a fine paste. Apply this paste on the shaved pubic area and let it settle for a couple of minutes. This remedy will not only get rid of the pubic hair but also leave your pubic area moisturized. And the more you use it to remove pubic hair, the more your skin texture will improve.

8. Remove pubic hair permanently using gram flour

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Gram flower remedy has been known to work wonders for both the males and females when it comes to the permanent removal of pubic hair. For this procedure, you’ll only be required to use 2 tablespoons of peppermint oil or mustard oil. Add the two tablespoons to a bowl filled with pieces of raw papaya before grinding the contents into a naturally effective paste. By now, you ought to have shaven your private parts and giving it a couple of days before applying this incredible paste. This is meant to spare you the unnecessary pain that is likely to result from this procedure.

Therefore, giving the pubic hair at least ten days after shaving before applying this procedure is highly recommended. Once the little pubic hairs start sprouting, apply a generous amount of your gram flour paste on your private parts. After doing so, give the paste some time to dry up before pulling the resulting cask-like substance from your private parts. This cask-like substance will pull most if not all of your sprouting pubic hairs from the root, meaning it will take a very long time before the pubic hairs grow back.

9. Remove pubic hair using the egg + sugar mixture

One of the most popular home remedies used to successfully remove pubic hair is none other than the egg and sugar mixture. Thankfully, preparing this paste happens to be as easy as finding the necessary ingredients. All you need is a bowl, an egg or two and about three tablespoons of sugar. As it is customary, shave your private parts and give it a couple of days to not only heal but also have a couple of hairs sprouting. Once you’ve done so, proceed with applying the paste to your private parts. Be as thorough and as even as possible if at all you want the very best of results. Then give the egg and sugar paste some time to dry up before pulling the resulting cask from your pubic area.

Remember, pulling this result cask-like stuff from your private parts will be a tad painful. Therefore, it goes without saying that you’ll have to brace yourself for the aftermath of the pulling. But then again, this is a small price to pay for staying pubic hair free and doing so for as long as possible. The good thing is that the pain associated with hair removal doesn’t last.

10. Lentil + potato paste removes hair permanently

If you’d like to remove pubic hair effectively and from the comfort of your home, then you should consider giving the lentil and potato paste a try. You’ll need to look for some yellow lentils, lemon juice, honey and potatoes which are the core components of making this rather effective home remedy. These additional ingredients are meant to boost the effectiveness of the lentil and potato paste. As we all know rather intimately, the pubic hair removal is one problem that cuts across the genders.

Meaning that, whether you are a male or female, you might want to give the lentil and potato homemade hair remover a chance. You’ll start by learning how to prepare it before learning all about its correct application. The good thing about these natural, homemade hair remedies is that they don’t bare any side effects. The first step in making your lentil and potato paste is passing the mixture through a food grinder.

The resulting mixture should be a fine, homemade hair removal paste that can be easily applied to your skin without any problems. Allow the fine paste to stay on your private parts/area for close to half an hour before rinsing it off. The potato in your homemade natural hair removal paste will bleach the stubborn hairs that don’t come off easily, making them less visible to the human eye.


The fact is, there are more than enough home remedies you can use to successfully remove pubic hair and doing so permanently. All you need is to collect their readily available ingredients and making them in a matter of minutes. Also, remember to shave your pubic area earlier on and giving it a couple of days to allow the pubic hairs to sprout. This will allow the natural hair removal home remedy to remove the hair follicles right from the root, taking care of the problem permanently.

Do not attempt to remove hair if you are an amateur and haven’t taken time to practice the skill. This is because you’ll be at risk of causing yourself a lot of unnecessary pain. If possible, find someone who can teach you how to go about any of the above-stated hair removal processes. Feel free to check out any of the countless YouTube videos on this subject and pick up all of the tips being given. Once you’ve committed yourself to learning, you’ll be in a position to get rid of your pubic hair problem from the comfort of your home hence ducking any spa costs that may become with it!

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