Things You Should Know If You Are A Guy And Girl Best Friend

This is a manual for a guy and girl relationship, for those who are simply nothing more than best friends and want to have a good time.

By victoria
Things You Should Know If You Are A Guy And Girl Best Friend


A guy and a girl are totally capable of being platonic friends. Some people may doubt that statement, saying there will be problems in this kind of friendship. Trust me, o ye of little faith; a guy and a girl can be best friends with ease. Over the years Hollywood has focused on this theme, although in a negative light. According to major blockbuster movies, a guy and a girl cannot simply be BFFs without sex being involved. However, this is completely untrue. You can be a guy and also you can be a girl's best friend - a platonic best friend. It's not guaranteed that you will eventually fall in love with your best friend if she's a girl. It's also not a given that guys will eventually hook up with their female friends. These kinds of relationships can be weird at times, but at the end of the day, there is a high possibility your friendship will work out. That is, if everything is constant and neither of you falls in love with the other. Here is a list of things you should know as a guy with a best friend who is a girl. This article isn't meant to scare you but to equip you with the necessary knowledge.

People will regard your guy and girl relationship as not purely platonic.

Considering that you are of opposite sexes, in a lot of circumstances people will think that the two of you are dating. Society easily assumes that sex and/or romantic attachment must be on the table whenever a guy and a girl hang out with each other a lot and are very close to each other. Just ignore the rumor mongers! After all, she is simply your best friend and there is no attraction between the two of you. However, this bond with your best friend may spell out problems in your other relationships. For instance, with your actual girlfriend. You need to make sure there is no reason for anyone to suspect that anything fishy is going on between you and the girl who happens to be your best friend - otherwise, you will ruin your other relationships.

Your guy and girl friendship may create problems in your other relationships.

As a guy with a best friend who is a girl, you must embrace the fact that your friendship might be the source of problems between you and your true love. The same is also applicable when you're a woman with a best friend who is a guy. Strangers are already viewing the two of you as a couple - what makes you think that your fiancée will be an exception? The situation will be made worse if your fiancée is the insecure and jealous type. You will have a very difficult time explaining to her that you are simply best friends who enjoy the company of each other. But it's possible to get past this problem. You just need to be honest with your fiancée and don't keep secrets from her regarding your best friend. It's also very true that your friendship might cost you a relationship, but on the bright side, someone who can't handle your friend is not the right one for you.

Everyone assumes you have hooked up with the girl who is your best friend.

Have you engaged in sex with her? This is a question you will encounter regularly whenever you are a guy with a best friend who is a girl. People always assume that if a guy has a girl best friend you must have been intimate with her at some point in your relationship, but this is not always true. Relax people, she's just a friend. Generally, this is a question you will be asked by practically everybody, and everybody will swear that you are lying when you answer no. However, in the long run, you have to brush off these rumors to be able to keep your best friend.

Everybody will swear that you are secretly in love with your best friend.

So you may not have hooked up with your best friend. But c'mon, you must be secretly in love, right? This is another issue that most people will raise regarding your relationship with your bestie. To avoid complications, this is one of those assertions that you will have to vehemently deny every time someone brings it up. In other instances, this might be an issue in case one of you falls in love. But if it's pure friendship, then there is definitely no room for those kinds of feelings. However, you will have to convince your actual girlfriend that you are not secretly in love with your best friend. This is also one of those accusations that can easily destroy your friendship or marriage since people rarely believe that you can just be friends with a member of the opposite sex with no other ulterior motive. Guys, we need to prove them wrong.

As a guy with a girl as your best friend you will always have a dependable wingwoman.

Friends always want the best for each other, or at least this is how it should be. When you have a girl as your best friend, you will automatically have someone who will always want the best for you even when it comes to other women. With a girl as your best friend, you are bound to have the best wingwoman possible. Trust me, they are really good at this. Women can be very valuable when it comes to seeking advice on how to woo a girl you like. Savour your best friend's insight into a woman's world.

You can still be affectionate with your bestie in a purely platonic way.

She is your best friend and it's very much possible to be affectionate with her in the same way you can be affectionate with your other guy friends. The fact that the two of you occasionally cuddle or sleep in the same bed, and often share deep secrets does not necessarily mean you are lovers or that you are now becoming emotionally attached. The main thing is that you should both understand that you are best friends and nothing more. You both still need the human bond that can only be enjoyed fully from a friend.

It doesn't matter if you had a past sexual relationship, you still can be besties.

It doesn't necessarily mean that since you dated someone and you were once lovers, you cannot be best friends. The whole purpose of dating is to find the right person to love and if you both agree the relationship is not working, there is no reason why you two cannot be friends. Being friends is better than enemies; there is so much to gain from friendship. You only need to overcome the weirdness that comes with your history, but beyond this hurdle, things can work out quite well between you two. However, you will still have a lot of explaining to do to your current girlfriend about your past relationship with your current best friend. For the sake of honesty, this talk is crucial.

You will always be their fake date when their real one fails to turn up.

As a guy with a lady as your best friend, you better adapt to these types of conversations: "John did it again, he said he's too busy to go with me in my cousin Kate's wedding, will you go with me?" When faced with such questions, you will rarely have a lot of options. No matter how busy you are or you're finally going to have that amazing day off that you've been planning for months, you still have to be her fake date whenever it is required of you. She really can't afford to appear as a lonely loser, so help her out. The one good thing about this is that she will also be available to save you from public embarrassment whenever you need her. She will be your perfect hot date whenever your girl fails to show up for you. This is a great benefit of guy and girl friendships that some people just don't get.

You can help her with annoying messages.

She really can't handle that boring guy that keeps pestering her through text, and keeps complaining about how he won't leave her alone. That's where you come in as her best friend. Your duty, in this case, will be to construct texts on her behalf for that specific guy who can't read all the signals she sends to him that she's just not interested. Your job is simple: reply with random answers to the incessant texting. You have to make sure the conversation is not interesting at all, in the hopes that the guy texting her will learn the bitter truth, or at least give up when the girl seems to stop making sense. It's pretty easy, and honestly it can be pretty enjoyable to mess with an annoying guy.

You're her personal stylist before she goes on a date.

As her best friend, it's your duty to always tell her the truth. You know very well that she looks fat in that dress, so don't be afraid to be honest about it (but do it gently!). She will appreciate it. Here is when your opinion really counts. You need to tell her what she looks amazing in and what makes her look somehow fat, old, weird, or otherwise unpleasant. You wouldn't want to go on a date looking like crap, right? Of course she'll feel the same way, and if you care about her, you'll help her out. This will always be the scenario before she goes on a date or to any other important event like a big meeting at work. You will end up picking whole outfits for her to wear, to make sure she doesn't look fat on a first date or show too much cleavage for a presentation in an office setting.

Final Notes

In conclusion, friendship is priceless. It's something that cannot be limited by boundaries, age, race or even sex. In this day and age, friendship should not be limited by petty issues such as the sex of two friends. It doesn't matter if you are a guy or a girl, you can still be best friends with people of any sex - gender does not really play a role when it comes to friendship. However, society has construed friendship between people of different genders as something not noble and genuine, instead regarding the friendship as being motivated by human cravings of intimacy or some other dirty hidden agendas. This is not the case at all! Having this in mind, the article attempts to educate those that find themselves in this kind of situation (having a genuine friendship with a member of the opposite sex). What will society deduce from your friendship? Is it doable? Are you ready to storm the world? All these questions don't really matter; in the end, what's important is the bond you and your friend share.